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Saturday 15 October 2016

Trump slams UN for disgraceful resolution denying Jewish connection to Jerusalem vows to protect Israel

Trump slams UN for disgraceful resolution denying Jewish connection to Jerusalem vows to protect Israel

Published by Family Writers

Trump issued a strong statement slamming the UN for passing a disgraceful pro-Palestinian resolution rejecting the historic Jewish connection to Jerusalem.

U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump condemned the absurd UNESCO resolution passed Thursday that denies the historic Jewish connection to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Western Wall and other holy sites.

The resolution, initiated by the Palestinians, states that the Temple Mount – Judaism’s holiest site, where the First and Second Holy Temples stood – is holy to Muslims only. It was passed by a majority of 24 to 6, with 16 abstentions. The U.S. voted against it.

“I have said on numerous occasions that in a Trump Administration, the United States will recognize Jerusalem as the one true capital of Israel,” the Republican leader posted on Facebook. “The United Nations’ attempt to disconnect the State of Israel from Jerusalem is a one-sided attempt to ignore Israel’s 3,000-year bond to its capital city, and is further evidence of the enormous anti-Israel bias of the UN.”

“Jerusalem is the enduring capital of the Jewish People and the overwhelming majority of Congress has voted to recognize Jerusalem as just that,” he stated.

“Further, the decision by the Obama Administration to strike the word ‘Israel’ after the word ‘Jerusalem’ in the President’s prepared text was a capitulation to Israel’s enemies, and a posthumous embarrassment to [former Israeli President] Shimon Peres, whose memory the President was attempting to honor. In a Trump Administration, Israel will have a true, loyal and lasting friend in the United States of America.”

He was referring to a transcript of Obama’s eulogy, released shortly after the recent funeral of Peres, which listed the location as “Jerusalem, Israel.” As Obama was flying home, the White House issued a corrected transcript, listing merely “Jerusalem” and with “Israel” crossed out with a line.

The White House, questioned on the incident, pointed to a statement reiterating official U.S. policy that Jerusalem’s status should be addressed in a way that respects both Israeli and Palestinian rights, AP reported.
“We believe that through good-faith direct negotiations, the parties should mutually agree on an outcome that realizes the aspirations of both parties for Jerusalem and safeguards its unique religious status for people around the world,” the statement said.

In January, Trump announced that, if elected, he would move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

According to a press release from the Trump campaign following the candidate’s meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last month in New York, Trump “acknowledged that Jerusalem has been the eternal capital of the Jewish People for over 3000 years, and that the US, under a Trump administration, will finally accept the long-standing Congressional mandate to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the State of Israel.”

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton issued no statement on the UNESCO decision, however, her foreign policy adviser, Laura Rosenberger, condemned the resolution, saying, “It’s outrageous that UNESCO would deny the deep, historic connection between Judaism and the Temple Mount.”


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