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Thursday, 11 August 2016



Written by ogochukwu Nnanna
For Family Writers.

One of our Biafran brother from Ogbia local govt. formally known as Brass local govt. in Ijaw Bayelsa state from there also Nembe was carved out, has voiced out his grievances over what the British government has done on their land years ago. He said that before the British came to suck their oil, they were into farming business and all their crops were perfectly doing well. And the major business that they were doing that time is oil business, in that oil business, they sort out palm kennels and export both the oil and the kennels through a local ship to Port Harcourt and now those that are in charge will take it to wherever they want to take it to. 

In those days, they plant a lot of things like plantain, rice, cocoyam, okro ,cassava etc and their harvest was great. They also export Timber through the sea in those days. Ogbono, snail and many other things can be found in their place in those days before the British came and destroyed their land he said. life was easy for them that time and they have a lot of food to eat but today due to the damage drilling of oil has done in that place by the British people, crops found it difficult to grow in that place and fishing which was one of their occupation was also interrupted.

Oil was discovered in that area in the year 1956 by the white men according to him and the name of the place is Olegbiri because their local government headquarters was built in that Olegbiri land. The three villages where the oil was discovered are- Otuogidi,which is the main village, Opume and Otukalabagi. The white men discovered oil in those villages in 1956 and started proper drilling in 1958.They drilled this oil almost half a century which is sixty years then the oil now dried up. As they keep on searching for more oil with rope and dynamite by digging big holes, they keep on destroying our land more and more and if we talk, they will give us small amount of money which did not reach up to anything to calm us down and they Keep on doing what they were doing. Up till today those holes they dug has caused a lot of damages in those areas and we found it difficult now to farm. Upon all these things, we cannot boost of good road, electricity, good health centre, and pipe borne water. We were just forgotten like an outcast, no body remember nor care for us he lamented.

He said that what will make one to know that the white men (British) sucked oil there is the stone which they laid there with inscription on it including the date .The little structure which they built as their camp in that place in those days has failed down and every where there is now bushy. He also said that even the road that leads to their main local government has also spoiled and there is always an accident there because the so called road is not wide and was not done well. The man also said that the former president of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan was also from that side, they even speak the same dialect. After Opume,the next village is called Imakalakalu which is the village of the former governor of Rivers state Malford Clifford Okilo and his own mother was also from there the man said. He also said that his mother's father was the late king of that village before Malford Okilo took over the throne before other kings.

We are all Biafrans the man emphasized, he also confirmed that their language and that of Igbos related much. They call plate "Efere" and likewise Igbos, they call palm frond 'Umuu Nkwo' and so Igbos called, they have Mbaise and Mbaise is also in Igbo land. They have Owema ànd ogide just Igbos has it owerri and Anambra respectively. He said that before the white men came,Biafrans has a River called Unity River and a central market like Boni market, Onitsha market and Brass market,Biafrans through this unity river to go to these markets. Therefore we are united Biafrans right from the origin before the white men came and amalgamated us, no body fights each other he said. It is only Fulani and Hausa's that fight themselves and along the process the Fulani's conquered them and islamized them.The Fulani's were Muslims right from time he added.

Who said that Biafrans are not one, this history will convinced many people to understand that Biafrans are one flesh and blood. If I may ask, when Rivers state has not been created where are we? When Bayelsa has not been created, where are we? He questioned. We are called the Eastern Region before Gowon created Rivers state and Obasanjo also politically brought his own confusion of Niger Delta and South South and South East. This divide and rule tactics has made a lot people forgot their origin the Ijaw man said. I want to tell you that we are all Biafrans . And furthermore, he spoke to his Ijaw brethren in their own dialect urging them to stand up and support the agitation for the restoration of Biafra.

He thank God for giving them Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who revealed every truth to them concerning their originality and who also brought the unification of South South and South East.He said that he hate with passion that word South South and Niger Delta which some people are happy to answer. He concluded by saying that when Biafra comes, all these rubbish names will be wiped out. He also assured his people that Biafra has come and is already here and that they will have no cause to regret when Biafra comes. He urged them to come out and join hand together to fight for this noble course once and for all for our own betterment and for the betterment of our unborn children.

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