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Sunday, 22 May 2016



The amalgamation and artificial creation of Nigeria by the British Soldier,Mercenary,Explorer,Colonial Administrator Frederick Lugard from Britain which led to the devastating state and perpetual sufferings of Biafrans,motivated FAMILY WRITERS to visit the over a century old building situated in IKOT ABASI LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA IN AKWA-IBOM STATE BIAFRALAND where this amalgamation was concocted, as  journalist of FAMILY WRITERS, we were trained to carry out investigative journalism. Reporting by IBEH GIFT AMARACHI OF FAMILY WRITERS from the amalgamation building;

At first, while making my way to Frederick Lugards office where the amalgamation was trickishly concocted in 1914 in the absence of a Biafran witness or signatory, my heart was engulfed with anger and pains, knowing from history that the building I was about visiting was the Devils Den where the Indigenous People Of Biafra were forced into an artificial creation called Nigeria and what was more heart piercing is the fact that the treacherous agreement that enslaved Biafrans was formulated in Ikot-Abasi Akwa-Ibom State Biafraland,but there was no record of a Biafran witness or signatory .
Tricycle  drivers

While the Vehicle that conveyed me down to Frederick  Lugards office was still on the move, all I had pondering through my mind was how Biafrans have been marginalised and subjugated to perpetual suffering and slavery in a building I was about visiting and as I was under deep thoughts I  looked outside the car and sighted numerous Young Efik speaking  Biafrans driving commercial tricycles just to make ends meet. As the driver drove into the Petrol Station, I sighted another vibrant Young Biafran with a good use of English Language, beside his commercial tricycle telling his friends through an obvious argument they were caught into; "I am a graduate and should not be taken for granted by anyone,as unemployment trapped me into this situation". The argument continued with his colleagues, while I await our driver who was able to get Fuel after the long queue, at the rate of #145/L.

While we exceeded a Military check point, obviously made up of Hausa/Fulani Men who spoke in their language, I sighted two Women crying aloud and as the Driver decreased the speed rate of the car, I asked what was happening? We were told they just lost a Sister in the Hospital a bit away from their display of agony scene but when I sighted the Hospital building from a distance it was a dilapidated Hospital which obviously don't have equipments capable of saving one’s life. After seeing all this, my anger got intensified, but then I had to focus on my investigative tour and expose it to the World. I was told by an Efik speaking Biafran that,Frederick Lugards  residential building is as well located few yards away from his office, but my attention and eagerness was focused on that building, which I of course visited first and then went to his residential building. As I was getting close to Lugard's Office,I expected to see a total dilapidated building, but I saw something totally on the contrary, as the over a century old building is still intact and standing erect due to its standard foundation, although there were some obvious damages.

The front view of the building was built with Bricks made with clay and the back of the building made with woods from BiafraLand. When I finally got into the building where the enslavement of Biafrans was concocted by Britain, the door was obviously closed and then I took an inside view from a transparent part of the door, sighted some dirty looking written papers in shelves, closed save and then I went to the back of the building, where I took notice of  the presence of some Efik speaking Biafrans living there. I was told by them; that Nigeria Government locked the building up and have been with the keys. When asked why? The poor looking Biafrans obviously suffering as a result of the evil concocted in the building erected in front of them by the British Explorer Frederick Lugard,stated that; "People are prohibited from seeing the contents of what is inside the over 102year old Lugard's office. When asked about Lugard,I was told by the Efik speaking Biafran by name Idorenyin who stated; "We have lived here for long and we have never seen Lord Lugards office undergoing renovation. There is a German Bridge here in Akwa-Ibom State not too far from here, which was named "German Bridge" because,that was the route the Germans took to get into Akwa-Ibom,with the intention of colonising us. Candidly speaking, the Germans arrived BiafraLand before Britain, but Lugard in his treacherous acts hastenly fought and erected this building where the amalgamation trick was put up and our resources claimed by Britain". She further stated that, the amalgamation have led to the destruction of Lives and total setbacks in the Nations forced into Nigeria, hence they can't forget or forgive the atrocity committed by Frederick Lugard.

 One will ask, what is Amalgamation? Amalgamation simply means, the process of joining together already existing bodies, to form a new body. Frederick Lugard was born on the 22 of January in Madras(now Chennai) India in 1858. He was a British Soldier,Mercenary,Explorer and Colonial administrator and  appointed as the Commissioner for Northern Nigeria in 1901 and at forty four he married Miss Flora Shaw the Woman who proposed the name "Nigeria". It is of great necessity to state that,it was the wife of Lord Lugard who proposed the name Nigeria. In 1912 he started advocating for the amalgamation of Northern and Southern Protectorates, been a British mercenary and explorer, carrying out their purported colonial evil plans in Africa. He followed up the Britain's amalgamation quest with deep passion, which was concocted in this more than 102 year old building. After the amalgamation he appointed himself to be the first Governor General of Nigeria from 1914-1919. Lugard a British explorer and Britain at large, had a keen interest in his created Southern protectorates which is the natural resources in BiafraLand. When he left office as Nigeria first Governor-General in 1919,he devised an easier means of exploiting the Old Eastern region(BiafraLand) and keeping the resources to Britain, by placing the Northern protectorate politicians as leaders over the Southerners, brought in Christianity to Southerners whilst he kept it away from the Northern protectorate, as he was afraid of the mental and physical strength of Southerners who could someday counter his evil ploys. Through Lugard,Nigeria was colonised by Britain and upon till today, Britain is in control of Nigeria, not minding the presumed 1960 Independence.

 Frederick Lugard in his speech stated that; "The Northern and Southern protectorates are like Water and Oil that cannot be mixed together. After Hundred Years,they can be separated and go their separate ways". And of course this exposed the fact that, the interest of Britain was Power and the Natural resources sighted and found in BiafraLand. They in their power tagged Biafra to be Southern Protectorate and Arewa Northern protectorate. Frederick Lugard knew the concocted forced Nations are totally different, have dissimilar lifestyles and culture which will result to a future clash, thus he gave room for separation by making the amalgamation last for hundred years. But the questions going through the hearts of Hardcore Biafrans that I have earlier interviewed is, who is presently in custody of the amalgamation documents? If Britain and her creation Nigeria don't want Biafrans to talk about the restoration of Biafra,then let's talk about  the expiration of the amalgamation and the exposure of the documents. Nigeria is an expired entity which should be sent to oblivion and the Nations forced into it, should be freed from the murderous establishment.

 The forceful amalgamation concocted by Britain, resulted to perpetual sufferings of Biafrans. There are increased number of unemployed Biafran graduates,Biafrans drinking and eating from same source of water they defecate in, High mortality rate as a result of none affordable well equipped Hospitals for proper medical care, Youths dying in deserts in search of greener pastures in foreign countries, the land invaded and Biafrans brutalised in their large numbers with impunity. Biafra the Golden Eagle that lays the golden egg, which is an already existing Nation before the forceful amalgamation of Nigeria, have been subjugated to mockery courtesy Britain and the Amalgamation building called the Lugard's office in Ikot Abasi Akwa-Ibom State.

 This marginalisation and subjugation of Biafrans led to the 1967-1970 Nigeria-Biafra war led by Late General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu,where Britain played a major role by supplying Nigeria with the sophisticated weapons used to commit genocide against Biafrans. Over 3million Biafrans were killed through starvation and the use of lethal weapons. This was why the Leader Of The Indigenous People Of Biafra Citizen Nnamdi Kanu,exposed this treacherous acts of Britain against Biafrans,but has been unlawfully detained by the artificial creation of Britain called Nigeria and her agent Muhammadu Buhari which was totally masterminded by Britain. Britain have always displayed keen interest in the Presidency of Nigeria,so as to keep power revolving around them, for easy and continuous access to  the natural resources and Crude Oil the main target that also serves as the source of economy both in Nigeria and Britain that was found in BiafraLand.

 The Indigenous People Of Biafra who stood up to exercise their Self-Determination right under the leadership of Citizen Nnamdi Kanu,have been brutalised,massacred and clampdown by the Nigeria combined team of force men at the order of the presiding Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari,in a quest to keep Biafra and her resources under subjugation and control. Several times have IPOB leader be granted bail, but he is still kept in custody against his human right. The Indigenous People Of Biafra who in their determined and passionate quest to restore their Nation Biafra, have stated that "It Is Biafra Or Death". They have let Britain know that the artificial creation called Nigeria which they concocted and their Prime Minister David Cameron tagged to be fantastically corrupt,will not stop this generation of Biafra freedom fighters, hence every ploy of putting a stop to Biafra freedom will not deter Biafrans one bit and Biafra must be restored.


  1. M sister you de Waka o!, God will always Protect you in you all you do for the restoration of Biafra. Thanks

  2. British should leave Biafrans to go their way British have eaten a lot from Biafra land don't be so much greedy be honest and support the Biafrans to go their way

    1. They will pay for all that they have stolen from Biafraland, they shall become slaves to Muslim nations, the blood of those that died because of their actions cries for vengeance.



  4. Chuks Nwa Biafra23 May 2016 at 09:22

    If British government is not selfish & greedy, why are they so much interested in one expired Nigeria just because,their benefits from the zoo is what they cannot afford from their own country.Britain leave Biafrans or the wrath of God will be upon you & your generations a word is enough for the wise.


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