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Friday, 27 May 2016



There is no doubt that the Jews, common US citizens and all Christians feel the pain Christian-Biafrans are passing through in the hands of Islamic Nigeria. It is a huge disappointment to them that their various governments have not taken action to curb the persecution of Christian- Biafrans.

In some quarters, this inactiveness is seen as a result of economic gain and political slavery which Nigeria is being used to sustain and to avoid the emancipation of black Africa which will bring Africa equal to other continents and end political slavery. While this is being achieved at the detriment of Christian-Biafrans, some foreigners are beginning to feel for Biafrans and fighting in their own way to save the people of Biafra from continued subjugation.

One of them that have significantly beamed her light on Biafra is Rosa.I. Segura, in this interview with Ifeanyi Chijioke of Family writers, she sufficiently expressed herself and questioned the inactiveness of UN. Like the 1967 genocide and the role of the church, she has begun giving financial assistance to the victims of peaceful protesters who Nigerian government continuously attacked with live bullets.

“My name is Rosa.I. Segura but everyone calls me Rosie” she said with a remarkable but uneasy tone, like she was addressing one of the victims she had helped. She is one among millions of foreigners that have thrown their weight behind Biafrans. Some described Biafra as natural ally while some are of the view Christianity is a bond. When asked what could have led to the upsurge of support from around the world for Biafrans. “I think because more people are talking about Biafra and its struggles” many people had claimed ignorant of what Biafra was all about, but when Nnamddi Kanu told our story, they were broken and now invest to save Biafra.

To some people, there are different reasons for identifying with Biafra restoration project, the sufferings of people of Biafra have played a role, Rosie posited that she is here to see Biafra as a sovereign nation when asked why she identified with Biafra “It is to see Biafran people set free from Islamic Nigeria slavery and injustice”. She has significantly played a role in giving financial assistance to injured protesters despite the fact she is not ‘Bill gate’ and she explained the reason behind her action. , “I love Biafran people; I hate what Buhari and government officials are doing to them. I am my brothers and sisters keeper and it’s my love for them to help out in any way possible”

Buhari has continuously attacked Biafra protesters who have peacefully and lawfully engaged in activities for the restoration of Biafra. The highest was the genocide that was captured on tape in Aba and subsequent reaction of Mohammadu Buhari surprised everyone when he said his army would not tolerate Biafrans. Reacting to the question how she can describe the actions of Nigerian army under Buhari, she quickly said “Awful, I hate the way they treat Biafrans. It is unjust and animal and barbaric. They are cruel with Biafrans”. To her Nigerian government has not shown discipline and respected human right “No, not at all, it seems that they are not educated and are still living back in the 1800 and not in the 21st century”

There have been barbaric treatments meted out on Biafrans with that of Nnamdi Kanu being the signature crime. Rosie was quick to spell out the treatments she found disturbing to her   “The horrendous murder that Buhari’s forces and his brothers- Fulani herdsmen terrorists commit against Biafran people, it is heart breaking when I see the dead corpse of Biafran people!” While the crime is evident, UN has kept mute and unable to check violation of human right that is prevalence in Nigeria. Rosie wondered why UN is yet to intervene. “Being a desperate situation in Biafra is overwhelmingly disturbing to me. Yes, the videos, pictures and all the evidence of the crimes against humanity and suffering of Biafran people are there for the UN to take immediate action against president Buhari”

There have been many interpretation of Nnamdi Kanu, while some call him a Biafran god; some see him as their hero while some as an enemy. Rosie described Nnamdi Kanu as “Mr. Nnamdi Kanu is a man of integrity, a courageous man, a godly man, a man of value and a conqueror who loves his people and Nation. He is Nwa chineke!” she said with difficulty in pronunciation. While some see him as enemies, Rosie defended Nnamdi Kanu and his activities “No that is a wrong perception, on the contrary he is doing what is rightful, Self-Determination is an international right. He is taking back what is God's given right... And that is Biafra restoration as an independent Nation”

Aside her financial support, she was further asked how else she will effect Biafra restoration “. Speaking the truth of Biafra and the struggles of our Jewish Christian Biafran brothers and sisters no matter how harsh and painful it is until the whole world hears and Biafra and its people are completely free from Islamic Nigeria president Buhari and government” she further made open her wishes to Biafrans “.My dream for my Biafran brothers and sisters is to see them completely free from Islamic Nigeria president Buhari and government. I want to see them in completely peace and joy in their hearts. I want to see them in complete safety within their borders. I want them to be completely blessed and prosperous in all aspects of their lives. I want Biafra as the most beautiful, blessed, prosperous Nation not only in Africa but all around the world” she passionately said

In her own perspective, she feels that it is not only right to assist and restore Biafra or for people to start speaking out against injustice in Biafra. Reacting to question if it is right to support Biafra, she cut in “I do not only think is the right thing to do... It is an obligation from God almighty. Not helping Biafra is a curse that comes unto us Let me put it this way, God said this... Genesis 12:3 3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed This alone is something to think about.”

She finally pleaded other governments of the world to respond to the plight and violation of human right in Biafra. The right to live is under serious threat for them in Nigeria, “I am telling governments to wake up. Open up their eyes and hearts to what Biafran people are going through at this moments and see that Islamic NIgerian president Buhari has started another genocide in Biafra

And stand up and support Biafra and all our Jewish Christian Biafran brothers and sisters”

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  1. Thank you Rosie.. May God-Chukwuokike bless you.. We Biafrans have suffered so much in the hands of Islamic Nigeria.. Do you know that any time there is riot or the like in any Arab country that has to do with the USA or a Christian country, Biafrans are been killed in Islamic Nigeria and our means of livelihood destroyed and looted.. Any time we peacefully protest for our self-determination, we will be shoot dead, arrested and beaten like animals including our mothers and children by the Police, Army and Navy.. Thousands of our Christian brothers and sisters have been killed in the North by the Terrorist Boko Haram and churches and houses burnt down.. Just few days ago our school children returning from school numbering more than 100 in Bayelsa are been beaten and forced to line-up and swim in a very polluted and smelly sewage drainage water with their uniforms by the Army... politically we are been marginalised, oppressed and victimised and we suffer great violation of our Human Right.. As if the Boko Haman has succeeded in the Northern killings of our people, Buhari now introduced the Fulani-Herdsmen and send them to the south to continue their killing, rapping and burning of churches and homes.. We are tired of all these mayhem and we want our freedom.. We want the whole Christian world to hear us and come to our aid.. We refused to be Islamised.. Biafra must be restored.. Yours Sincerely from Biafraland.


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