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Wednesday, 7 September 2016



By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers

The world has moved on so rapidly, but Muhammadu Buhari, the incumbent Nigerian President hasn't really moved on from his past. He is still dwelling on the exploits of executing genocide in Biafra and the prowess of overthrowing a democratically elected government. The parallel lines of his destiny have a miraculous way of conjuring up his past with the present, and paving way for a gloomy future. Unfortunately, Nigeria and her over 170million people have come to bear the brunt of a destiny that has resurrected after thirty-five years of self imposition.

When Nigerians chose a man who is yet to produce his High school certificate over his counterpart- a graduate, when they chose a hardened former military dictator as the leader of a democratic society; when they chose a grand-patron of radical Islam and ethno-religious bigotry as the driver of a secular state, I knew certainly that they have subjected under the spell of the destiny of a man who is heading for a giant rock.
For five months, Nigeria suffered 'monopoly of power'. Buhari governed Nigeria alone. Constitutional provisions were incontrovertibly breached as Buhari skims and scans for the most incorruptible and immaculate cabinet members the 100years of Nigeria's existence have never seen. The legislative arm of government went on vacation as the constitution is trampled upon.

President Buhari afterwards published the names of those who passed his X-RAY which inflamed his already-ignited political, regional and ethnic disparity across the country. Not only was President Buhari's bigotry given full publicity, the real tragedy was the fact that it took him almost(if not) half of a year to unleash his armies of cluelessness and total destruction upon Nigeria in the name of Ministerial appointments. While the Nigerian Parliamentarians who are afraid of Buhari's CCT trial were partly to blame, Buhari ended up producing some bunch of rusted and amateur Cabinet members/Ministers, who lives in a world apart from the portfolios assigned to them. For instance: In a country that experiences a heartbreaking 0MegaWatts of Power for some days, BUHARI chose a certified Lawyer, Babatunde Fashola as his POWER MINISTER.

As spurious as Buhari's anti-corruption war was, he granted immunity to Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi who is yet to account for the millions of dollars embezzled from the coffers of Rivers state during the eight years he administered as governor of the state; he was later rewarded with the portfolio as a TRANSPORTATION MINISTER even though he never knew of a railway and train that cuts across his state built by Buhari's predecessor, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

One would simply wonder the sort of a FINANCE MINISTER Buhari choose for himself that has led the country into the pit of recession? Mrs. Kemi Adeosun is one who believes that "recession is just a word," having invented a mathematical equation that reads- "16+6=24".

I won't just talk about the tragedy of the red-headed SPORTS MINISTER; Solomon Dalung whose hardwork ensured the athletic kits of Team Nigeria arrived in Brazil as early as three days to the end of the Olympics. As much as it is certain, Buhari and his ministerial henchmen are in a league of their own to help crumble the already expired Nigeria, and they have inarguably maintained a steady success in that aspect. Those accusing IPOB and Niger Delta freedom fighters of trying to destabilise the country are out of touch with reality of the real proponents of the virus that has eaten deep into Nigeria.

Barely a year after his inception into office, Buhari has created for himself more political enemies than Francisco Franco Bahamonde had during his totalitarian regime in Spain from the late 1930s through the early 70s. In the same vein, the rapidly increasing number of extrajudicial killings, political prisoners and human rights abuses in a short period of Buhari's administration is equating the records set by the infamous African dictator, Idi Amin of Uganda. The arrest and incarceration of IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been Buhari's biggest blunder which could have been avoided had he not been destined to bury Nigeria completely. Just because of Nnamdi Kanu's arrest, Nigeria never remained the same again. The United Nations were not joking when they stated in their latest report that Nigeria is deeply divided; it is the consequence of the clueless, visionless and villainous nature of a man who had prepared to rule a Democratic Nigeria for a solid 12years.

Buhari publicly declared that he is on a revenge mission while on visit to USA during his junketting days. He made it known that the region(s) that didn't vote or give him maximum votes should get ready to be starved of equal treatment from his government. He has already sent a red signal to the opposition politicians, as well as his long term political enemies- Sambo Dasuki would now be regretting why he ever took part in a counter-coup that rescued Nigerians from the horrors of Buhari's tyranny in 1985, not to mention having anything to do with Buhari's ex wife.

For the Nigerian President, Biafra agitation is repeating the civil war all over again. He has already sworn to rather die than see to the freedom of any subjugated part of Nigeria. He has redeployed his military personnels and equipment from where they are combating Boko Haram down to Biafra land to kill, harass and intimidate Biafran activists and innocent civilians. While millions of IDPs are profusely starving in the North, Buhari's Nigerian government is busy misappropriating aides from the international community on their so called clamp down on Biafra media and the Niger Delta freedom fighters.

If Nigerian security agencies are not unleashing mayhem on innocent civilians, it is Buhari's DSS and EFCC executing their witch-hunting exercise to entertain Buhari, or the Fulani herdsmen cum their Boko Haram counterparts orchestrating an impunitious genocide across the country.
For Nigeria to fall into the hands of Buhari for the second time is the worst bad luck that can befall any country. Unfortunately Nigeria is likely not to survive the blunders from the second missionary journey of a man of his destiny.

1 comment

  1. Great piece from Paul Ihechi Alagba. I wish I had written this thought-provoking piece about the decadence Nigerians have put themselves by voting for the second time - a former military dictator and ethnic bigot, who could not present his first school leaving certificate or any minimum qualification to be president of a democratic Nigeria in the 21st century. Nigeria is a failed State and an embarrassment to Black people worldwide and global community.


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