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Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Dead Igbo-Biafrans killed by Mohammed Buhari's militia in guise of herdsmen 
I have been watching keenly on social media since the breaking of the tragic news of Enugu massacre by Boko Haram terrorists, and I have noticed that once again my people (South-South) don't seems to be bothered by the Enugu tragedy, rather they are busy updating PDP marmot crowd in Jigawa while Enugu that is at their backyard is burning. Only few of us took out time to condemn it and showed solidarity to our siblings in the East, the likes of Benedicta Awhefada, Philip Oshiokpekhai Orbih, Aniefiok Udoabasi, and maybe few others that I am not aware of. But none of my Rivers media guys attempted.
This is very bad, it portrays myopia and shallow mindedness, it shows gross insensitivity and selfishness. This kind of trend would definitely destroy us.
I don't need to engage in frivolous sycophantic pro PDP updates just to impress anybody and to make them notice that I am supporting PDP because, the whole world is aware that I am fearlessly PDP body and soul. I am even more PDP than most of the highly placed PDP stalwarts because they have been jumping in and out of the party like frogs while I am still here like a relic. But no matter my strong love and support for the party, I cannot place its interest before the interest of my region, people or religious faith. I see no reason why I should be dancing atilogu dance over Jigawa PDP rally while Enugu is burning courtesy Hausa-Fulani Islamic terrorists.
I am not from Enugu but Rivers State, I am not from Igbo but Ogoni, but the problem of Enugu people should be my problem because we are one.
This not the first time my people are doing this, just recently DSS exhibited Buhari's hatred, disdain and disgust for Igbos by accusing IPOB of killing 5 Fulanis without any proof. There was wide spread condemnation over the wicked ploy of DSS to incite the Hausa-Fulanis, but such condemnation did not come from South-South because, most us don't want to be labeled Biafrans, some of us saw it as problems of the Igbos and not ours.
Igbos don't see things like that when it comes things that affect us, they are always sticking out their necks for us. They fully supported us during the election petition tussle involving the governors of Rivers State and Akwa Ibom State, and when we secured victory they celebrated with us. They condemned the cancelation of Maritime University that was billed for Delta State. They condemned military invasion of Ogoni land that led to the killing of over 30 Innocent civilians. They supported us during the rerun elections in Akwa Ibom and Rivers. They also condemned the cancellation of the Calabar/Lagos railway project. Not forgetting the overwhelming love and support they showered on GEJ which they are still paying the price till date.
Then why can't we show these people some love? Standing with your people in the East does not make you a Biafran if that is your fear. This is not about Biafra or Nigeria, this about uniting for survival because the enemies have marked us for destruction. It is South-East today but we could be next.

Published by Chinwe Korie

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