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Monday, 6 June 2016



By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers

As reactions and condemnations continues trail the gruesome murder of Mrs. Bridget Agbahime who hails from Amaukwu-Orodo in Mbaitolu Local Government of Imo state part of Biafra land, by scores of Muslim fanatics at Kofar Wambai market in Kano state, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has joined the que in condemning the circumstances surrounding her death, although it came two days after the ISIS style execution took place.

  However, there seems to be more than meet the eye in the disposition of Buhari during his reaction to the capital atrocity of his kinsmen-

  "The incident at Kofar Wambai market, Kano city is utterly condemnable, and the state government has been quite proactive.

   "Let us learn to respect each other's faith, so that we can know each other and live together in peace." These were the exact words of Muhammadu Buhari who actually seems to be either out of touch with the reality on ground or desperately trying to shift blames away from his Northern brothers on the magnanimous evil of beheading a woman whose only crime was being a Christian Biafran.

To say the least, Buhari's words are nothing short of telling the outraged populace that Bridget is responsible for her death as a result of not respecting the ethics of Muslim religion which is predominantly being practiced in Kano state and other Northern parts of Nigeria. Buhari clearly tried excusing terrorist Kano mobs who executed the murderous act of any wrong doing.

 According to eye witness reports, Bridget was accused by the mobs of blaspheming their Prophet Mohammed (which Buhari regarded as disrespect). Buhari's disposition simply pronounced the deceased guilty for having disrespected the Islamic principles which triggered the mobs into an invariable violent reaction. Buhari's statement simply made a mess of what is expected of a President of a drowning country as fragile as Nigeria. He allowed his religious sentiment to subdue his discerning spirit- if he has any.

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One would have expected Buhari to be more concentrated in addressing such a critical issue and confront his religious kinsmen for their barbaric act just as he has been unequivocal in condemning the activism of Biafra activists and that of the Niger Delta Avengers who have never shed any atom of blood since their emergence, instead of shifting blames in the name of suing for a National peace which his people are the ones slaughtering on the altar of purchasing respect for their religion. Buhari is ironically telling those who find themselves in the enclave of Nigeria that it is legal to behead or use any violent means on anybody in Nigeria when the person says or do anything that is contrary to their religion. This is a height of hypocrisy and bigotry you can ever see from a sitting President across the world.

Also, it is a blunder for Buhari to say that the Kano state government has been proactive in tackling the incident. Proactive means preventing a sad or negative event from happening. It is therefore wrong for anyone who knows what actually took place at Wambai market, to label Kano state government or its security agencies as proactive on the beheading of Mrs Bridget. Eye witness reports has it that the incident which took place within a space of not less than 4hours- from the time the mobs apprehended Bridget, to the time she was beheaded and afterwards paraded across the city with shouts of "ALLAHU AKHUBA!" from the mobs, no single security agent interfered despite their presence in strategic corners across the city. The Kano state government was forced to respond to the situation same way Buhari was forced to react to the incident simply because the news had gone viral and is turning into a national disgrace.

This is why two days after the crime was executed, the police had to desperately apprehend one person out of the many mobs that took part in the butchery in order to water down the already growing tension across the country. The only effort Kano state government made was to protect Kano citizens including the crime perpetrators by trying to prevent reprisal attacks from the aggrieved Biafrans in Kano state. Any sane government or security agency across the world works proactively to prevent crimes from occuring and not to subdue reactions that emanates from their inefficiencies. One would come to wonder when Nigerian leaders will stop making Nigeria a laughing stock in the eyes of the international communities.

Just as it has always been, the need for the freedom of Biafrans has continued to be justified by the bigotry and hypocritical nature of Nigerian politicians which has ended up making Biafrans a prey in the country. Biafrans are living in a country where ordinary cattle feeds are more important and valued than their lives-little wonders why the federal government has to import grasses for cattle while millions of the masses are living in abject poverty. Bridget's predicament is not the first time Biafrans are being beheaded,butchered, or intimidated in the Northern part and other parts of the British contraption called Nigeria with huge back-up from Northern elites and politicians, this is neither likely to be the last. This was same way Gideon Akaluka was beheaded by Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and they rewarded him by making him the Emir of Kano. Our people has continually been massacred at the slightest provocation, and the worst part is that when we now leave their land to seek refuge in Biafra land, they unleash their terrorist security agencies on us.


1 comment

  1. The husband played ugly roles in that murder.I heard he was there but could not call in the police but when invited by govt to negotiate what I don t understand he went.
    I over heard him saying key wife was not beheaded honestly I don't know what that his rebuttal was meant for, douse tension.
    Deeper life also bears some blame by that answering this man and his wife that range ro this hostile city, today the woman is slaughtered like chicken and that range ro this hey are not doing anything but if it is land they will go to coury.
    They probably value land more than the life of this woman and others that range ro this hey he church posted to the core North that are daily slaughtered.
    What do you want me to a about buhari, a dying fundamentalist ir the Governor that came into office with the promise of furthering Sharia and Islam.Igbos in the North must leaves like yesterday it is better yo be poor at home but at least be alive.


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