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Sunday 23 October 2016



By Onyebuchi Eze (Nnamdi Kanu Disciple)
For Family Writers

A report coming to the Family Writers media desk of IPOB under the supreme command of Nnamdi Kanu is that there is a secret systematic onslaught against Biafran economy by Nigeria government going on presently. Due to his limited education, President Muhammadu Buhari who is intellectually dwarf by not understanding the ugly effect of economic collapse of any people with his northern collaborators has shifted the war against Biafra to our economy.

Gen Buhari and his kinsmen of northern oligarchy believed that the strength of Biafrans in the unshakable quest for the restoration of Biafra lies in the economic fire-power of Biafrans all over the world, Biafraland and defunct Nigeria federation inclusive. Because of this reality, there is a secret plot going on at the moment that the northern political holocausts in conjunction with Gen Buhari want to systematically liquidate all Biafran people own industries and companies in Nigeria. If any mischief-maker or gullible moron wish to doubt my revelation of this secret, let the person kindly enquire about the state of things at the moment with Innoson Motors Plant, Nnewi Anambra state, under Chief Dr Innocent Chukwuma as the CEO.

Reports coming from there proved that Innoson Motors is close to shutting down productions and supplies due to inability to sustain the company in the face of huge taxations meted on the company by Nigeria govt through their overhead obnoxious income taxes, unbearable custom and import duties taxations while clearing imported raw materials from the seaports, crazy utility billings coupled with net value of worker's salaries. These ugly experiences of Biafran industrialists in Nigeria is the same with Chikason Group of Companies also of Nnewi, under Chief Chika Okafor as the CEO. In fact, an unconfirmed report but with some elements of truth, has it that AZ Petroleum, a subsidiary of Chikason group has completed arrangement to transfer productions, supplies and services to Accra Ghana where they feel safe to stay with promises from the Ghanaian domestic ministry of industries of security, protection and minimal taxes and bills.

Nigeria government under the maximum ruler, Gen Buhari want to use the unaffordable taxes, duties and billings to liquidate industries owned by Biafrans in order to castrate our people economically, create artificial joblessness in Biafraland and beyond, push our people who are gainfully employed by these industries out of work into poverty and starvation. May I tell any reader of this article that so many big, medium and small industries in Nigeria owned by Biafrans had been liquidated due to these obnoxious economic and fiscal policies targeted at strangulating Biafran economy. O ye my Biafran compatriots, I want all of us to know that now is no longer time to play the orstrich because the destiny of our collective posterity is now under contention by these vampires of death and destruction. It is no longer about the Biafran commoners alone but every Biafran whether rich or poor, industrialists or employees.

Now that Buhari's regime of tyranny has declared war on economy of Biafrans by liquidating our industries with obnoxious policies, is it not time for every Biafran whether rich or poor, whether educated or uneducated, whether elites or commoners, whether politicians or constituents, whether industrialists or employees in the labour market to queue behind Nnamdi Kanu and demand for the restoration of Biafra? Restoration of Biafra remains our only hope to sustain the economy for our future generations. It is taboo for any Biafran to sacrifice the future of our descendants in Nigeria in order to protect present political positions and obscure business interest.

I, Onyebuchi Eze said verbatim that if my present satisfaction will make me to forget the ugly future that may await our descendants in Nigeria should Biafra is not restored; I better die because I will simply become a grandfather of disgrace. O ye Biafrans, is it not the time for every Biafran to have sober reflection on where Nigeria government under Gen Buhari is pushing our people to economically? Judging by what is happening presently, if Biafra is not restored fast, soon our people will enter into economic catastrophe that will engulf the length and breadth of Biafraland due to the present de-industrialization of Biafraland and Biafrans. I end my analysis with these two great Igbo-Biafran proverbs. "Ñtị ga anụ ihe agaghị ara ka okpu-ata". "Ọbụrụ na anyị emee ñgwa-ñgwa, anyị emeghara ọdachi". I rest my case.

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