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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Radio Biafra: A powerful voice against impunity.

Radio Biafra: A powerful voice against impunity.

By Amanda Uzor
For Family Writers

The media today has failed woefully from the purpose it’s meant to serve. Journalistic objectivity is a significant principle of journalistic professionalism. The objectivity can refer to fairness, disinterestedness, factuality, and non-partisanship, but most often encompasses all of these qualities. I have always said that we can do good journalism with compassion. But that happens where professionalism has a place.

I was taught in Journalism, that the focus point is what is important to the journalist and what it will take to make the job more satisfying. Journalists, like everybody else, need to be properly trained, and be properly guided by the editors-in chief. I don’t see that prestigious reporter- editor in-chief guardianship in Nigeria’s journalism of nowadays. In journalism, accuracy and investigative in the way the information is given and relays facts to the public is imperative.

Traditionally, a journalist writes stories that avoids judgment and steer clear of doubt and ambiguity. The journalism we consume today is no longer the journalism that I’m trying to describe here. The media don’t just report reality, the mainstream pick and choose what they report and how it will favour their sponsors. It’s no longer a business of third eye for the masses. Media is straight lying to our faces and reaping all the benefits of human kindness with false claims of tragedy and praise. The truth is not as you know it. Our faith in the media myth has been our Achilles heel.

Many have realized long ago that our politicians will lie to us at the drop of a hat, but most have no clue that our news media lies and deceives us just as much, if not more so. We have been deceived by our media to such an extent, mostly because people are too trusting of our news system. They very naively believe that broadcasters and newspapers would never lie to them. This trust has worked against us with devastating consequences which are unknown to many, particularly in Nigeria.

“Dear me,” said Will. “Such harsh truths so early in the morning cannot be good for the digestion.” ... “I don’t think a tough question is disrespectful.” ... “I became a journalist because I did not want to rely on newspapers for information.” ― Christopher Hitchens.

That sounds like Radio Biafra. It is for the same reason you have RADIO BIAFRA, because the truth has to be told even though hard for digestion. If you depend on Nigerian journalists and their newspapers for information, you will be fooled forever. Modern day journalists are pro-active in issues of development, social justice, climate change and issues of unequal distribution of wealth.

It never happened, in a land of lawlessness like Nigeria, a society without solidarity. When radio Biafra emerged with a new form of journalism in a society that is so unstable in all their ways, with no leadership and in deed full of junks newspapers, it dropped like time boom and everyone panicked. The politicians, so called journalists, preachers of prosperity, corrupt institutions, just to name a few started running helter-skelter. Then, the truth began dropping like counter attack war on junks, the frustrations increased, tension mounting and the fear became visible all over the world. The evil politicians and church enterprises have no place to hide.

Now they know who is the boss. The brown envelop media that saturated Nigeria began to look for places to hide. Neither their security under the Nigerian broadcasting co-operation (NBC) was guaranteed nor their annual dues with Nigerian union of journalists (NUJ). Many mushroom radio stations engaged NBC in discussions here and there how to stop radio Biafra, that it is dangerous for their business. NBC was fighting tooth and nail to stop radio Biafra, which is broadcast all over the world while the NBC air waves could not even cover some parts of Nigeria. The NBC went as far as lying to their President that they have finished with Radio Biafra, that he will never hear about Radio Biafra again. The next day Radio Biafra came on stronger.

I think that increased the anger and hatred their President have for the Igbos and he decided to kill the Biafrans again. They are shooting live bullets at unarmed protesters, demolishing the markets where the Igbos trade in Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, beheading Igbo preachers everywhere, lied against them without taking any evidence or catalogue. The government uses some break away Boko Haram terrorists renamed Fulani herdsmen to kill the Igbo Biafrans even in their own villages. And then the media war against the Biafrans, newspapers writing just about anything provided Nnamdi Kanu’s name appears in the story or it’s about IPOB.

That is why today you will hear “Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of indigenous people of Biafra denounces ND Avengers” and tomorrow it is “Nnamdi Kanu agrees to renounce Biafra in secret” all those cock and bull stories could not stop Radio Biafra. Most people who read this might have a hard time fathoming how an entire country could be so well deceived, but it’s really not that hard when you understand the inner workings and hierarchy of an overly revered media in which we put our blind trust.

Here is the thing, RADIO BIAFRA leads. Every effort to stop Radio Biafra has failed. Radio Biafra is keeping Biafra alive all over the world. There is no part of the world today that hasn’t heard about Biafra. Radio Biafra has been that united voices against impunity and the good thing is that it’s done the greater good- giving the down trodden a voice. Radio Biafra is more popular than the BBC today and most giant media houses for exposing the ills of the society and those behind them. That’s what many national and international media cannot do in these days of universal deceit.

Everyone who called Radio Biafra is one of those voices that has been wanting to be heard. Each one of those voices says, I am the voice of he who was injured by a bullet on a street for having complained about the marginalization of my community. I am the bus driver locked up in the police cell for having exposed the evil work of police officers collecting bribe from road users who have no other salary. I am the unarmed protester who was shot dead by the Nigerian army, police and navy combined for exercising my human rights in a democratic dispensation.

I am the presenter who used the word to inform my people about the crook political network that penetrated my neighbourhood, and they tagged me separatist.

I am he who dared to speak with my right as a human being about the spider web of corruption of supply and demand and they kidnapped me, tortured me and jailed me.

I am the voice of all of them and I can’t stand it any longer to have been born with so much power in my voice, and not to have found anyone to protect me.

My elders chose to bury their heads in the sand and live in total disarray for fear or fee. I am NNAMDI KANU.

But we couldn’t have lived any other way. Our voice was born with us. Some would have changed at hearing it or thought or promised things with our death.  And that’s enough. The International Community has abandoned the fight against impunity. We need to come together as a people outside the political chain to deal with these cankerworms and finish with them. Other than that, nothing is going to change. The change you have been promised is a conspiracy theory of a new phase of impunity against those who are doing things the right way. You have been manipulated with a political boo word “change and fight against corruption” they knew that it will make sense when presented to the wider audience in a country that was conceived in corruption.

People must be cut on crossfire for that agenda to set in, which will create conflicts. So the more chaos you can create and you’re able to break down one unique culture, you increase the need for war in order to achieve the agenda. WHEN YOU MUST’ve killed a good number indicating the arms were actually sold and used, the same people comes in to play the angels of ceasefire and then pretend that they have come to end the war for human kind to live in peace ever after. They told us it was for the same purpose -ever lasting peace the League of Nations was born.

The League of Nations came into being after the end of World War One. Its task was simple – to ensure that war never broke out again. After the turmoil caused by the Treaty of Versailles, many looked to the League to bring stability to the world. America entered World War One in 1917. The country as a whole and the president – Woodrow Wilson in particular – was horrified by the slaughter that had taken place in what was meant to be a civilised part of the world.

The only way to avoid a repetition of such a disaster, was to create an international body whose sole purpose was to maintain world peace and which would sort out international disputes as and when they occurred. After the devastation of the war, support for such a good idea was great (except in America where isolationism was taking root). Different voices against impunity arose because the great idea has failed to produce great achievement. Stay with Radio Biafra, listening to Radio Biafra is the beginning of knowledge and the fear of RADIO Biafra is the beginning of wisdom.

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