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Friday 5 August 2016



By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers
Theresa May

To the generality of Biafrans, the newly emerged British Prime Minister, Theresa May and her newly appointed Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Boris Johnson raises hopes for the restoration of Biafra as a sovereign state, and portends the emergence of justice to many African nations who are bound by misfortune neocolonial subjugations.

The influence of the United Kingdom or otherwise the British government and the Commonwealth on most of the policies and decisions of its former African colonies especially on Nigeria cannot be underestimated, hence the crave of Biafrans for the British government to come to terms that their Nigeria invention is a disaster for Biafrans.

The injustices that has been meted out against Biafrans dates back to the days of neocolonialism and imperialism, and such injustices have proven to be a trans-generational re-occurring decimal which can only be balanced by the absolute freedom and restoration of Biafra as an independent entity, same way it used to be prior to the invasion of the colonists.

The assassination of identity and origin which led to the unsolicited amalgamation of Biafrans with different nations of diverse cultural background and religious beliefs, who have no atom of respect for the sanctity of human life can only be summarised as the origin of chaos and instability that has ravaged the Nigerian state ever since the former British colony was created and amalgamated through Fredrick Lugard and his wife Flora Shaw. It is a grievous injustice which can only be compared to the pogrom and genocide executed against Biafrans by the Nigerian government led by Yakubu Gowon in the late 60s. The pogrom and genocide which oversaw the massacre and starving to death of over 3million Biafrans of which the incumbent Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari frequently boasts of being among the chief executioners, had a huge technical support from the then British government of Late Harold Wilson whose posture throughout the pogrom and war posited that the British government values the oil resources in Biafra land more than the life and freedom of the people being exterminated in the murderous entity of the Nigeria state.

The fact that Biafrans have been at the receiving end of the aftermath of the tragic genocidal war which has subsequently been characterized by economic repression, incessant environmental degradation, absence of basic social and infrastructural facilities, religious violence and worst still- numerous human rights abuses which include extrajudicial killings, abductions and the innumberable incarceration of Biafran activists, shows that Biafrans are no other thing than an endangered species of people in Nigeria. All these atrocities have always been greeted with sickening silence by subsequent dispensations of the British government, who had in most cases out rightly denied being aware of such grievous injustice emanating from the extreme marginalisation of Biafrans in Nigeria.

 The pledge by the British government to respect boundaries of African countries as laid down during independence is not only an affront to the United Nations laid down principles and rights of indigenous people to self determination, it is also a pierce to the heart of Biafrans and mockery to millions of activists who have lost their lives in defence of Biafrans as an endangered species in Nigeria. Isn't it surprising that some territories of African countries which the British government have pledge to respect and ensure their preservation have continuously been altered? The most notable being the case Nigeria which have had part of its territory of the Bakassi Peninsular ceded to Cameroon. One begins to wonder why same boundary cannot be altered to pave way for the never-ending crave of Biafrans for their freedom.

The most remarkable thing the former British Prime Minister, David Cameron did during his administration would be remembered as his selfless disposition in allowing firstly, the Scottish people to decide their fate on whether or not to remain in the United Kingdom; and finally his resolve to ensure that the British populace decides their faith on whether to leave or stay in the EU. For the first time ever, Biafrans wished they had a British Prime Minister as Nigeria President, not minding his inadequacies towards the plight of Biafrans. Biafrans were extremely jealous of the level of respect to human dignity and undiluted human rights protection, being lavished on the British people by their government. Nevertheless, it is certain that the British government has failed woefully to influence their African allies and former colonies into following this impeccable path of addressing the issue of self determination that is prevalent in most African countries.

Had the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari laid aside his selfish interests and circumvented his hatred for Biafrans, into imitating the landmarks of his friend David Cameron by allowing for a BIAFREXIT referendum for Biafrans, the incessant chaos and instabilities that have been the trademark of Nigeria ever since his inception into office could have long been averted. It is unfortunate that the inalienable rights to self determination and freedom of speech and expression which Nnamdi Kanu- a British citizen and the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) greatly enjoyed in Britain is being trampled upon by President Muhammadu Buhari in Nigeria, even as the British government has done little or nothing to help their citizen. Self determination is a universal right, former Scottish First Minister of Parliament, Alex Salmond was never hounded for engineering the Scottish independence movement which lost out during the 2014 referendum votes; one begins to wonder why Nnamdi Kanu's heart-rending predicament in Nigeria is being greeted with deaf ears and astonishing silence by the international community, especially the United Kingdom government and the United Nations.

The fact that the international community needs to do more to foster peace in war torn and instability afflicted African countries, than supplying relief materials and sending their peace keeping forces must not be swept under the carpet. The problem of Africa is deeply rooted in the self determination question of different nationalities that found themselves subjugated in various countries of the continent. Had this particular issue of self determination been addressed appropriately, the wars, violence and societal imbalances that has devastated most African countries wouldn't have seen the light of the day. There is every need to correct the impression that the United Nations right of indigenous people to self determination and human rights, as well as its implementation is not subject to race, religion or colour. There is a continuous grievous injustice that is being meted out against African nations craving for their freedom, and it is expected that world powers such as Britain will rise up to the challenge and right the wrongs.

The dark spot of injustice which have been left in the memory of Biafrans by the previous dispensations of the British government can only be cleansed and atoned for as soon as the British government declares total support for Biafra restoration, just like President Buhari declared the support of the Nigerian government to the freedom of the Palestinian and Western Sahara people. Your honourable administration is challenged with the responsibility of confronting the injustices in African nations as regards to their freedom and human rights abuses head-on.  Hopes have already been ignited as questions are being asked if with this administration, there can be light at the end of tunnel. The litmus test starts from Biafra as we all hope that this sad history can be re-written.

Biafrans pray that you never lack the wisdom to actualise this divine task. Our support remains unhindered as long as justice prevails.


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