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Friday, 30 September 2016



By Paul Ihechi Alagba
Family Writers

On Saturday October 1, 2016, Nigeria will be marking her 56th Independence anniversary, even as the Nigerian government is set to spend millions of Dollars in remembrance of an event which many have described as an "enslavement celebration".

Nevertheless, preparations and events which usually serve as a prelude to the annual celebration have tragically turned out to be more rusty than it have ever been. Normally, at least two weeks to the independence celebration, products with themed Nigerian colours(Green and White) floods the markets as companies, offices, clothes, flags, cars and other materials in various cities across the country are customised in the mood of the October 1 event. However, in several cities across Biafra land, there is little or no sign that a national celebration is in process.

This latest development has prompted Family Writers to investigate and interview some notable Companies and individuals that oversee the production and distribution of the customised products. The astonishing revelations from the interviews have laid credence to the notion that as older Nigeria as an inorganic entity turns up, the more the territorial integrity and structural cohesion of the country experiences devastating imbalances.

It has been revealed that the globalised unquenchable agitation for the restoration of Biafra is responsible for the retarded euphoria of independence celebration which has characterised the entirety of Biafra Land and beyond.

 "Nigeria independence does not exist" stated Mr. Emeka, a CEO of one of the printing/publishing companies in Port-Harcourt, who pleaded that his company's name remains anonymous.
   "You can't be talking about independence of Nigeria when millions of people are enslaved and subjugated beyond their wish in this country as a result of the influence of the British government and world powers.
   "Our eyes has been opened, we can no longer celebrate slavery and failure. I ordered my workers not to print or customise any material be it cap, clothes or anything in the name of the independence celebration. I don't care that most of the Yoruba and Hausa people, who reside here in Port-Harcourt may need it, hence we will loose that little money; but we don't need Nigeria and her fake independence any longer.
 "As it stands, the only celebration we need is that of the restoration of Biafra," Mr. Emeka who also identified himself as a staunch Biafran activist noted.
   Meanwhile Mr. Chukwuma, the owner of a printing and sewing company in Aba, Abia revealed that Biafra customised materials are more on demand more than that of Nigeria, coupled with the fact that his agents and distributors are all Biafran activists, and have warned him beforehand that they won't be marketing any of his goods themed with Nigerian colours.
   "Ever since the agitation for Biafra increased, we make more sales on Biafra customised goods while that of Nigeria has reduced rapidly.
   "My marketing agents have all joined IPOB, they no longer want to hear or see anything about Nigeria. They even warned that if I print or sow anything in Nigerian colours that I should go and sell it by myself because they won't touch it.
  "So there is no need of producing items that annoys most of your customers. To say the truth, I actually customised some items for some people who may need it for the October 1 celebration, but most of those things are still in my possession. My fear is that after October 1, all those things will be a waste unless we recolour it." Mr. Chukwuma told Family Writers.

1 comment

  1. My best advise to Biafrans on the so called Nigerian Independence Day will be to go about their business and shun Nigeria and her independence day anniversary as there are nothing to celebrate. No Biafra, No Peace in Nigeria.


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