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Saturday, 24 December 2016



By Paul Emerenini

For Family Writers

The land of Biafra and everything in it belongs to the people of Biafra (natural gift).

The people of Biafra determine what happens in their land, when and how it will happen.

No matter how mighty the stranger is, there are still some secrets of the land that is unknown to him.

Power belongs to the people, no matter the position you might have transited to.

Your position in the society is determined by the members of the society.

Fear is the key to suppression, intimidation, and brutality.
Resistance or persistence, boldness and courage is the key to overcome the outcome of fears.

On 22 day of December 2016, members of the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) storm the street of Enugu State in Biafra land to demonstrate their displeasure and anger over the intended visitation proposed by Muhammadu Buhari, the arch genocidist and a terrorist sponsor who delight in killing of Biafrans since 1967 till date.
Although the protest was peaceful, however I must confess that among two things, one would have happened as the protesters were courageous enough to confront the killers of their people head on.
There was a high level of morality and determination among those who matched in the streets of Enugu State Biafra land on that very day.
You will agree with me that able young men who are the original owners of the land came out to protest amidst the presence of military men who came to demonstrate what they called operation python dance with their ammunitions in a land where there is no crisis or war. Yet, Biafrans gallantly and fearlessly protested.
This alone shows who owns the land and determined what will happen in their land.
Muhammadu Buhari thought that he can suppress the owners and inhabitants of the land with his genocidal security henchmen.  That was one of the reason Buhari ordered his military to launch what they called "operation python dance" in a peaceful Biafra land, to enable them carry out their evil plots with impunity.

In my previous article, I made mentioned that the presence of sophisticated military hardwares in Biafra land is building the moral and spirit of the Biafran youths and will be very disastrous if the youths happen to lay their hands on any of the artilleries especially on any mass destruction weapons.
No one welcomes unwanted guest.
Not all parties you go uninvited that you will be honoured.
The same applies to Muhammadu Buhari.
Therefore, the people of Biafra not only reject him but also reject any thing that has to do with him.
Having made it clear that the people of Biafra only gave him 5% vote during 2015 presidential election, therefore he shall not treat them equally with those Hausa-fulanis who gave him 95%.

Upon ascending into power, Muhammadu Buhari deployed his soldiers to Biafra land to bomb the area and it's inhabitants with Napoleon bomb unnoticed.
Nap bomb is one among the mass destructions that the international community has banned all over the universe; but Muhammadu Buhari commanded his military to use the Nap bomb with impunity on the people of Biafra.

Muhammadu Buhari since 15th of August 2015 has killed over 3,000 innocent Biafrans activists, although Amnesty International just recorded over 150 massacred Biafrans for the avoidance of doubt.
The ministerial and cabinet appointment where Biafrans are made less relevant is another angle to showcase the passionate hatred Muhammadu Buhari has for the people of Biafra.

Continued detention and incarceration of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB is another evidence that shows how Biafrans are being intimidated in the so called one Nigeria.
Universally, no individual, group of persons or any organization has the power to detain someone whom a competent court of jurisdiction has certified free, discharged and acquitted.
Court, as the last hope of ordinary man is an independent arm of government that has the highest influential power therefore are respected and honoured.
However, in the case of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, every court orders have been flagrantly disobeyed by Buhari's government.

This is nothing to write home about as all the infrastructures, especially the basic amenities in Biafra land are either all in highly pitiable state, or nowhere to be found at all.
In Biafra land, electricity is celebrated anytime it comes and the bill skyrockets every month.
A lot of people in Biafra land does not know what is called pipe born water.

Road infrastructures in Biafra land are death traps, including federal roads, unlike in Hausa and Yoruba land where every basic amenities are enjoyed.


 The finest of brains in Biafra land that scores over 320 in exams are denied admission into Nigerian universities, while a northerner that scores just 3 in exams are given admission.

Securities (Army, Police, Navy etc) in Biafra land are the real life terrorists, robbers and looters we have in Biafra land.

Internationally, Biafrans are the name Nigeria you can hear around the globe. They are the real and most travelled persons on earth.
It is said that in any part of the world there is no Biafran, it means there is no life in that region.
Biafrans are economically marginalized in Nigeria. They cannot import anything freely (due process) in Nigeria without spending almost same value of what they imported; meanwhile Biafrans imports 95% of goods that comes into Nigeria. (Business merchants). Nevertheless, intimidation of Biafrans is second to none in the contraption called Nigeria.

In all this, Muhammadu Buhari, the most notorious hater of  Biafrans and Israel still had in his dreams to visit Biafra land.
Well, if he don't know, let it be made known to him that the Indeginous People of Biafra have prepared for him.
No reasonable person leader will ever think of visiting the people he unreservedly hates with passion, but Muhammadu Buhari in his arrogance and pompous nature, has chosen to use all military hardware and his DSS murderous agents to intimidate and suppress the people of Biafra.
Am so happy that the Indigenous People of Biafra never succumbed to Buhari's intimidation.
I am very proud of the leadership of IPOB.

Kudos to members of IPOB.
Kudos to Uche Mefor the Deputy.

Long live Nnamdi Kanu
Long live Biafra

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.


  1. Please could family writer please change the background of the platform from this black background and white writing because it effects someone's eyes please

  2. If tyrant and jihadist president of Islamic Nigeria - Buhari attempts to visit or come to any where in Biafra land during his fascist regime, we will die with him there - as simple as that. Enough is enough.


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