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Monday, 2 May 2016











President Buhari who promised to kill more Igbo-Biafrans to keep Nigeria as one, started by using the Nigeria armed forces to clamp down on Biafrans, killing over 3,500 in less than a year in office. Now Buhari have empowered his people the Hausa-Fulani Herdsmen, with weapons to kill Biafrans at will. The Fulani Herdsmen are now on a rampage going from one community to another in Biafran lands killing and slaughtering any Biafran they come across. The Fulani Herdsmen have now killed over 1000 Biafrans in less than 4months.

How much longer? How much longer are they going to keep treating us like animals? The Nigeria correctional system is built on the backs, sweat and blood of our brothers, our fathers, our mothers and our sons. How much longer? Nigeria is a system that must be dismantled piece by piece, if we are to live up to those words that we recite with our hands on our hearts, justice for all. Not justice for some. But justice for all! How much longer? Let the injustice be solved and ended today. They live for the hate and jealousy. How much longer will they keep slaughtering us like animals? From Nigerian armed Forces to the Fulani Boko haram Herdsmen, the killing of Biafrans continues unabated. They kill us in our sleep, rape our mothers and our daughters, destroy our properties, butcher us in our own lands, kidnap us in our communities, loot our wealth, take what belongs to us and forced us to live in suffering and want. How much longer? We are called slaves but even treated worse than slaves. They call us all kinds of names in a bid to tarnish our image and try to make us look like the devil they are.

How much longer? We ask for equality-they showed us greed, we asked for love-they showed us hatred, we asked for our civil rights-they gave us injustice, we asked for a future-they gave us bubbles, we asked for appreciation-they gave us rejection, we asked for value-they gave us counterfeit, we asked for a peaceful demonstration-they sent their armed forces to gun us down, we ask them to stop killing us-they sent more Fulani Herdsmen to butcher us, we asked for freedom-they put a bullet in scores, we asked for Biafra, they killed over 3.5million of us.

How much longer? How much longer can the United Nations stay silent towards this brutal acts directed to Biafrans in Nigeria? How can Human rights laws preach against violence yet Biafrans are murdered everyday in Nigeria? How can world leaders talk about world peace, when Biafrans are living in pieces in Nigeria? How much longer? Where is the justice for all, freedom of speech and expression that America stands for? America brought democracy to us, yet when that same democracy is been violated by a tyrant and dictator like Muhammadu Buhari, they stay away in their shells. How much longer? How much longer will Buhari continue to hold Nnamdi Kanu illegally and keep betraying the Judiciary? How much longer will Nigeria continue to spill the bloods of innocent Biafrans and keep using their sweats for personal greed?

How much longer? How much longer? Am asking with tears running down my cheek and also with a broken heart, how much longer? How much longer? How much longer should we allow this injustice to continue? Where are the men of honour and women of virtue, who stand for what's right and just? What crime have we committed that warrant such vicious and villainous treatment? It’s becoming unendurable. How much long, should UN, Human Right Law, ICC, EU allow this to continue? Biafrans don't want war, that's why we remain non-violent and diplomatic but we also won't tolerate any further massacre on our people.

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