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Tuesday, 2 August 2016



By Ndubuisi Ezeonyebuchi
For Family Writers

The presence of battle ready soldiers was seen stationed and patrolling around Igweocha. These tattered and hungry looking soldiers who were only good at molesting unarmed Igweocha citizen were seen armed with weapons such as armored tank, jet fighters, machine guns, vans and others. These good for nothing soldiers who mainly engage on arresting, torturing and killing of Igweocha citizens were yesterday seen arresting hundreds of people along Borokiri, Nembe waterside, Trans Amadi, Obigbo and environs.  On the fate of the arrested persons, a condition was given, those who accepted the condition were freed, while those who did not were imprisoned in the army barrack waiting to be executed. However only very few accepted the condition and were freed after heavy torture. The freed persons are to return when the recruitment form is ready.

CONDITION: "As someone from Izon and Igweocha origin, you shall be forcefully recruited into Nigerian army with the sole purpose of leading and showing other northern soldiers the nook and cranny of the creek in a bid to apprehend Avengers Freedom Fighter, as Hausa Fulani soldier are afraid and know nothing in the creek water ways."

A deeper investigation by the Family Writers revealed that this evil act of arrest, torture, killing and forceful recruitment, is an order which was given from above by Mohammadu Buhari the Pedophile. Investigations have it that Mohammadu Buhari declared an unofficial State of Emergency and forceful recruitment of Izon and Igweocha youth in Igweocha, Delta and Bayelsa. The purpose of this Emergency declaration and forceful recruitment was part of his defiance to the rule of law and Jihad of islamization to the Sea.

Mohammadu Buhari had in many occasions made anti-Semitic/anti-Biafran comment, bragging to kill Biafrans in their million as he did in1967-70. He said Nigeria must be islamize by all means possible including Jihad war;-- "I will not stop to show openly and inside me the total implementation of Sharia law which is sweeping across Nigeria".   Now that he (Buhari) is in power, he believes that the time is ripe for his Jihad conquest, hence focusing his Hausa/Fulani Islamic armies to the Biafra territory and Sea where they kill, torture and arrest innocent unarmed Biafran citizens.

Like Pharaoh of the Exodus, Thutmose II, Mohammadu Buhari have vowed not to release the Leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra and let Biafra go until the last and tenth plague is unleashed on him and the Zoo called Nigeria. It could be recalled that several plague have befall Buhari and his one Nigeria. Among the plague includes;- Exposure of his evil agenda before the entire world, which makes it impossible for him to get help from well meaning governments of the world. Glaring evidence against him as regards to his terrorist act against IPOB at the Hague (ICC), which shall prompt his warrant of arrest soon and proper prosecution. Shrinking economy, which as a result have cause the following havoc;- Non payment of workers salary, Closure of nine embassies, Closure of certain foreign airline, Closure of certain oil company, Pulling out of major foreign investors and The mockery with which the world now make with that very name Nigeria and Buhari. Example of this can be seen in our famous "Fantastically Corrupt" discussion  between David Cameron, Queen Elizabeth II and Bishop of Canterbury at the British Royal Palace.

You must loose this war! That is a popular saying of our indefatigable Director, Nnamdi Kanu the Great. Every steps he(Mazi Kanu) makes, he has persistently hold his ground as he declared on Radio Biafra. The downfall of Mohammadu Buhari is glaring and imminent, his so called war of Jihad is lost already. Listen now Buhari, this is a wise council, apologize to your Lord Nnamdi Kanu the Great, release him, release those at your barrack in Igweocha and let Biafra go or else, wait and watch the LAST and TENTH PLAGUE CONSUME YOU

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