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Friday, 8 July 2016

HUMILIATION : Peter Obi and the power of the people

Peter Obi and the power of the people

By Prince Ugochukwu Olisakwe

For Family Writers

I could not have reputed to it, had the incident not occurred in my own very town, which was also confirmed by Chukwudi C. Chidiebele Obiukwu who was at that very place when the Mr. Peter Obi was publicly disgrace. According to Mazi Chukwudi C.Chidiebele Obiukwu the area of this fiasco was at Eke Market Square in Awka Etiti. I was with a friend having a cold beer when three jeeps stopped and some people stepped out of the jeeps. Mr. Peter Obi and some others identified as Valentine Obienyem ,Stanley C Apga Alaigbo and Joe Martins Uzodike were among those who step out of the jeeps.

Immediately, Motorcycle operators around the market sited Peter Obi walking towards the banana sellers, instantly hell was let loose. Already Valentine and Stanley have positioned with their Cameras for pictures when trouble started. The Okada (Motorcycle operators) people started shouting Peter Onye Oshi , Criminal, wicked man, betrayer leave us alone. The abusive noise attracted much attention around the market. I could not believe what was happening in Joe Martins Uzodike and Stanley Chira's home town. It was like a scene from a Nollywood movie.

Peter Obi quickly rushed back into his jeep and others scampered after him for safety and they zoomed off. The Okada riders followed up and continued their assault on Peter Obi. I was shocked, dumbfounded and completely short of words, I couldn't believe what my eyes was seeing.

Out of curiosity, I approached some of those Okada people to find out their reasons for jeering at Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra state and their two sons of the soil, Joe Martins Uzodike and Stanley Chira aka Apga Alaigbo, I was made to understand that Peter Obi insulted Nnamdi Kanu and that he is doing everything to make sure that the young man languished in jail. Some said that Peter is an enemy of the Igbo-Biafrans etc.

They told me that Peter Obi is sabotaging all the efforts to release Nnamdi KANU because he is jealous of the young man. Hear what one Okada raider had to say-

"Peter Obi is wicked. He is paying so much money to ndi Hausa so that Nnamdi Kanu will not be released. He is jealous of the young man. Peter Obi wants to be seen as the new Igbo Leader and that is why he is jealous of Nnamdi KANU and wants him to die in detention".

I asked him the source of his information and he told me that an agent of the force, comes to brief them daily. I was shocked. I left to my house near the market very unhappy because I could not understand why Peter Obi will be fighting everyone just to be called the leader of ndi Igbo. Then I remembered his chieftaincy title- "Okwute" and then it hit me, Mr Peter Obi wants to be seen as the corner stone for Igbo agenda and so any other name or person is a threat to his selfish political ambition.

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