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Sunday 30 October 2016



By Sunday Okafor
For Family Writers

 After independence from Britain, Nigeria became a charnel house for Biafrans, as they continuously deprived us of our right to self-determination.
We were left to the mercies of the wicked Hausa-Fulani of the North and the semi-wicked Yoruba of the south in a unitary state, unsuited for its diverse tribal, ethnic, and religious war.
 The gruesome 1967-1970 Biafran war was emblematic and terrible. Ethnic based massacres of Biafrans and countless starved children, who died in their millions having been reduced to ordinary skeletal bones. The horrors suffered by Biafrans gave birth to the f international relief efforts to lessen the unspeakable misery.

 The British colonists decolonized Nigeria in violation of international law by failing to transfer power to the great people of Biafra in accordance with our natural Biafran heritage and free will. I can tell you that violation is an affront to fundamental human rights of Biafrans, because all governments derive their powers from the consent of the governed. Now at the war's conclusion, Nigeria's then Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon invented the slogan-, "NO VICTOR, NO VANGUISHED"; a slogan that has turned out to be a pure fallacy, meddled with deceit.
The people of Biafra have been incessantly marginalized, persecuted like traitors, and subjected to a Northern political yolk, which is purely barbaric.

 Even till date, we are still being marginalized; we are still being treated as minorities, even though we own the resource that is being used to develop the North.  Biafrans are hereby warning Buhari the Nigerian President to let Biafrans go or face the outcome of it all.  The Indigenous People of Biafra is dully registered and recognized by the UNITED NATIONS. For the fact that Biafrans are peaceful doesn't mean we have no right to self-defence.

 Buhari should release Nnamdi Kanu and numerous Biafrans incarcerated in various Nigerian prisons. We are well organized, unified, and resolute.        Tyrant Muhammadu Buhari is desperately trying to push Biafrans to the wall and also tempting the MOST HIGH GOD for failing to heed to let Biafrans go. He should remember what happened to Pharaoh in the Holy Bible EXODUS 6:1, it quotes- "Then the Lord said unto Moses(Kanu), now shalt thou see what I will do to pharaoh(Buhari): for with a strong hand shall he let them(Biafrans)go, and with a strong hand shall he drive them out of his land."

Buhari should beware of moving against the will of God, because looking at it now the same thing that happened to Pharaoh and his chariots is about to happen to him and his evil soldiers.

Biafrans fear not, the Nigeria you see today you shall see them no more.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.

1 comment

  1. There's no point for trying to stop a river from flowing ( Sirach 20:26 )

    “Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.


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