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Wednesday, 28 September 2016



Temple Udeh

By Egwuatu Chukz
For Family Writers

Mr. Temple Udeh the chairman Ogbete main market Enugu Biafra land has clearly shown and informed Biafrans that he is also behind some several killings and mass arrest of innocent Biafrans.

On 19th of September 2016, inside Ogbete main market Enugu Biafra land, 12 members of IPOB were severely beaten like criminals by some thugs ordered by Temple Udeh and his co executives and were handed over to the police for arrest.

Before the day of the arrest, IPOB family Ogbete Zone coordinator went to Mr. Temple Udeh on 16th of September to inform him that the IPOB family will create awareness on 19th in the market in other to sensitize people for them to partake in the SIT-AT-HOME fasting and prayer for Freedom of our leader Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra restoration coming up on 23rd of September which he agreed with us that there is no problem with that.

But unfortunately, On Monday being the day we agreed on. We all gathered together to start creating awareness from shop to shop with Biafran flags, mega phone and flyers only.
However, before then we called the chairman again to let him know that we are about to start just as we agreed.
 After the call he told us to come to his office without us having any mindset of his evil plans against us.
On getting to the office also known as ALMATA office, the secretary Mr. Philip Ikeji asked us to have a sit and then all of a sudden he started lamenting and started shouting on us for no reason and during the process, he asked some boys to shot the entire entrance door.

  Then Mr. Temple Ude just harshly matches in to the hall from the inner room and continued the same manner of his secretary. Both started giving us so many words of threat.
Mr. Secretary Philip Ikeji start making mockery of Biafrans, IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu, he told us that we IPOB are all noise makers and that Biafra will never come and we should forget about Biafra. This is what prompted one of us in telling him for "Biafra not to come all of us will rather die".

Mr. Temple Udeh immediately started giving out his own threats that, he will join IPOB by any means and start killing us and told us that it is a promise he must fulfill to us. With these statement made of him, among our midst, an Evangelist by name Evangelist Eze Chijioke popularly known as Chijioke Maria stood up and told Mr. Temple that he can't kill nobody because life is in the hand of God, and all of a sudden Mr. Temple Udeh collected the man's bible and threw it away with anger and slapped the evangelist for telling him that he can't kill anybody.

During all these processes he then ordered his thugs to beat us and we were severely beaten like thieves. He called the police to come and arrest us, accusing us that we came to his office to plan on how to bridge the peace in market and rub people. On the arrival of police with full arms and three hilux, they arrested us even with handcuffs in our hands just as if we are notorious criminals.

On 20th of September 2016 we were charged to the magistrate court where after the Judge granted us bail.

 We are twelve in number and among us were two journalist of the family Writers and a BTV field agent. As well as IPOB Coordinator Ogbete zone.
After the release and bail out, the family writers interviewed the victims, during which they noted that their resolve for Biafra restoration is unshakable.

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