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Friday, 16 September 2016



The ship called Nigeria is definitely on a collision course;
the future looks gloomy and sinking seems unstoppable.
The crew of this ship has elected for themselves,
an old blind Captain who believes
within himself that he has two eyes.

Many say those who captained him
are more visionless and clueless than the man himself;
but i've got some better words for them-
they are just accomplices to an indispensable cause of nature;
who were for this destiny nurtured;

Why would I curse the cause of death
when it is certain to me that death,
with its crooked million visiting routes is completely inevitable?
Hence this ship-
an embodiment of modernised slaves
and constructed against the will of those onboard;
having exhausted its life-span,
doesn't deserve a drop of tears at its demise.

"Woe unto the nation whose leader is a child"-
says wise
King Solomon in the sacred book.
This is a summary of the Captain
who believes he can replicate
the games of his youth at old age.

Driven by absolute power,
and autocratic in nature-
He has become a deadly muffler
to those who have risen to save themselves from the impending doom of the sinking vessel; Nobody dares cry out
against his impunity,
'Cos any dissent voice is thrown overboard without pity.

His superiority-
is exemplified at his multiple of emphasis
in experimenting with failure.
Deafened by the spirit of tyranny-
He seems too far from hacking the mystery
and saving the crew and passengers from the shipwreck tragedy and misery.

He has nothing to loose,
Few inches from the grave's groove,
Death now, is late on schedule;
but in the vast shores of his wickedness,
he is demolishing the life boats,
and destroying the life jackets-
ready to go down with everybody
across the 'deep sea' of the 'Challenger deep'.

Can the blind people,
who imposed upon
themselves a blind leader
make hay while the sun impatiently glitters?

Can those who have seen the impending doom,
rise above the spell of subjugation-
and embrace the life boat and life jacket of redemption?

Written by Paul Ihechi Alagba of Family Writers

1 comment

  1. A fine piece. Extremely descriptive and satirical. A job well done


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