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Sunday 23 October 2016



By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
For Family Writers

The evidence that Nigeria is dead is glaring for all and sundry. Nigeria died in the year 2014 exactly 100 years of its creation (1914 - 2014) which marks the end of it's existence as envisaged by those who created it.
Buhari and his All Progressive Congress swept Nigeria into her grave, but refused to accept that she's dead. They refused to honour her by covering her grave and let those who gathered to morn her go their respective homes. The angry ghost of Nigeria is hunting and tormenting Buhari and APC members because they refused to pay her the last respect.

Buhari is showcasing the peak of ignorance by parading the name of Nigeria as a living country, which annoys the spirit and have risen in vengeance to destroy everything that will make people see or believe that Nigeria is alive.
Companies are forced to shut down, firms are folding, scores of workers are sacked on a daily basis, civil servants are not paid, hunger and starvation is now the order of the day in the country.
Few months ago, Nigeria lost her greatest title as the largest economy in Africa, she also lost her core value as the aviation hub in West Africa, Nigeria is in recession which no amount of economic policy will revive.

The ghost of Nigeria is racking havoc because, they refused to pay her the funeral rites which will peacefully let her rest. Scores of innocent people are dying on daily basis in IDP camps in northern part of the dead Nigeria. Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen are rampaging killing innocent people in their own blood and taking over their lands.
Lots of crisis are multiplying its numbers consecutively and seems to have defiles all possible solution.

In the southern part of the dead Nigeria, particularly the Niger Delta region, are busy bombing and destroying the oil facilities in their land because they are tired of answering the name of a dead country.

Looking at the situation of things now, one can simply conclude that Nigeria is in the days of doom. Calamity has befallen Nigerians; the unquenchable poisonous and musty odour of Nigeria has made it disgusting to the neighboring and international communities which would have assisted in getting Nigeria buried.

Nigeria will never let her inhabitants know peace, until it's carefully and peacefully buried.
Those who are strongly saying that Nigeria should be buried and forgotten forever, are being locked up, incarcerated and murdered on daily basis, not considering their innocence or the dangers that may metamorphose with time. The perceived enemies are witch- hunted, detained and even denied trial on most occasions.

The people, who are supposed to stand one the truth, are the ones peddling lies on daily basis in the name of working for the integrity of the dead Nigeria. The Judicial system who are supposed to change the phase of things in the assisting the dead country buried are compromised and are now in an unbreakable chain.

The earlier other African Nations rise against Buhari and APC government who believe that they are lords over Nigeria, the better for us. The fact remains that they are those held down by the name of the dead Nigeria. The faster Africa rise to intervene in the burial of Nigeria, the better for us all. Nigeria is dead and must be buried now to avoid more devastating disasters, befalling Africa. It is high time we called a spade a spade and stop pretending that it is a cutlass, for that is the greatest hypocrisy.

Buhari should peacefully bury Nigeria to stop further destructions to the image of Africa.
The evil Nigeria must be laid to rest now, never to be remembered forever for that will pave way for the emergence of the original owners of the land.

Edited by Ogbuanya Nnamdi Chikezie
For Family Writers

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