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Wednesday, 22 June 2016



By Ifeanyi Chijioke

For Family Writers
Aisha Buhari

When they say that corruption fights back, I barely understand what that phrase is all about but now I can see vividly that corruption fights back indeed. Aisha Buhari has denied his identity, in the bit of forging a passport that would exonerate her, a mistake indicted her and which now  raises more questions. The first lady is today saying I am not Aisha Buhari, and at the same time she is restless that Fayose accused her, if she is innocent, why the guilty conscience that has narrowed her down to abusive first lady.

If the first lady can talk to a man without modesty, no doubt she does give Buhari ten folds the one she gave Fayose.Aisha Buhari, I have just a sincere advice to give you, kindly submit yourself to be probed or travel to U.S and be arrested to face justice, failure to do what I said will only show that your husband Muhammadu Buhari is a fraud. Fayose is aware of Buhari’s estate in Abuja even though he lied that he could not pay for his ticket for primary election. Buhari is corrupt as much as you are corrupt, save Nigeria further shame and promote anti-corruption war by being arrested and probed. Your husband can wait until after his tenure, he would definitely be probed for misconduct (assets declaration) and fraud, his corruption will marvel the world as your own is shocking to us.

Fayose said it before, “I am a rock, if I hit you, you are in problem and if you hit me you are also in a problem” now I beginning to understand this man, a Yoruba man with exotic character. Every Yoruba man is prone to cowardice, I wonder where Fayose was formed and what is behind his courage. Fearlessly saying truth that hurts the wicked, I am not afraid because Mrs first lady cannot rape Fayose, Fayose will definitely hit back and the DSS would only freeze his account but won’t freeze his lips.

Anti-corruption war must be supported by everyone, including the first lady and the first man, if Fayose points at a corrupt person, the anti-corruption institutions should hurriedly investigate the person. The person in question as of today is Muhammadu Buhari and his family, the fearless man has made it clear that the family of Buhari and Buhari himself are corrupt and he who comes to justice must come with clean hands.

To me I see nothing wrong with Fayose disclosing the Halliburton scandal, if they must let the highest corruption case in the contraption called Nigeria to go, then every fight against corruption in their country is mere jamboree or a war targeted at opposition or perceived enemies. There is nothing that can be done to cover this star-case of corruption; a high ranked man is serving jail term in U.S, the first lady of Nigeria should be investigated and brought to book.

Some people have been shouting and cheering Buhari for his fake fight against corruption, I urge the president of Nigeria not to fear, he should muster the courage to probe Halliburton scandal- the greatest corruption case in Nigeria, and this will give his anti-graft war credence and show he is not a fraud. If Nigeria is serious with anti-corruption campaign, then there is need to really look into Halliburton, leaving Halliburton scandal will amount to fraud and this will show the world that Buhari is nothing but a hypocrite who is not in any fight against corruption.

Fayose must be praised for disclosing corruption and people must emulate him, corruption is what must touch every corner and must be devoid of preference. The presidency is already attacking the courageous man, they have frozen his account and barred him from traveling, they have tried to impeach him by bribing state honorable members but everything keeps backfiring. Lai Muhammed cannot rightly be fishing out corrupt persons and when Fayose fishes out others, he would be demonized and attacked. Who has attacked Lai Muhammed since he has been disclosing governors and aides that are corrupt?

The corrupt first lady in question has reacted to the disclosure of her scandal; she quickly without respect abused the governor for disclosing her culpability in the Halliburton scandal. “Enough is enough, a mad dog that isn’t chained” the shameless first lady went further and noted that his husband is 73 and can’t fight but she would not keep quiet, indeed corruption is fighting back.

The forged passport claiming that the Aisha Buhari involved in Jefferson scandal is one poor farmer from Daura is funny, how can a poor farmer wire such amount of money? Buhari and his family are taking people for granted. When Buhari is found culpable, it becomes Buhari of Imo state and when Dasuki is found culpable, no identity misplacement. How long shall we wallow in deceit and hypocrisy? Buhari has done more harm than good to the dignity and integrity of black African leaders.

For saying the truth, Fayose became a mad dog, if the conscience of the president is clear, why the fear and abrupt attack? Why the sudden forgery of passport to deny oneself? She wants to deny her identity all in a bid to evade probe. Attacking Fayose will solve no problem because Fayose is not ready to stop saying the truth. Buhari can give Aisha immunity and enjoy his own as well but let nobody be attacked for fighting the corruption Buhari spearhead.

Finally, it is crucial for the world to know that Buhari is nothing but a liar and must not go on defrauding people. The world must stand behind truth and support every effort to making a better world. The man in question is a disaster to mankind and the contraption called Nigeria; he gained power to kill and persecute his enemies. The world must distance itself from such man without integrity and dignity, a man who respect not human right and human life. There comes a time the hidden men must unanimously rebuke evil and cast it into furnace. Buhari must be jettisoned as we have seen he cannot be trusted on anything.

1 comment

  1. The contraption called Nigeria has descended to the lowest ebb. The world is surely laughing at Nigeria and Nigerians. Can you imagine the hypocrite over the affairs of the zoo called Nigeria - a president with fake school leaving certificate and a corrupt first lady parading with fake international passport? Nigeria is doomed. What a country. Biafrans must work together to exist from the zoo.


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