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Friday 7 October 2016



By Samuel Ebeku
Published by Family Writers

From time immemorial the Indigenous people of Biafra have been subjected to undue suffering and massacre by the Nigerian state which led to a 30 month civil war of no Victor no vanquished.

At the end of the fratricidal war foisted on us, an ad hoc committee was hurriedly constituted by the then junta government of Yakubu Gowon to reconcile all parties and they came up with the declaration of the 3 R,s.


It is important to state that the recommendations of this committee were never honoured just as the Aburi accord was truncated by Gowon which was the prime factor for the secession of Biafra and the consequent civil war. Despite the declaration of the 3 R 's, the Nigerian state continued to not only isolate the Igbos in every major national affairs but promulgated policies that made them and continue to make them an endangered species.

Prior to the civil war the Igbos held enviable positions in many multi-national companies but shortly after the war they were all sacked by the finance minister, Awolowo, and the companies mortgaged at much cheaper prices to people of his tribe, the Yorubas, while the Igbos were given a token of £20, irrespective of how much you have in the bank, just to survive but not to become rich.

The Indigenous people of Biafra are the most endangered specie in any human settlement or history.
The hostilities and hatred they suffer from the Nigerian state is unparalleled. Several government and regime types in Nigeria have shown little or no attention to the cause of the Biafra people .The most repugnant, outright hatred and state sponsored ostracisation is the one on going under the present administration of Muhammadu Buhari, a core Fulani Muslim bigot, an ethnic irredentist and a man with history of selective vindictiveness. Muhamadu Buhari was one of the military officers of northern extraction that saw to the massacre of Biafrans in millions during the Nigerian Biafran war and is still very proud about that unholy act to the present day

On assumption of office in may 2015 General Buhari granted an interview in far away United States of America where he declared that he will not treat the people of Biafra equal with other Nigerians because he did not garner majority votes from them. Hence the emergency of the theory of 97% favoured as against the 5% despised that have become a syndrome in Nigeria today.

Since assumption of office all political, social and economic policies of General Buhari is structured to frustrate and stagnate the people of old eastern Nigeria. (Biafrans). Prominent among his acts of isolation and stagnation of the Igbos was in the appointment of his cabinet Officers. Of the 48 kitchen cabinet of Buhari none came from the south east which is the geopolitical domain of the Igbos in sharp contrast to constitutional federal character which stipulates that all regions must be duly represented in appointment of federal Officers. Apart from this there are other forms which Buhari's administration have stifled the Igbos. They include

* The forex policy and the outright ban on import of most items even when such are not locally produced are targeted at the Biafrans.
* State sponsored killings in the name of religion and the menace of herdsmen who constantly rape, maim and slaughter our innocent brothers, sisters including children.
* Resources from Biafran land are being forcefully taken to develop the north, without any form of environmental impact assessment.

At the present the Nigerian economy is on recession courtesy of the incompetence and the Nepotistic attitude of Buhari's administration.

The Biafrans as it stands today are the worst hit Since most Biafrans are of the trading cadre, virtually every home is affected one way or the other by the economic recession.
Most families:-
*can't afford food.
* They can't send their kids to school.
* They cannot even embark on farming due to pollution of oil exploration.

The situation now is very critical that if nothing urgent is done many lives will be lost.

* The disturbing trend in all of these is the continued silence of the western powers over the plight of Biafrans.
* The silence of the western world as the Nigerian state constantly decimate, dehumanize and impoverish the people of Biafran extraction raises cause for alarm.

Even the attempt to peacefully exercise their right for a separate nation is met with brute force with its attendant human casualties of genocidal magnitude to Biafrans by the Nigerian security agencies.
The leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra has been in detention for over a year, when courts of competent jurisdiction within the Nigerian state have ordered that he be released unconditionally.
The situation now is such that if nothing urgent is done by Western powers to speak out and intervene in humanitarian needs of Biafrans, holocaust of the worst magnitude will be the outcome.
Women and children are dying daily due to hunger and starvation. Men and youths are being killed daily in hundreds.
* We plead with donor agencies and bodies to act now and fast too before the worst humanitarian crises in human history is recorded.

Biafrans have right to exist as a sovereign state and should be supported by the international community to attain that status and fast too.

While we wait for that glorious moment when we will be freed from the bondage of living in Nigeria
We plead for assistance to start out agriculture on a small-scale as well as venturing into medium scale businesses to cushion the biting hardship occasioned by the current economic recession. This will go a long way into alleviating the huge sufferings encountered on daily basis by Biafrans until such a time our total freedom from the Nigerian state is guaranteed.

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