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Friday, 1 April 2016



By Okonkwo Isaac Somto

For Family Writers

Journalists and media house ought to be the voice of the voiceless. They must not engage themselves in dirty politics in other not to compromise their credibility. Journalists are professional people, trying to work within a code of professional ethics, which includes the need to be fair to all parties involved in any news story.
In Nigeria, the media house is a total disgrace. They don't even care about dignity; they don't care if their integrity is on the line as long as you can pay enough money to buy them out. They allow themselves to be controlled by the government and instead of representing journalism they are now the mouthpiece of corrupt government officials. Journalists in Nigeria would rather make themselves a willing tool for political figures rather than stand for what is fair and just. Its saddens me that the whole media house in Nigeria, none of them can come out and speak the truth but when others start speaking the truth, they would prefer to come out and bend the truth. It’s a pity!

Nigeria media houses and journalists are government-owned that's why they report things which are favourable to the government (even when they are not newsworthy) and not to report things which are unfavourable to the government. That's why you will see them publishing false political motivated ill report to tarnish someone’s reputation, fake news and report lies on television, cast confusion in the minds of the poor masses through radio stations. That is why in Nigeria, when the president of the country is trying to go after someone illegally, they use their puppet media houses to publish and report false news about such individual in other to tarnish the person’s image herein move after such person.

Look the case of Nnamdi Kanu, look at the way president Buhari used Nigeria Media to make sure he destroys Nnamdi’s image in public in other to make it easier for them to persecute him. Even before and after his unconstitutional arrest by the DSS, they wrote rubbish against him. First they so-called newspapers and journalists were reporting fake news on how Nnamdi kanu was caught with a woman when he was arrested, when that failed, they said he was sponsoring a terrorist organization, that failed, they said they found weapons in his hotel room, it failed, they said he was planning attack on Nigeria, that also failed they said he was spreading hate messages, When that failed, they said he was not the leader of IPOB when that failed they said, he was planning to escape from prison,when that failed, they said he was against the law that he had a dual citizenship, that failed, they said he was begging Buhari to release him, when that failed, they said he wrote a letter to Ohanaeze Ndigbo asking for help. When that failed, they said he was defrauding Biafrans, that also failed, they said he threatened to kill the false witnesses who wanted to testify against him that failed, they are now saying he wrote a letter begging for help from the British government, Lies upon lies.  Thank God for BIAFRA MEDIA.

1 comment

  1. Good one, Nigeria was built on false foundation.What do you expect from false home? Nigeria and her citizens are criminals according to their president Buhari


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