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Sunday, 10 April 2016


IPOB leader's mother surrounded by Biafrans  
Take a pause and think what today is; take a step further with your thought and reflect on motherhood. Have you watched those films that a mother is pictured in labour room? The wailing and the tears, the pain and the groan. Despite being like under the rain of falling bombs; she stays alive and keeps pushing in tears. Any prevarication will end your life and hers; most women abort their babies over fear of passing through horror in labour room.

But one called a mother is one that bravely dared death to give you life; even after giving you life, she stayed and nursed you. She would always run up and down in search of one medicine or another; in most cases her wrapper fell off and she keeps running like a crazy woman. Her scarf goes off and she keeps running like a crazy woman. No wonder when a son brings a woman home for marriage; a mother gets jealous and tries to still hold on to her child. She is aware of everything she passed through and the love became stronger while the bond gets a-breasted. A mother tends to love her first child more but pampers her last one; the reason is clear; like she won't forget the day or man that deflowered her; she cannot stop loving or remembering her first experience of motherhood. That now narrows down to Nnamdi Kanu; as a first son; what will be the feeling of his mother and his feeling in that prison.

Let me digress a bit; today being mothering Sunday; I woke up and went to my mother; handed a big live chicken to her; wishing her a good mothering Sunday and she told me " Today is mothering Sunday and mothers wishes are always effective today" she prayed and blessed me but the bone of contention here is the feeling that went down my spine. I felt this love and great affection; then upon standing on my feet; I remembered Nnamdi Kanu's mother- her crown Prince is in detention for months now; this however prompted me to do this essay.

The mother of Nnamdi Kanu is suffering; she is under the pain of missing her son. Her husband is very sick and her son is illegally detained and persecuted for nothing. How would she hold her falling heart? Where would she anchor her deteriorating emotion? There is need for Princess and others to go home and lift her. Though none can take the place of her gallant son but someone can give her hope and cheer her today. Even what was thought would only be Nnamdi Kanu is migrating to something else. If Nnamdi is going to sacrifice his family and everything he has for Biafra then I make bold to ask what Kind of saviour is Nnamdi Kanu?. Nnamdi Kanu is the last person that need Biafra in this life; why should he need Biafra while he has everything; why should he need Biafra while he lives a classy life in London. I can't find any reason why Kanu should need Biafra if not simply to save me and that other school dropout as a result of subjugation and political marginalization. It is time to start seeing Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra as the work of fate; everything that ought to have broken Kanu has happened but he remains stronger than everyone.

On the other hand; today will pass-by without seeing his unique mother and wish her good mothering Sunday. This is another reason for us to come together and choose death with him; Nnamdi Kanu has sacrificed everything and his life is the least. The ultimate is the indirect sacrifice of everything close to him indeed is Biafra or death and someday I shall make a stick and worship Nnamdi Kanu as my saviour. May I die a sinner than deviate from his teaching. I am so obsessed that I say Biafra is now or never. Let our peaceful protest commence or let another civil war erupt for we are growing tired of our leader's persecution.

Written by Ifeanyi Chijioke

Published by Chinwe Korie

1 comment

  1. To the Mother of Nnamdi Kanu.
    Almighty God bless you more and keep you in the Name of Jesus Christ Amen.
    Chukwuokike Abiama kasie ha obi,bu ndi Nne Nile ihe gbasara Biafra inwere Onweayi meturu Umuha aka.Isee Isee Isee.


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