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Friday, 10 June 2016



By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers

Our people say that an enemy within is the worst enemy you can have. Willie Obiano has left an indelible mark in the heart of Biafrans, and sadly, it is for the very wrong reason. The scars from the wounds he has inflicted on Biafrans can never be erased, not even by the most concentrated solvent of natural process or offsetting of the medical bills of those who were lucky enough to survive his wickedness.

Willie Obiano, an Aguleri born Banker was unanimously voted into office by Anambra-Biafrans during the November 2013 gubernatorial elections. Biafrans were so desperate to evade the catastrophy of the Islamic party of Nigeria widely known as APC, and also the affliction of PDP that they ignored and underrated the evil tendencies of a man who is regarded by his close associates as a drunkard. To Biafrans, the mistake of electing Willie Obiano is worse than the blunder Nigerians committed by paving the road to Aso Rock for Muhammadu Buhari. It was really a mistake of keeping a wolf in sheep's clothing as a domestic animal.

Barely a year, after he was elected into office, the unveiling of the disguised demon began. Obiano allied with the enemies of the people, he became their puppet and evil accomplice, and the blood of Biafrans started spilling across the streets of Anambra.

On the 30th of August 2015, a day popularly known as "BLACK SUNDAY" for Biafrans, I turned on my Radio set which is permanently tuned to Radio Biafra CHK. To my surprise, the voice wasn't that of Nnamdi Kanu but Uche Mefor. Only the grief in Mefor's voice triggered curiosity in me, I became desperate to know what has gone wrong and the Deputy Director didn't disappoint. He comported himself and broke the horrible News- Nigerian security agencies had opened fire on hundreds of Biafran activists on Evangelism Mission at Onitsha with no less than seven people killed at the spot while others were rushed to the hospital. Eye witnesses who immediately called on air has it that a combination of Nigerian navy, army and police had surrounded them during their processions, they ignored them and moved on peacefully, but the whole thing changed when one of the senior security agents answered a call.

"They immediately started shooting sporadically into the crowd and were beating up anybody they could lay their hands on" a caller stated.

I was completely devastated. Few seconds later, drops of tears started drizzling down my cheeks and the piercing dirge that proceeded the announcement did not help matters either. Nnamdi Kanu would later reverberate on the Radio. Thanks to his crew who persuaded him not to cancel his planned return to London from Biafra land on that very day, in order to honour his invitation at World Igbo Congress holding in Los Angeles, it could have been worse for Obiano.

The killings on the 30th of August were only a starting point of Willie Obiano's evil tendencies as his Anambra state will record the highest number of Biafrans killed since Nnamdi Kanu was abducted by Nigerian DSS. The most recent being the killing of over 30 Biafrans at Nkpor, in Onitsha, Anambra state during Biafra Heroes' and Commemoration Day celebrations on May 30.

 Willie Obiano issued a public statement on the eve of the Heroes' Day massacre through his Commissioner for Information and Communications Strategy, Tony Nnacheta, throwing his weight behind the military clamp down on Biafrans in the state. The statement reads-   "The attention of the Anambra state government has been drawn to the illegal demonstration by a group of individuals causing anxiety at the Onitsha/Nkpor axis of the state.

  "The law enforcement agencies are fully engaged of the situation and are currently working to restore normalcy and free movement for all law abiding citizens."

Willie Obiano not only tagged the Commemoration Day as illegal, he also incited and commended the security agents for the killing spree they embarked on, even though the Anambra state police command were duely notified of the day's activities.

 Obiano's recent move to settle the hospital bills of the injured Biafrans who are lucky enough to survive his ordered massacre is not only a slap on the face of Biafrans, but a mockery of hundreds of Biafrans who has been murdered under his watch and command in Anambra state. It clearly portrays his hypocrisy and confused state of mind. It is certain to all and sundry that the statement was clearly designed to water down the aggression of Biafrans towards him given that another round of election is at the corner, but he may be heading for a devastating end as all his plans are dead on arrival.

He can go ahead to offset the hospital bills of those he conspired to clamped down upon because it is his responsibility to do so, he shouldn't expect any appraisal from any sane mind, and neither should he expect any atom of forgiveness from Biafrans because he has crossed the boundary and the demarcation enormous. He must be ready to face the music of Biafrans any time, any day because Biafrans can never forget and the day of reckoning is fast approach. By now, one should have expected him to borrow a leaf from his 'Boss'.

1 comment

  1. This drunkard and Hausa/Fulani puppet called Willie Obiano should be packing his bag and gathering his families to relocate to the north or SW - because Biafra land will not harbor him anymore. He’s a coward and Igbo ‘efulefu.’


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