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Friday, 15 April 2016



Article Written by Professor Efobi Anthony Ifeanyi

Published by Family Writers

We are expecting the likes of all those who joined Dictator Buhari to contradict Mr Con Coughlin of UK Telegraph to start by helping the aimless old dictator Buhari out of this disgraceful government and visionless regime and not to remain in delusional paradise of hauling insult, resorting to name calling, making more empty promises that will be denied in next minute, flying with Old tyrant like a bird even when ordinary masses and middle working class cannot transport from Onitsha to Asaba.

Shouting wailing wailers one million times cannot change the fact that APC lead government and old Dictator Buhari's government is presently the worst government in the whole world now.
Countries fighting civil and inter-continental wars are still doing far more better than Dictator Buhari. It's a shame that some unexamined uninformed people are still supporting a government running a country like stone age era mixing 17th century type of governance with Authoritarian mode of government.

Why is it that APC as an acclaimed party, their individual members, their Office of Presidency and State Level can never accept any sort of criticism, advise and cultured variable opinion? Irrespective of the crystal fact that they enjoyed it in abundance during Gentle Goodluck Ebele JONATHAN's refined civil democratic government.
Had Mr Con Coughlin of UK Telegraph being in NIGERIA now, APC's dangerous agents of Dictatorial Tyrant (DSS, EFCC, SOLDIERS) would have swooped on him like evil owl. They will falsely imprison him. They may refuse to charge him to court at all or if charged to court, they will still refused to free him as bailed even when court has granted him bail. Notwithstanding that bail conditions are met.

Since the start of APC devilish regime, the independent of Judiciary has being badly damaged. Courts order and grants are not being respected by Dictatorial Govt of APC/Dictator Buhari.  Series of human right abuse has being recorded so high in every nooks and cranny of the country. Soldiers shooting naked fire arm on peaceful protesters in Onitsha, Enugu, Asaba and Aba areas considered as places of opposition and people who chose not to support or vote for Old Dictator Buhari in 2015 election.
Armless peaceful protesting   Old and aged women were flogged with dangerous cane, wires, horsewhipped and kicked boots in Delta State in early 2016.
NIGERIAN army human rights abuse manifested in Shitte killings were NIGERIAN Soldiers murdered over 650 NIGERIANS in cold blood for being a different muslim denomination from old Dictator Buhari.

The most worrying of all is the dark era where Dictator Buhari has strongly instructed his DSS that they must continue refuse to Release MAZI NNAMDI KANU from unlawful incarceration after Court has granted him bail on two different occasions and the whole condition of those bails met.
Another worrying situation is Dictator Buhari desperation in persecuting the Senate President for choosing to lift his political wills to contest and become the Senate President against the illegitimate bully from Dictator Buhari and his evil APC.

Chief Olisa Metu who was the leading opposition spokesman was jealously and unlawfully arrested and thrown into detention. Numerous frivolous charges were later preferred against him leading to and aiming to distract him from continuing to get NIGERIANS informed about the failing govt of APC.

Chief Raymond Dokpesi of AIT TV was now being persecuted by devilish APC govt as a punishment of his TV station airing truthful facts against Dictator Buhari's 1984/85 dark military Tyrannical regime. The same APC's Controversial partial and biased Judge called Mr John Tsoho was appointed to do the dirty job against Raymond Dokpesi. Surprisingly, Mr Tsoho was same APC notorious corrupt Judge who was doing disgraceful persecution of MAZI Nnamdi KANU, the leader of peaceful Radio Biafra and Organised IPOB.

ADC to Gentle Goodluck Ebele JONATHAN was bundled into APC detention cell for a case made up by Office of Presidency and till date, his own persecution continues.
Goodwill Orubebe was arrested at the mid-night in a manner not seen in 21st century in any AFRICAN Country, only for the fact that he challenged the electoral irregularities seemed clearly in all Far Core-Northern States where Children of 11-17 years were seen making up to 35% of voters that voted for Old Dictator Buhari. Till date, Goodswill Orubebe's persecution continues.

Chief OLU Falae was being punished and persecuted repeatedly at the close watch of Old Dictator Buhari. This Elder Statesman was kidnapped, harassed, bullied, humiliated and insulted by old dictator Buhari's tribal killer squad. These dangerous Fulani killer squad continues to threaten the peace of OLU Falae until recently (last two week), when they invaded his farm and killed his security men. Reason being that he strongly supported Gentle GEJ who contested against empty Dictator Buhari.

Chief Tompolo was a man who supported GEJ and PDP without being a politician. Till date, his own persecution continues.

Chief Victor Umeh of APGA, is one of the leading opposition leader was unlawfully arrested in a deceitful way. His sins are speaking against unlawful arrest and persecution of MAZI Nnamdi Kanu, also criticising old Dictator Buhari's Govt and exposing his failure in handling Forex issues, exchange rate fall, inflation and recent economic woes.

More than 38 members of the opposition parties has being unlawfully arrested, detained or persecuted for their position of sticking and remaining in opposition after loosing 2015 election marred by series of irregularities. Inside it were the likes of Ex-Gov S. Chime, Dr Orji Uzo Kalu etc as the list goes on and on.

It is a known fact that Mr Olusegun Obasanjo was one of the most corrupt black man living on earth today. Just for the fact that he prostrate for his younger Dictator, he was left out as an APC Saint. Bola Ahmed Tinubu was a well known corrupt face and one of the most financial criminally minded public officer in NIGERIA today. He was today disregarded by old Dictator Buhari and his clueless and visionless APC govt as an evil Saint because he was an evil brain behind APC atrocities.

Mr Atiku Abubarkar was a well known corrupt NIGERIAN who syphoned most of vibrant NIGERIAN healthy institution. Today, Mr ATIKU as APC member is a devilish Saint.
Mr Babatunde Fashola who corrupted LAGOS State treasury and revenue more than every known NIGERIAN State Governor was today appointed as Minister by APC government. This is a man that has over 13 strong different petitions linking him to corrupt practices, embezzlement, misappropriation of public fund. All these brought to the notice of EFCC, DSS, NPF, yet evil APC considered such a very corrupt person worthy to be a minister in Old Dictator Buhari's cabinet. This is FASHOLA of a corrupt man who borrowed money from every known local and foreign financial lending institution without anything to show for it.

Mr ROTIMI AMAECHI is also a known criminally financial corrupt Ex-Governor whom his quest for monetary corruption has no end. This is a man indicted recently by a penal of enquiry of corruption cases. This is a man who refused to hand over to his successor because he vowed that his successor having come from opposition can never be his successor. His successor won. He looted the state down. Destroyed all the public properties and everything he was unable to loot or steal. Till date, Mr Rotimi Ameachi is still fighting and killing people in River State for having his enemy as his hard to swallow successor. Inside Old Dictator Buhari's cabinet, High Most Corrupt Mr Rotimi Amaechi is a Minister.

Mr Fayemi, the Ex-Governor of Ekiti state who looted and unlawfully used 7 months of entire Ekiti State public servants to re-contested for second tenure was adjudged very corrupt to be appointed minister. But today, Irrespective of numerable corruption petitions against that APC member, his evil APC shielded him from any court case and blessed him with ministerial appointment. For APC, the corrupt likes of Alegbesola who supposed to be jailed for live for high notable corruption cases are freed like air.


  1. Buhari's a devilish n murdra

  2. Positive site, where did u come up with the information on this posting?I have read a few of the articles on your website now, and I really like your style. Thanks a million and please keep up the effective work.


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