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Sunday, 22 May 2016



By Ifeanyi Chijioke
For Family Writers
Until she wrote one of the lovely and most passionate open letters to Nnamdi Kanu, nobody knew her but she has been alive and touched by the ordeal of Biafrans. She is in significant solidarity with Biafrans even though she is a complete USA citizen but her love and desire to see justice where it exist not has brought her closer to Biafrans. She has vowed to soldier on with Nnamdi Kanu and would die if Nnamdi Kanu dies and live if he lives.

A white alluring lady, ready to kiss the foot of Nnamdi Kanu, touched by Kanu’s relentless effort and sacrifices to save his people and once compared him to Jesus. She needed nothing but peace, freedom for the persecuted and justice; she is ready to forfeit everything for the people of Biafra. No single day passes without touching Biafra matter, she has turned a Biafra campaigner as her conscience could not deny the humanitarian need of Biafra.
Though she is not a politician or one of them that would diplomatically conjure or usher Biafra, but her prayers that gets to God is what she never ceases to do every day. While her hope is alive that Nnamdi Kanu will be released and Biafra restored, she feels more is needed for Biafra as the existence of Biafran people is a threat in Nigeria.
She is one that abhors evil and took a desperate stance when she urged the Niger delta militants to continue pipe line destruction till Nnamdi Kanu is released and justice established on Biafra issue. This was gotten from her official facebook wall where she wrote “Yes get rid of all the pipelines if they do not give Biafra”. Recall that the activity of the militants in question has not claimed any human casualty and hence is a move for the purpose of justice; Bernstein feels that is the only language Nigerian government understands.
However, there is a reason to embrace and urge the militants who have chosen to violently make demands “If Nnamdi Kanu embraced peace and he was detained against court rulings, then whoever criticizes NDA is only a fool” a comment followed when her support was discussed on a different platform.
Meanwhile, she has pleaded to Biafrans to remember the foreigners that fought and died defending Biafrans in 1967 on 30th May. On her wall she gave special honor to Bruce Mayrock whom she vowed that candle light will go on for him. She however decorated Portuguese Artur Alves Pereira’s portrait with Biafran flag with the text “Please share some of your stories with us…you are a Biafra hero and I would love to hear”. “This is Rolf Steiner and Marc Goossens. France and Portuguese” she also wrote with their black and white pictures.  She appears inquisitive and desperate about the hero’s day as she probably has many people to remember and Nnamdi Kanu at the forefront of her mind.
Effort to know if she would come to Biafra land to join Biafrans proved futile as she never replied her messages but with her obsession, she looks more likely to fully participate in the 30th May remembrance day. While Biafra 30th May is being cherished she also noted that 30th May is also USA Memorial Day “So you can understand our memorial Day May 30 celebrating our troops that gave their lives” and differently pasted “My father, grandfather, great grandfather, uncle, brothers and many others served in military.

1 comment

  1. I believe she is sincere in her heart & soul for Biafra's struggle. God Bless Mary,I pray for her,because I feel she has a God given call for Biafra. And has choosen to follow that call.


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