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Thursday, 23 June 2016

"They are desperate to cover their dirty tracks"---US based Aisha Buhari lambasts Nigerian Government

"They are desperate to cover their dirty tracks"---US based Aisha Buhari lambasts Nigeria Government 

By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers

The recent bubble of the Nigerian government in their desperation to shield the wife of the President from the Halliburton bribery scandal have just been bursted as their substitute for the President Buhari's wife has also dissociated herself from any activity, agreement or transaction with the so called Halliburton company.

The Nigerian government recently published a controversial profile of another Aisha Buhari, different from that of Nigeria's First Lady in their bid to proof to the members of the public that the President's wife was not the real culprit involved in the infamous Halliburton scandal.

Earlier, former Chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Lamorde who is being accused of relooting millions of dollars of recovered looted funds, had told Premium Times on Tuesday that President Buhari's wife, Aisha Buhari is not the real culprit implicated in the Halliburton bribery scandal-

    "I can tell you authoritatively that the Aisha Buhari named in the case is not President Buhari's wife."

    "I was the director of operations at the EFCC at the time so I know the case very well. I can tell you that it is not her. That much we established." he stated.

Nevertheless, the US based Ms Aisha Buhari whose profile was published by Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC) and accused of being the real culprit of the scandal has unequivocally denied having anything to do with the Halliburton company in the course of her stay in the United States of America.

Speaking to Street Journal on Tuesday, Ms Aisha Buhari US based branded the desperate and fraudulent move by the Nigerian government to tag her name to the Halliburton case as malicious, wicked and an unholy move to cover up their atrocities.

   "It's like pouring water on a sleeping person. I have never done anything with Halliburton, I don't know the colour of the company. I am not in the line of business with Halliburton, so linking me with the bribery is malicious" she stated in disgust on the allegation by Nigeria EFCC.

  Going further, Ms Aisha Buhari who revealed that her international passport was stolen early this year, accused the Nigeria EFCC of being responsible for the theft and alleged that the informations seen on her published profile in Nigeria were pirated from the lost passport.

   "They are desperate to cover up their dirty tracks and link my name with the scandal that they have to first of all steal my passport," she said.

    "My passport was stolen this year. And to give credibility to their story, details from the passport were used. They should come to the US to find out if they are curious about the case."

In addition, Ms Aisha dared her blackmailers to provide evidence of where she has ever been tried in the US despite belonging to several organisations, noting that the atrocity and hypocrisy of the Nigerian government in shielding corrupt politicians and citizens is not applicable in the US-

   "If somebody commits a crime in the US, he or she must face trial. Have you heard i'm being tried in the US?" she asked.

    "Let them stop this malicious allegation against me that they do not have proof of, I hate people who do not cross check facts before talking, they should find out in the US the kind of person I am because I belong to organisations there" she stated.

Going further, disclosing that she is likely to take legal action against the Nigerian government, she said- "If they think they are politician, and can break the law and go free, they should realise that nobody is above the laws of a country."

1 comment

  1. Hi Biafrans a country where the president will forge a school certificate result in this modern times, a country where to cover their corruption with the president wife, another persons passport and identity will be used to cover up thinking that the American government don't know who is involved. a country that the president will bribe lawyers and refuse court orders. are we in democracy? or is it a change that the Nigerians are expecting.
    please the freedom fighters or the militants as they put it, don't stop your actions. bring the oil installations and drilling to zero so as there will be no interest on that zone. the mistake Ojukwu made during the biafran war is leaving the oil installations and the oil companies to drill therby making the oil companies to do alleanza with the world powers to bomb biafraland. so keep up my boys don't fail the hope and thrusof biafrans.


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