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Friday, 10 June 2016



By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers

The highly dreaded 'Guerrilla Boys' of the Niger Delta creeks has lambasted the International Communities for their inactions and hypocrisy towards the oppression, marginalisaton and subjugation of Biafrans in Nigeria, despite the fact that the life-blood of expired contraption is derived from the region.

 In a Public Statement released on Thursday morning through their Spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Mudoch Agbinibo, the Niger Delta freedom fighters decried that despite the abundant treasures which the Nigerian government has been benefitting from the region, most of the infrastructural facilities which are necessary for Human development such as good water, roads, electricity, hospital etc, have all continued to elude the Biafran people.

The Avengers however, resounded it that the elasticity of their patience and faith in Nigeria as a country has come to a breaking point as no amount of negotiations can yield any positive resulted unless Nigeria is dissolved and returned to  the original state which it was before the British colonialists created and amalgamated the country in 1914

"We are calling on the international community, especially Britain, France, the United States of America, Russia, China and the European Union to speak up against this ongoing terror and come to the aid of the Niger Delta, as witnesses to this grave inhumanity and history of terror perpetuated against the people of the Niger Delta daily.

  "This history of terror, we, the Niger Delta Avengers will resist and correct with every means necessary. We have nothing to loose in the battles ahead" the freedom fighters declared.

  The activists also accused the Nigerian government of neglecting the lists of demands which they tabled before them, instead the government have resorted to military intimidation of the Biafra region which has led to cases of robbery, rape and extrajudicial killings-

  "Rather than provide this justice, the Nigerian government has decided to mobilise her military might to intimidate, torture, maim, victimise and bombard a section of the nation state and her citizenry to allow the free flow of our oil." they said.

 The Avengers also took a swipe at both the Indigenous and international Oil Companies whom they accused of living amass wealth from the resources in Biafra land, while the people of the region are subjected immeasurable poverty and marginalisation. They said-  "The history of communal lives is terror of poverty, inhumanity and desolate living conditions. But when you move into these facilities operated by the Multinational Oil Corporations, they are living like Kings and Presidents.

Niger Delta
 "For over five decades, we have given the Multinational Oil Corporations and their collaborator, the Nigerian State peace, corporation and love for the crude oil to flow unhindered from our land. The continuous tranquility is only manifesting in the development of mountains, rocks, valleys, deserts and lagoon but the Niger Delta territory is continually alienated from all types of development and all essence of quality of Human life... Our communities and people are only good at securing pipelines, oil and gas facilities. What a tragedy!"
 The Niger Delta Avengers unequivocally stated that they are not in any way interested in Nigerian polity which has been ravaged by corruption ever since it was created. They however, called on the international community like the United Nations to help in the peaceful dissolution of Nigeria or they'll take laws into their hands same way it was done in Sudan and ensure that their all important freedom is guaranteed.

  "We are not like some of these personalities who run champagne parties or turn Rivers State Government House into a house patrimony of god-sons and prebendalism" the Avengers stated, referencing the past Rivers state government of Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi.

 "We are calling on the international community to come and support the restoration of our right to peaceful self determination from this tragedy of 1914 that has expired in 2014. We want our resources back to restore the essence of human life in our region for the generations to come because Nigeria has failed to do that. The world should not wait until we go the Sudan ways. Enough is enough!"

Meanwhile on June 10 about 3am Friday morning Niger Delta blew up Obi Obi Trunk line Agip's Major Crude oil Line in Bayelsa State. On their latest tweet message they congratulated oil companies for abstaining from buying oil from Nigeria. They reiterated their readiness to do business with international communities in appropriate time. 

1 comment

  1. Your request and quest is a justified one. Nigeria's amalgamation expired in 2014. The injustices, abuse and massacre of our people in SS/SE region by Islamic state of Nigeria is simply abominable. How long more will our people live in abject poverty, penury, and bondage and enslavement, while the wealth of our God-given resources is used to develop the North and SW. While our youths live in abject poverty and hopelessness, the youths in Islamic north and SW traitors amass in all kinds of opportunities. Enough is enough. Let's end this satanic contraption Nigeria.


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