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Friday 7 October 2016



By Egwuatu Chukz
For Family Writers.

Once I heard the thunderous voice
Sparkling like the lightening,
Like the sound of the thunder which storm in dry season,
Which make the wicked afraid in their cave.
The voice of reasoning
Which gives hope to the hopeless,
The voice of authority
Which shames the enemies of his people.

The voice which induces fear over the enemies in their creek,
Sounding like the voice of God
But it was in human like,
The voice that spark fire
In the heart of the wicked,
The voice which the wicked in their home
fear to stand it's heat.

Like the voice of God to the Israelites on mount Sinai,
Which they fall in fear of the voice.
They know that the voice is from God,
To Moses they said;
 we cannot stand the voice please speak to us else we perish
If we hear the voice again.

The voice that gives joy to his people,
The voice that exposes the evil of the wicked,
The voice that gives confusion to the enemies,
The voice that brings problem among the enemies,
They turn to kill themselves in confusion.
To myself I said;
This is the voice of God in human being, and this is the voice I must follow.

For Biafra I said;
This voice must restore my father's land,
There has never been voice like this throughout my life time,
Though I was not there in OJUKWU'S time, But in my time I heard only this voice
As the Voice of God,
 so I followed the voice.

Nigeria government told the voice;
Speak to us in the language that we can understand-
 which is bullet and bomb shell;
But the voice insisted,
I must speak to you in my language
 which is truth and nothing more,
But Nigeria do not understand the language, so they started killing his people.

They arrested the great lion,
Thinking that they have won,
Not knowing that the voice is a spirit that have possessed millions of people,
Not knowing that they got themselves trapped
 because the world has come to the knowledge of what we are passing through,
And that they can no more escape the penalty of their crimes.

Let the voice go,
And let my people go.
On the street is what we shout every day,
kill one today and see thousands tomorrow.

We keep on keeping on,
As it was said by the great voice
Either Biafra or death!!!
This is always our slogan.

Edited by Emilia Domendu.
For Family Writers.

1 comment

  1. This is wonderful,wonderful poem l love it.All Hail Biafra


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