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Thursday, 23 June 2016



By Blessed Orji

For Family Writers

IN every age there were men of great vision. Men who cherished the freedom of their people, held in esteem the rule of law, love their nationality and value system, and choose death than live a fugitive in their own land. How much the world owes them, posterity will never know. They were branded as heretics and terrorist, their motives impugned, their character maligned, their writings suppressed, misrepresented and mutilated. Yet they stood firm and from age to age maintained their faith and ideology in its purity as a sacred heritage for future generation.

Satan's most successful devices is to cast reproach on purity, light and truth. Nigeria like Satan is constantly seeking to deceive the world. How often censure and reproach is cast upon credible leaders, selfless and faithful servants because they stand fearless in defence of truth and shine brighter than noon day. We see men who are but agents of corruption praised and flattered on pages of news papers and television. Those that killed  and starved to death over three million Biafra children are still looked upon as saints while those who should be respected, loved and sustained for their honesty, courage, truthfulness, and selfless sacrifice are left to stand alone under suspicion, distrust and flimsy allegation of treasonable felony. Counterfeit patriotism, nepotism, betrayal, spurious prejudice and deception; under various forms exhibiting same spirit as in the days of the first Biafra genocide, Men leading gullible few to their own selfish feelings and delusion rather than to yield obedience to expressed truth and impressive light leading towards Biafra restoration.

Nnamdi Kanu
Mazi NNAMDI KANU is unarguably a prisoner of conscience, the latest sensation in the Biafra struggle .He preached and defended his message from attacks from various quarters. Appearing in court on June 20 2016 wore his wrist band with inscription "I LOVE BIAFRA" expressing his sincerity of purpose even in the presence of his persecutors. His love for Biafra people and truth embedded in his message is a mighty weapon in every conflict. This is that TRUTH with which he warned against British treachery and imperialism, against Hausa Fulani herdsmen agenda, Bokoharam Islam conquest, military occupation of Biafra land and the conspiracy of silence by world leaders referred to as united nation. In this truth he lamented the rational philosophy of his kinsmen....the Igbo speaking Biafrans and under oath affirmed his determination if need be to die for the freedom of Biafra people.

Biafrans listening to Radio Biafra
BIAFRA and lovers of freedom embraced his gospel, accepted radio Biafra as the treasure house of inspired truth and test of all inspiration. He embark on a missionary journey from Europe to America,Asia,Australia and the rest of the world. Upon his tour he translated truth EZI OKWU BU NDU and gave the light IGWE BU IKE to his kinsmen in every town hall meetings. This was received with greater joy because it summarily dismantled the imposed south south /south east dichotomy designed to alienate Biafra clans and enhance divide and rule, making it easier for Hausa Fulani domination and British undiluted stealing of oil and gas from Biafra land. NNAMDI KANU not only pointed the light but the whole truth that liberated souls and enlightened dark ways.

He rattled Nigeria and the foundation laid on falsehood never remained the same. Buhari alarmed,set out to arrest motorist with CHK102.1 and common people discussing Biafra freedom and independence. Hotels in Biafra land was clinically searched,  guests with radio Biafra app arrested. Biafrans in family meetings kidnapped. Listening to NNAMDI KANU on radio Biafra became a capital offence. Nigeria was hopelessly powerless against the flaming sword of truth and fiery light from Biafra oracle. This was evidence in the many attempts to jam the signals. BUHARI dispatched fierce looking, trigger happy soldiers into markets, hospitals, amusement parks, schools towns and villages beating and arresting vendors of Biafra news papers and literature. The more they condemn him, or prohibit his message the greater the anxiety of the people to believe him. Majority spend sleepless night online browsing radio Biafra page, Family writers, Biafra herald etc Others committed his messages to memory, carry it about with them, breaking it like bread to anyone around them. Wherever thousands gather, Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu is the point of discussion.

Nigeria empowered by Britain placed political, economic, social and religious iron yoke on Biafra people. Nnamdi Kanu teachings worked mighty change in the minds and hearts of Biafra home and abroad. He around dormant powers embellished spiritual consciousness and imparted fresh stamina to the intellect. The fight for Biafra restoration took a new dimension. There was tweeter campaign, the massive phone call protests besides incessant universal mega peaceful protests .Persons of rank both state and national assembly without fear defends his doctrine of Biafra restoration. Each morning witnesses large crowd earnestly listening to devote men and women even without education sharing his message.

NNAMDI KANU enlivened Biafra with truth. This young generation though not born in the first genocide 1967-70 has within a short time gained such knowledge that for a long time none can compete. Expectedly, they are today youthful defenders and avengers of Biafra nation. The severe persecution,torture,imprisonment and genocide against Biafra only made the light spread everywhere even turned prisons to consecrated temples. The light and truth spreading and shining with energy and assurance converting many to follow the LEADER dead or alive


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  2. It's high time the world gotta be informed that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the greatest man alive... Muhammed Ali is dead & gone may his soul rest in Peace. May Chukwu Okike Abiama continue to bless our one & only Director (Mazi Nnamdi Kanu )the messiah of the people of Biafra in the 21st century. All Hail Biafra!!!


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