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Monday, 3 October 2016



By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
For Family Writers

Biafra the land of the rising sun:
The land of lelegends and heroes,
A land filled with milk and honey.
Biafra the kingdom of God on earth;
A blessed and holy land of God;
Oh! Biafra the last miracle that will shake the world;
Oh! Biafra my ever loving home,
 oh! how much I miss you.

The enemies are fighting tooth and nail,
They are doing everything humanly possible
 to make sure that we didn't step our feet
 on that holy land-
They killed and soaked us in our own blood,
Like a flood, they keep coming;
They are still kiling us,
 and have vowed never to let go of us.

In our own land,
 they bring in their cows feeding on,
 and destroying our crops and plantations’;
The enemies of truth-
 desperate in challenging any move we make, that will take us to our promise land:
They are fighting,
and fighting very dirty.

But they forget that we are the children of light;
the chosen people of God (Chukwuokikeabiama)
Our redeemer,
Chukwuokikeabiama have vowed to librate us
from the shackles of evil that they have for decades,
subjected unto us.
He brought Nnamdi Kanu
as a Shepherd to guide and lead us,
as we journey to our dear home.

When Nnamdi Kanu started preaching the Gospel of truth-
 (Gospel of the restoration of Biafra),
They said he's a noise maker,
they said he's a little boy,
he's preaching hate and propaganda:
That he's singing and beating drums for war
they called him a liar
they called him a pretender,
They said he was looking for fame,
some even said that he's hungry and looking for what to eat.

Little did they know he is whiter
and whiter than snow itself.
He told them,
that he will destroy every inch and step they are taking against his mission.
He said that he will crush
 and shatter anything standing as an obstacle on his way.
He told his enemies that, if they touch him,
  they will watch their land burn to ashes.

The enemies of truth became more aggrieved in their spirit,
and they vowed to slaughter him,
 like they did to his flocks (the people of Biafra);
He had nothing in his hand to challenge,
 but he had only the weapon of truth which is the greatest of all.

Little did they know, that he was spirit filled,
Little did they know he was born for this great course;
Little did they know, he's the greatest among his people,
little did they know he's sent from heaven above.

Knowing fully his destiny,
he surrendered himself to his enemies;
they grabbed and took him to their den.
They tortured him using all sorts of poisonous weapons,
They promised him silver and gold,
 in order to forget who he is,
They promised him heaven and earth,
but he couldn't surrender or compromise his mandate-
He kept telling them it is Biafra or death.

His flocks stood up in search of him.
All day, all night;
they are on the road in a peaceful rally,
demanding for his release.
They stood in their numbers;
in all corners of the world,
demanding that he should freed.

The enemies of truth and vampires picked up their arms again,
they throw teargas and fired live bullets on the children of light;
 Scores died on the spot
 those who can't survive the pains died later on.
They declared shoot at sight on us
and helplessly we watch our blood flow on the streets,
They arrested, detained us,
while many are still under incarceration.

They did all these with the intention to stop us,
They thought with all these incarceration,
 we will stop or forget the road to our promised land,
They thought with torture and detention,
 that they will scare us away from our mission.
The harder they try to stop us,
 the stronger we become.
 Now they know that we are unstoppable and indestructible. 
We have proved to them that we have
embarked on the journey of no going back.
They are now aware that we will never surrender,
 or compromise this struggle.
They are also aware that our freedom is not negotiable.

Of a truth,
they know that we had nothing against them,
 our honesty loyalty and integrity
is what that had kept us going.
In the end Biafra will come,
of a truth in the end Biafra will come.

The promise we made to our enemies;
 our children will never suffer like we do,
our land can never be taken or inhabited by idol worshippers.
we will restore Biafra under our watch.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers

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