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Sunday, 17 April 2016



By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers

While many people around the world are yet to recover from the shock of the recent exhibition of "irrational paranoia" by Nigeria DSS, it is imperative to make it known to them that this advertisement of mental disorder won't be taken for granted. It is not surprising that after making such a frivolous allegation without investigation that IPOB were responsible for the death of 5 Fulani herdsmen out of 55 decomposing bodies they allegedly found in a shallow grave, the DSS couldn't even produce any atom of evidence in defence of its indictment of IPOB a week after their reckless and childish press release.

The whole stuff backfired, the DSS wanted to ignite a psychological warfare between Nigerians, international communities and IPOB. The plot was also designed to serve as evidence to the International Criminal Court justifying the incessant massacre and incarceration of numerous Biafran activists given the readiness of ICC to commence investigation in Nigeria. The entire garbage was meant to give a dog a bad name to justify the death sentence already passed on it.

Since neither the DSS in Abia State or the Abia State government are aware of the alleged shallow grave containing the 55 corpses as they claimed in their various press release, one begins to wonder where in the world the DSS headquarters in Abuja got its information that Fulani herdsmen were murdered in Abia State not to talk of going to extent of telling the whole world that IPOB were responsible for such dastardly act. This is actually the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard of a national intelligence/security agency.

Now going further into one of DSS major goof since the inception of Buhari as President of Nigeria, one could have expected the Nigerian DSS to lead a team of forensic and autopsy experts together with their media henchmen to launch a thorough investigation and ascertain the actual cause of death of the 55 deceased they allegedly found in the shallow grave as well as trace them via their DNA to their relatives which would have given a clearer information pertaining to their State of origin or ethnicity, but to the dismay of everyone, the DSS in their desperation to tag IPOB a terrorist group were driven into a bottomless pit by bigotry characteristic.

Not even a single family member of any of the herdsmen the DSS singled out from the mass grave was made known to the public. I wonder what DSS was actually thinking. They ended up showing the world that it is only Fulani lives that matter in Nigeria whether they are terrorists or not. They ended up rendering other ethnicities in Nigeria as second class citizens whose life or death doesn't matter to the government. Why would the DSS discover 55 corpses in a grave and single out only 5 of them even without any investigation or autopsy and went as far as alleging who their murderers are?

The Nigerian DSS must know that there are more than meet the eye in this suicidal mission they've just embarked on just to please their master Buhari. There are so many questions that are yet unanswered in this case- Who are the other 50 bodies you found in the grave? Who murdered them?  Where is the shallow grave? Proof to the world how you arrived at your allegation that the five Fulani bodies that are so precious to you were murdered by Biafrans. We are desperate for answers just as you were desperate to demonise Biafrans because this fight you've just started, you may not see the end of it.

Now we know who the real enemies of Nigeria are- they are disguised as DSS.

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