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Monday 5 December 2016



By Sunday Okafor
Reporting For Family Writers

It was a thing of joy to glimpse the massive turn-out of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Executive meeting held in Delta State. Below is an interview conducted by Family Writers with some IPOB coordinators of Asaba zone one, Ibuzu and Oko in Delta State during the meeting, on the 27th November, 2016.

F. Writers:  Sir, how does Zone 1 Asaba support Biafra restoration?

Zone 1 Co-ordinator:  My zone is formidable, doing well also. We attend our meetings regularly as usual and make sure we listen to radio Biafra, take instructions from our high rankings because of the issues presently at hand which are the release of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the release of our brothers in prison at Ogwashi. Also, we want to ensure they are faring well all the time and working for Biafra restoration of our promise land.

F. Writers: Do you concur with the propaganda that South South is not part of Biafra land?

Zone 1 Co-ordinator: is there anything like south south? Our educated men like our leader Nnamdi Kanu and Dr Iroanya Clifford have deliberated on that. There is nothing like south South. My joy is that they are beginning to realize their mistakes.

F. Writers: What are your challenges as a zonal coordinator of zone 1 Asaba?

Zone 1 Co-ordinator : There are many challenges but I will state just one major challenge so far: to convince our PEOPLE here is becoming difficult but thank God that the truth is now working on them. They are beginning to realize that Biafra restoration is a reality.

F. Writers: What is your opinion on the fact that Buhari has vowed  never to release Nnamdi Kanu despite court orders?

Zone 1 Co-ordinator : Buhari is a liar for saying that Nnamdi Kanu would not be released. Following the rule of law and order of the judicial system of government, Nnamdi Kanu should have been released. Besides, he is not a criminal for crying out loud. Buhari should note that come rain, come sunshine, even till death we will ensure that Nnamdi Kanu is released and Biafra restored.

F. Writers: What are your words of advice for Biafrans worldwide?

Zone 1 Co-ordinator : Biafrans should remain resolute, formidable and we should not be afraid of the Nigerian forces. Let us speak in one voice at the end we shall win. Thank you.


F. Writers : Sir, what is the level of Ibuzu's support for Biafra restoration?

Ibuzu Co-ordinator : Well, for our people here in Ibuzu, they like Biafra but most of them are not really turning up the way it should be; but I know even as am speaking with you now Biafra is in their hearts.

F. Writers: Do you concur with the propaganda that South South is not part of Biafra land?

Ibuzu Co-ordinator : Whoever says south south is not part of Biafra land should think twice because you don't have any right to speak for people who speak the same  language by saying they are not part of Biafra.

F. Writers: What do you have to say on the emergence of Donald Trump as the next USA president and its effect on Biafra restoration?

Ibuzu Coordinator : I listened to our radio when IPOB sent letters to him but I believe the triumph  of Trump in America will put an end to the Islamization agenda in Nigeria and worldwide. His emergence will make Biafra restoration a reality because he made a statement that any country or nation who desires freedom will have it under his administration. I believe he will do it.

F. Writers: Your piece of advice to Biafrans world wide

Ibuzu Co-ordinator: First of all, I thank our leader who has sacrificed all, for us to be free. Biafrans should remain strong and relentless. Am calling on IPOB in diaspora and those that are in Biafra land to work with one mind. Thank you .


F. Writers: Sir, can you tell us the level of support Biafra restoration has gained in Oko?

Coordinator : Well in Oko, we are doing well also buckling  up for the restoration of Biafra nation. We have men, women, boys and girls, even elderly men among us in our zone who are formidably working tirelessly for the achievement of our goal which is Biafra.                                                        
NB: He also spoke to his people in different languages in Biafra land encouraging them to come out and fight for their freedom and that of their children.

The meeting was really amazing, as issues on how to move the IPOB forward were equally deliberated upon.

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