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Monday, 11 July 2016



Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers

The leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Salvation Front and Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force,  Alh. Asari  Dokubo has dissociated himself from any ongoing negotiation between the Nigerian government any fraudulent group that claims to be representing him and his group, and also reiterated his undying support for the restoration of Biafra.

 In a press statement published on his official facebook page, the Niger Delta Warlord and staunch Biafran activist expressed dismay at the desperation of the Nigerian government led by President Muhammadu Buhari to cause a genocidal instability in United States of Biafra which include the Ijaw and Niger Delta region of the country. The statement reads-

  "The public should note that I,Alhaji Mujahid Abubakr Dokubo-Asari,Alabo Edi Abali -Abala Buruburu 1 of Kalabari had not entered,directed,appointed or delegated any person or group of persons to negotiate or enter into dialogue with any president,vice president,governor,minister,national security adviser,any committee or institution in furtherance of the nigerian states pretension to the pursuance of peace in the occupied Ijaw,Niger Delta Region and The United States of Biafra(USB).

"Therefore,anybody who had presented himself/herself claiming to me or represent me in any manner of discussion,fora or conference in furtherance of this pretentious negotiation or dialogue is a fraud and therefore should not be accorded any recognition,as a person representing me,the Niger Delta Peoples Salvation Front and Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force.

  "I am convinced and firmly believe that the occupation gambari and their collaborators in the nigerian state led by general Muhammadu Buhari is not interested in any or in any type of peace in Ijaw,the Niger Delta Region,In the Territories of the United States of Biafra or even in any part of nigeria.The body language of general Muhammadu Buhari is to carry out a genocide and a pogrom against the Ijaw,Niger Delta and the United States of Biafra(USB).

  "Therefore,there is no way I will be hoodwinked to be part of any sham that the government of the nigerian state led general Muhammadu Buhari is masquerading as negotiation or dialogue that will lead to peace in the aforesaid territories." he stated.

 Going further, Dokubo declared that the amnesty program the Nigerian government claimed to have established for the people of the region is full of deceit and fraud as the activists who were deceived into accepting such fraudulent offer are now regretting their decisions.

 'The same way the bride Amnesty was introduced-which I and the volunteers rejected-was used to bribe the faint hearted amongst our compatriots,the cult gangs and fraternities,and the criminal elements in the Niger Delta to allow the our hydro carbon resources-which is our God given and exclusively belong to us- to be freely extracted to satisfy the extravagant and immoral appetite of the gambari and their collaborators.

  "Today most of the recipients of the Amnesty Bribe are full of regrets and wish that they turn back the hands of clock." Asari Dokubo revealed.

He however made it known to those criticising his silence on the activities of the Niger Delta Avengers that he has no moral right to condemn the Avengers as they are also fighting for a just cause to free their people from the bondage of Nigeria.  He however urged the Nigerian government to give room for the peaceful dissolution of the country as only that will bring lasting peace and joy to the people-

 'Some people had severally opined that if I am not an Avenger I should publicly disclaim them.

  "Why should I do so? What is my business to be a busybody in this matter?Why should I take pannadol for someone else headache?

"I will never disclaim,denounce or condemn the Niger Delta Avenger.For I am a known advocate of this truism that for every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction....You can't sow to the winds and expect not to harvest a whirlwind in return.

"Finally,the public should know that I am not part of any negotiation or dialogue and had not mandated,nominated,appointed or authorized any person or group of persons to represent me in any dialogue or negotiation with the government of the nigerian state led by general Muhammadu Buhari.My believe is that only a SOVEREIGN NATIONAL CONFERENCE with the resolution for a PLEBISCITE SUPERVISED BY THE UNITED NATION can lead to permanent peace in Ijaw,Niger Delta and the Biafran territories." he concluded.


  1. My brother ASARI, you are one in a million, ride on brother, yes!! Yes!! United states of BIAFRA or no peace. They. Hate us!! But they want our oil!!! God forbid, Peace or war, we are ready to die. USB must stand.

  2. You got them right Mr. Dokubo!
    We stand firmly with you and your ideas. Only a free and independent state of Biafra is the only way out for an eternal peace in the region! We are matured enough to Self-Determination of our own faith as God who created us would want it.period!

  3. The leopard of the UNITED STATES OF BIAFRA keep on keeping on

  4. The leopard of the UNITED STATES OF BIAFRA keep on keeping on

  5. Please don't characterize him as Warlord, please, please! He is a freedom fighter.


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