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Monday, 22 August 2016



Published by Family writers

Based on the foregoing, we, the youths of Ijawland hereby make the following resolutions to be known as the Kaiama Declaration:


1. All land and natural resources (including mineral resources) within the Ijaw territory belong to Ijaw communities and are the basis of our survival.

Have we reclaimed our land? Bayelsa State that can be said to be a Homogenous Ijaw State has not been reclaimed from the Predators we call politicians that had filled their Bank Accounts, acquired properties in Choice Cities (we hitherto grudge they have developed with our Oil Money) and squander our wealth just like the oppressors use to do. Can any of the Politicians that have served in Bayelsa State, Truly Honestly in the comfort of their Glorious bedrooms say “I did my best for my people”?

2. We cease to recognise all undemocratic decrees that rob our peoples/communities of the right to ownership and control of our lives and resources, which were enacted without our participation and consent. These include the Land Use Decree and The Petroleum Decree etc.

The last time I checked these Decrees are still in force.

3. We demand the immediate withdrawal from Ijawland of all military forces of occupation and repression by the Nigerian State. Any oil company that employs the services of the armed forces of the Nigerian State to "protect" its operations will be viewed as an enemy of the Ijaw people. Family members of military personnel stationed in Ijawland should appeal to their people to leave the Ijaw area alone.

Ijawland is the best place to serve now for the Military. The Military now even guards those who were once in the struggle to see the Military removed from Ijawland. We have made tremendous progress.

4. Ijaw youths in all the communities in all Ijaw clans in the Niger Delta will take steps to implement these resolutions beginning from the 30th of December, 1998, as a step towards reclaiming the control of our lives.  We, therefore, demand that all oil companies stop all exploration and exploitation activities in the Ijaw area. We are tired of gas flaring; oil spillages, blowouts and being labelled saboteurs and terrorists. It is a case of preparing the noose for our hanging. We reject this labelling. Hence, we advice all oil companies staff and contractors to withdraw from Ijaw territories by the 30th December, 1998 pending the resolution of the issue of resource ownership and control in the Ijaw area of the Niger Delta

5. Ijaw youths and Peoples will promote the principle of peaceful coexistence between all Ijaw communities and with our immediate neighbours, despite the provocative and divisive actions of the Nigerian State, transnational oil companies and their contractors.  We offer a hand of friendship and comradeship to our neighbors: the Itsekiri, Ilaje, Urhobo, Isoko, Edo, Ibibio, Ogoni, Ekpeye, Ikwerre etc. We affirm our commitment to joint struggle with the other ethnic nationalities in the Niger delta area for self-determination.

6. We express our solidarity with all peoples organisations and ethnic nationalities in Nigeria and elsewhere who are struggling for self-determination and justice. In particular we note the struggle of the Oodua peoples Congress (OPC), the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (Mosop), Egi Women's Movement etc.

7.  We extend our hand of solidarity to the Nigerian oil workers (NUPENG and PENGASSAN) and expect that they will see this struggle for freedom as a struggle for humanity

No comment on resolutions 4, 5, 6 &7

8.  We reject the present transition to civil rule programme of the Abubakar regime, as it is not preceded by restructuring of the Nigerian federation. The way forward is a Sovereign National Conference of equally represented ethnic nationalities to discuss the nature of a democratic federation of Nigerian ethic nationalities. Conference noted the violence and killings that characterized the last local government elections in most parts of the Niger Delta.  Conference pointed out that these electoral conflicts are a manifestation of the undemocratic and unjust nature of the military transition programme.  Conference affirmed therefore, that the military are incapable of enthroning true democracy in Nigeria.

The rejected stone has become the chief corner stone. Not only did the Transition of the Military worked, it had lasted for about 15 unbroken years and many of those who kicked against the Transition are beneficiaries of the process now

9. We call on all Ijaws to remain true to their Ijawness and to work for the total liberation of our people. You have no other true home but that which is in Ijawland.

Right now we need to be liberated from our own Political Predators.

10. We agreed to remain within Nigeria but to demand and work for Self Government and resource control for the Ijaw people. Conference approved that the best way for Nigeria is a federation of ethnic nationalities.  The federation should be run on the basis equality and social justice.

The most outstanding part of the Declaration to me is the resolve to remain within Nigeria but to demand and work for self Government and resource control for the Ijaw people. Indeed we have remained within Nigeria and the protagonist of this declaration has demanded and indeed worked for themselves in the Government and today control resources. Many of those that were involved in the struggle have appointments with the Governments at different levels or elected public office holders, SELF GOVERNMENT INDEED. The Resources they  Control is for themselves and not for the Ijaw people. Where did we miss it?


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