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Monday 5 December 2016



By Maxwell Chuks

For Family Writers

Marcus Antonius who was a Roman Emperor during 161-180AD said and I quote: "Truth is always strong no matter how weak it looks and falsehood is always weak no matter how strong it is".
Then the great Odumegwu E. Ojukwu added: "Of all the qualities available to a man, the most important is integrity. This to me is the beginning of all wisdom".

These two vital words from these great men, today revolves around the life and the spoken words of Nnamdi Kanu who preached the gospel of truth, justice and freedom through the air waves on radio Biafra and other legal means which no freedom fighter have ever done.
Looking deep into all his spoken words and actions; the integrity in him is always displayed and to me, that’s the quality of a true hero.
Since he set out to restore Biafra and bring Justice to the people, no questionable character nor spot which in return will show he is deceitful have been found of him rather he speak and in practical, live with the truth which he preach to the people.

Before he was illegally arrested by the DSS; he so much believe in the power of truth and always teach how powerful truth is by saying: "I won't fight them with weapons but I will destroy them with the truth" and today, that same truth he spoke of is practically destroying them.

I wasn't surprise when the Nigeria government led by Muhammad Buhari arrested Nnamdi Kanu and shamelessly  said he committed treason because it is only in an empire of lies where truth is called treason such only exist.

Treason they called it but gradually, their falsehood is dying off because the planet we live in today have come to a point where the inhabitants no longer blindly allow falsehood to wear the crown.
The constructed words delivered by President Muhammad Buhari during a press briefing where he told the press that the leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) came into Nigeria with no passport and later he made mention of Nnamdi Kanu coming into Nigeria with two passport and to further press the falsehood forward, the DSS laid their own accusation while a group of confused, selfish and greedy people called MEND came up with their own slander where they said Mazi Nnamdi Kanu agreed to denounce Biafra for his freedom.

Funny indeed.  All these their invented falsehood shows how desperate they are to crucify him because of the truth he stand strong on but to their greatest surprise, all their deceits and efforts always go down the drain because Nnamdi Kanu is whiter than snow.
Many who call themselves freedom fighters have come and gone while others are still hiding beside the doors of deceits but Nnamdi Kanu is just a different person entirely who in all aspect is determined and ready to do anything just to free his people from the contraption called Nigeria.
His actions justify it all.
No man on earth can command the hearts and have the trust of over millions people on earth just like Nnamdi Kanu.
This really shows how powerful truth is.

The murders of truth and justice have tried all they can to indict and crucify him, they are still trying and i know they will keep on trying but at the end they'll surely fail woefully because truth conquers all.

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