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Friday, 30 September 2016

BIAFRA : "Stop Violating Biafrans Right To Self-Determination" - Amnesty International Warns Nigeria

BIAFRA : "Stop Violating Biafrans Right To Self Determination" - Amnesty International Warns Nigeria

By Kings JV Chibuzor
For Family Writers

The Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB ) who are boldly agitating for self determination in other to establish a sovereign state of Biafra in Nigeria are being subjected to a raft of abuses including unlawful killings, tortures and unlawful detention without trial as the Nigeria authorities seek to use criminal justice system like DSS to clamp down on Biafra agitators, human rights defenders and journalists, "Alongside the security forces " violent assault on peaceful Biafran protesters and this crackdown constitutes a growing threats to human rights enshrined in international law and the Nigeria constitution.

Scores of supporters of Biafran independence are in detention, many of them since late January, 2016 Just for attempting to hold or participating in peaceful assemblies. On several occasions, the Nigerian security forces have used excessive force against Biafran activists and protesters who have attended protest marches across the south-south and South-eastern Nigeria, or who have attempted to do so. Amnesty International has documented cases of arrest, enforced disappearance, and often the killings of supporters and members of various Biafran groups in the region but what they fail to understand is that Biafra is a Nation under the full command and leadership of Nnamdi Kanu. In the report, Amnesty International documents a series of cases where fear, intimidations and imprisonment have been used to clamp down on Pro-Biafran activists opposed to President Muhammadu Buhari. For example, the case of Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra who was Kidnapped, tortured and unlawfully detained by the Nigerian government.

Amnesty International said in a new report. '' It's time to put an end to such blatant violations of human rights".
Amnesty International Nigeria is therefore calling on the Nigerian government to comply with its obligation under international human rights law and the fundamental rights provisions in the Nigerian constitution which guarantee freedom of peaceful assembly and expression. Everyone must be able to express his/her opinion, including through peaceful protest.

Taken together, these are worrying signs of growing violations of the rights of Biafrans to peaceful assembly freely and express their views without the fear of being detained or harassed, Said Makmid Kamara For Amnesty International.

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