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Tuesday, 14 June 2016



By Chima Onyekachi and Ifeanyi Chijioke

For Family Writers

The former governor of Anambra state Mr. Peter Obi while addressing Chima Onyekachi and Ifeanyi Chijioke of Family Writers noted that there is now nothing like Southsouth and Southeast, he posited that it is now one region.  He spoke in Enugu, during the 17th anniversary of Igbo Youth Movement led by Evang. Elliot Uko.

The Igbo Youth Movement honored Mazi Nnaamdi Kanu with the award of great liberator for steadfastly and resolutely destroying falsehood with the power of truth. This is the first time in history such award has been given. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu despite being unlawfully incarcerated keeps scooping awards and revered. Muhammadu Buhari came under staunch criticism for refusing to release Nnamdi Kanu against court orders.
Recall that the major mission of radio Biafra was to unite the people of Biafra and end division that made the state of Biafra minority after it was forcefully re-annexed. There is no gainsaying to the fact that there is divide and rule which narrowed the impact of Biafra. Southsouth became a minority while southeast also was and hence making once united region ineffective in the Lugardian establishment.

Unknowingly reacting to the award received by Nnamdi Kanu, Peter Obi shared Nnamdi Kanu’s ideology and mission by finally succumbing to the feat and liberation done by Nnamdi Kanu. Speaking after the event, he said “There is nothing like southsouth and southeast, we are now one, everything is over, and our position in the last election showed indeed that we are one. We have conquered everything”
Meanwhile he declined to give Nnamdi Kanu the credit for liberating and destroying the divide and rule strategy of over 65years. He explained and lobbied for true federalism which he said is the only solution to the present Nigeria. While others shared that releasing Nnamdi Kanu is the beginning of true federalism. He posited that if cost of governance can be narrowed down, governors will be able to pay their workers.
However when pressed further to speak on the murderous approach or handling of unarmed and peaceful Biafran youths in Anambra state, he declined comment and ushered Family writers to Evang. Elliot Uko and both declined to speak. Reacting to the development, a top official who came to the event told Family writers “ They won’t talk because the killing is too much; it is starting to touch conscience, even the murderers are beginning to be sympathetic” he spoke and pleaded that his name should not be in print.
Recall that Anambra state has recorded gross violation of human right of the people of Biafra under the care of Willie Obiano. The state had backed the military in recent killing where it said Biafran youths were criminals to have remembered their fallen heroes without police permission. A statement some leading human right bodies defined as reckless and irresponsible.
‘For Peter Obi to openly tell you today that there is nothing like southsouth and southeast, then it is plain that Nnamdi Kanu has even liberated the leaders and politicians in Biafra land” Mr Johnson said while reacting to Obi’s comment. On the same note, members of Igbo Youth Movement who spoke to Chima Onyekachi and Ifeanyi Chijioke of Family Writers said “We awarded Nnamdi Kanu because everything he said is coming to reality. Nigeria arrested him because of truth and we appreciate him for liberating us”


  1. Chuks Nwa Biafra14 June 2016 at 09:47

    In response of what Prince Nnamdi kanu has done no one as in history has done better than him except Jesus christ.This is just to tell you that he's a God sent to come and deliver his people in the hands of the wicked generation. he has come to fulfil the message almighty God has sent him to do,and also he's a great man of God and a fearless liberator.May the almighty God give him more wisdom, knowledge and understanding to move forward without fear in the name of Chukau okike Abiam we've prayed ise-ise-iseeeeee God bless Nnamdi kanu God bless Biafrans ise- ise- iseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    1. Thank you my brother. May God Bless You too for this Wisdom thought an understanding..isee

  2. Biafra Alive,we are whiter than white.

  3. Biafra Alive,we are whiter than white.

  4. Nnamdi Kanu is a hero he done what one can do in Nigeria is nothing but telling the world the truth behind Nigeria. All we as is Biafra nothing more we're no longer interested in Nigeria in fact we're not Nigerians we're Biafrans

  5. Finally, Biafra politicians from Eastern region are beginning to see the light. May God open their ears to hear the truth and eyes to see the light! The prophetic voice of Nnamdi Kanu and the gospel truth of radio Biafra, and the divine mandate to liberate and free Biafra from Islamic Nigeria

  6. I welcome the comment, even from awful Mister Peter Obi. However, he knows Biafra is Inevitable, and is trying to position himself for leadership. That will NOT work.

    He should first give account of how he brutalized Biafrans, while governor of Anambra State. We have not forgotten that.

    --Collins Ezebuihe
    Biafra Today, Biafran Tomorrow (BT-squared)


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