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Tuesday, 25 October 2016



By Ekwenye Samuel Chukwunweike
For Family Writers

It is indisputable to all and sundry that Biafrans worldwide are peaceful and law abiding.  We hustle day and night to provide for our families, we are not a lazy people. We are known for our generosity and hardwork in any country of the world that we find ourselves.

Every Biafran is no longer comfortable with the way we are being maltreated in Nigeria.  The quest for Biafra restoration started many years back.
On various occasions, we have protested even as we being shot and killed in our numbers.  Just between 2015/2016 alone, over 500 Biafrans have been shot dead by the Nigeria security forces.  What have we done to deserve all this?

We have asked for a referendum, yet no one listened to us. We have done everything humanly possible to go back to our dearly nation Biafra, yet the fantastically corrupt Nigerian politicians are hell bent on protecting their business enterprise. In addition, we have observed a One Day sit at home protest which really affected Nigeria, showing how resolute and united we are to restore our father land.

Many Biafrans    in both Nigeria and Biafra land have been arrested and murdered cold bloodedly, yet, to the international community, it looks like Christmas goats are being killed. The numbers of our kidnapped members are uncountable, and many more are still being kidnapped.
Just recently, our members who gathered to have their family meeting in Bayelsa State Biafra land were kidnapped by the Nigeria Army officials and were taking to an unknown destination where they had planned to kill all of them, thanks to the timely intervention of IPOB.

 Is it a crime for an indigenous people to meet and discuss issues at hand?  IPOB family is a known and registered organization worldwide. These people who were kidnapped were not protesting, neither were they found in possession of any illegal material. Why should they be arrested for nothing sake?  Many of them are graduates yet no jobs were offered to them. Now they have chosen to work for their nation Biafra, why have Nigeria decided to arrest them.

Our hearts is longing for Biafra, and Biafra we shall get.  Even at a gun point, we shall never denounce the land we love and cherish. No amount of intimidations or kidnapping will make us to surrender or retreat because Biafra is our heritage and we are ever ready to defend her integrity.

We are the children of the most high God, created on the sixth day of his creation just like every other human, yet we are being regarded and treated as animals in Nigeria.

We must restore Biafra now or never no matter the price to be paid for the betterment of our born and unborn children.
 We want to make hay while the sun still shines because there is time for everything and the time for Biafra restoration is finally here, we must make it happen.
Forward Ever,
Backward Never.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.

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