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Sunday 30 October 2016



By Moses Agbo
For Family Writers

The recent clamp down on judicial officials in Nigeria is a very shameful, barbaric and unlawful act, engineered by Buhari led All Progressive Congress {APC} the ruling party in the country.
Buhari's tyranny has moved to the Judiciary thereby forcing any judge who refuses to dance to their evil tune to resign. These Judges threatened by the APC led government are learned men unlike the President himself, who has no veritable educational certificate as required by the law.

In the Nigeria constitution, there is separation of powers. The three arms of government include, the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary. These arms of government are meant to function independently without any interference with each other.

The illegal raid and abductions of some of the notable Nigerian Judges by the Buhari Gestapo DSS in collaboration with some APC political figures, in the persons of the Minister of Transportation Mr. Rotimi Chibuike Amechi, and Minister of Science and Technology, Mr.Ogbonnaya Onu is a clear evidence of the violation of the rule of law and the principal of separation of powers as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution. It simply transformed the so called supremacy of the Nigerian constitution into a global caricature; and if something is not done quickly, it is likely to lead the country into a full blown anarchy.

The National Judicial Council {NJC}, the Nigerian Bar Association {NBC}, as well as the Nigerian Senate should have by now, investigated the DSS and other law enforcement agencies; that includes the politicians involved in this serious crime that has so far subjected the Nigerian constitution into ridicule. They should also, as a matter of urgency investigate and impose penalties on any political office holder who has been fingered in any of the dictatorial activities.
Nigerians must not allow Buhari APC government to successfully ruin democracy and the rule of law as they are persistently trying to do; otherwise, the people will be in severe danger. It is very important to note that, clamping down on judges is tantamount to clamping down on Justice and democracy, and that will definitely turn Nigeria into an authoritarian state.

I would like to remind Nigerian law makers and other law enforcement agencies to know that, there is a supposed valid law which States that, anyone or persons that seeks to contest for presidential election must at least obtain an SSCE certificate. Therefore, anybody who does not have the required certificate must not contest, and if by any means contested and won without any of this, it is of necessity that such person should be impeached.

Now, the president of Nigeria, Mr. Muhammadu Buhari is a victim of the said certificate saga. There are so many petitions seeking for Buhari's resignation if he fails to issue his school certificate or resign as the law stipulates. But instead, President Muhammadu Buhari decided to hire several senior advocates to defend himself in court.

The question every reasonable person is asking is this: Is hiring of fourteen senior advocates, the school certificate Buhari was supposed to produce? Is he using them to change the laws?
All these are the questions which justifies Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's assertion that Nigeria is a lawless country. Buhari should as a matter of fact, provide his school certificate or kindly resign as the law demands.

Finally, it is never the duty of the Buhari Gestapo DSS to investigate or even arrest any Judge without due process. Therefore, the so called DSS,whom the laws of the land doesn't even recognize, should not only desist from illegal arrest and detention, and disobedience to court orders; they should also apologize to those Judges  and allowing the rule of law to prevail.

Edited by Ngozi Kalu
For Family Writers

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