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Saturday, 23 July 2016



By Maxwell Chuks
For Family Writers

It’s quit obvious that some political and selfish individuals whose only motive is to sellout and betray the people and the unborn generations are dashing out from every angle and in different factions, ranting and vomiting rubbish in other to maintain and satisfy their selfish interests against that of the masses.

They always hide under the name and umbrella 'Ohaneze'.
Today, it is Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo, tomorrow it is Ohaneze youths. Who knows what next they'll call themselves.

Maybe Ohaneze Children Bunch of Political addicts and criminals It's quit laughable that these political and selfish group who call themselves 'Ohaneze youths' dashed out from nowhere and say "Biafrans are landlords in Nigeria, therefore they can't exit from Nigeria" and I ask, is that not display of stupidity?.

When did they become the mouthpiece of the people and the youths in Biafra Land?
I always say it loud and clear, if you want to form your political or selfish group, do it but don't dash into the issues concerning Biafra. Pursue your selfish interest vertically, don't vomit nonsense.

Where were you when the people you called landlords are saying they want to exit from Nigeria?
Do you not see the extra-judiciary killings of Biafra youths, religious shortchange, dilapidated infrastructure, siphoning of our resources and the evil unleashed on our people by the Nigeria government?

You are nothing but political and blind landlords who think they can turn Biafra land and the interest of the people into political tools in other to satisfy your greedy and selfish interests but I put it to you, Biafrans are beyond intimidations and any evil plot against our people.

Ohaneze youths and other factions should take note,
'The freedom of Biafra can't be twisted or negotiated with something else'. BIAFRA MUST BE RESTORED.
Many have given their lives for the restoration of Biafra, no group or faction of Ohaneze will stop the restoration of Biafra and if anyone try to play politics with it, Biafra and the spirit of those who gave their lives for it with hunt him or her down.
Mark my words.

We may be landlords everywhere, that doesn't mean we will continue to live in lies and slavery. We won't continue to maintain silence and watch ourselves and people wiped off the face of the earth.
Our Freedom is all we want.

After collecting brown envelops, shut up and get into your houses since you are landlords.
Don't twist or speak against the interest of the masses who are suffering and need their freedom.

Biafrans are fighting for libration, justice and freedom.
And that, WE MUST GET.

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