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Thursday 14 April 2016



By Okonkwo Isaac Somto
For Family Writers

The departments of states service (DSS) and also the Nigeria Judiciary is now a cheap toy for president Buhari to play with whenever he's bored. I often get confused because I no longer understand the duties of the departments of states service (DSS). When did it become their responsibility to start doing the work of the Nigeria police force that go about harassing and assaulting people without any proper evidence? I thought DSS was responsible for intelligence gathering within the country and for the protection of senior government officials, particularly the President and state governors. So how they now do the works of the Nigeria police force, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and even the duties of Islamic terrorists?

In all the previous governments, I don't think DSS has ever been this exposed to the affairs of the general public. DSS is now a child's play and some joke to laugh about when their name is been mentioned. DSS is Buhari Islamic secret weapon to not just enforce Islam in Nigeria but also a plot to destroy the Indigenous People Of Biafra. Buhari who have been effectively using the DSS as a witch-hunt to go after those who he deems a threat to his government is also doing the same thing to the Nigeria judiciary. Nnamdi Kanu, who was illegal arrested by the Nigeria DSS on orders from president Buhari, has been in prison for almost a year now. Nnamdi Kanu has been harassed, tortured, threatened, embarrassed, starved and maltreated without any evidence that supports Buhari's claim. Just recently the DSS invaded his prison room, trying to make sure they carry out their assassination plot. The kuje prison where he's been held in Abuja is now surrounded by agents of the DSS

Remember Buhari first media chat? Do you recall how he boosted cowardly on air? He bragged about how he's been using the DSS to control the Nigeria judiciary? When asked why he fails to obey court orders, he replied- “DSS disobeyed court orders, people got legitimate bails from courts, and they are still being held. It’s due to atrocities they committed. They go against the country, and you expect them to jump bail? The one we are calling ‘Kanu’ he has two passports, he brought equipment. Do you know Kanu brought in sophisticated weapon into the country to be broadcasting radio Biafra, there’s treasonable felony case against him.”-Buhari

So having two passports and travelling with working equipments now results to treasonable felony in Nigeria? Seriously So Mr. president, what you are saying is that your daughter (Zaria) is also guilty of treasonable felony? Or am I missing something? Because she also is in possession of two passports, but how come she hasn't been charged with treasonable felony? Under Section 287 of the 1999 constitution, all persons exercising judicial, executive or legislative power must have respect for the order of the court. It is not proper for the president to choose which order to respect or to obey. Even if Mr. President didn't go to school at least he has advisers, why can't they educate him on what to do and what not to do.

Perhaps he's a very stubborn and naughty student, who never listens to anyone. Well why should he? We all know that Buhari is a dictator and dictators always work alone. Look at what he has turned Nigeria into, take a look at the economy, the security, the judiciary, the private sectors, electricity, water, fuel, transportation, agriculture, everything is upside down. Buhari has no respect for human rights law; he goes against freedom of speech and expression. He empowers both the Nigeria armed forces and Hausa-Fulani herdsmen to kill at will. Buhari claims he's fighting corruption, yet members of APC are missing from his episode of his anti-corruption drama. Tell me who is fooling who? This man is not a born again democrat but a renewed Islamic terrorist and also an upgraded dictator\Tyrant.

1 comment

  1. Everybody knows who Buhari and his type are: We all know their stand, yet we choosed him in one way or the other. We can only blame the Yorubas and many of the northern non Fulanis, and many easterners. I do not really know what pethese falks were expecting. Or does it mean that many Nigerians lack a clear vision to facts. Now we have seen it. If Goodluck had been brave enough to selcet the pole who really wanted to do work rather than gathering dubiousentieties arround him. Nigeria would have stood firm against North and its Boko Haram. Today Nigerians open heartedly handed their destiny over to BOKOHARAM. I wonder wher will it end. Iwas said that if you are holding the brave man on the ground and you cannot effectively take his weapons away from him, what will you do when he is standing up. Goodluck knew what is at stake ad instead of arranging a southern front to face the fulanis he was joyly playing arround gentleman and allow the useless people arround him to do nothing but raely put all of us in a worst position. Somebody löike Amaechi would have been dealt with (even illegally), to make sure he never lived to support Buhari. Today we all have seen that although traitors will take money but wher wioll they spend the money. maybe only abraod, because if care is not taken but all of us whether you supported Buhari or not we shall all be running for ouir lives if we do not come our senses to organise a FIGHT BACK. Nigeria will not sink but all of us will if we do not satrt war now!!!. If you are afraid of war then go away from the country because you will sure ly die whtehr youz like it or not unless you start a FIGHTBACK. Now it is even too late for defencive position, very soon it will be even too late to resist any being killed and then you will onbly wait for death. Remeber everybody that the people who left north toolate were killed in tains, busses and airports. FIGHT BACK THE FULANIS OR DIE. they have taken over the police, the army and they have got full hold of the whole Nigeria weaponry. Very soon you all will not even be allowed to move arround., and evrybody will be murderd secretely at home wizthout the neighbour knowing. It is not only Biafrans now it is touching the main Northern supporters. The Yorubas already. If they will not join IPOB now, they will die carrying aggitating flags against the IGBO: they would not even know what hit them when the Fulanis soldiers decide to do away with them. They all think that the north cares for their "Monkey dey work, baboon dey chop" system. They just say put at burning Igbo markets and they think that that is enough for the north to give them equal share of Nigeria. When IPOB falls, the Yorubas will see the real destiny prepared for the whole Nigerians. Being a muslim will not help anybody because you all are not Fulanis. Islam is only a tool to get idiots at helping to invade the land. Yorubas and northern non Fulanis have helped selling their lands to invaders, while they think its all about religion.


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