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Thursday 15 December 2016

BIAFRA : "Military regime is back!"--- Nigerians blasts Buhari, Nyako over tyrannical move to try Nnamdi Kanu secretly

"Military regime is back!"--- Nigerians blasts Buhari, Nyako over tyrannical move to try Nnamdi Kanu secretly

By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers

More reactions have continued to trail the controversial judgment given by a Federal High Court sitting in Abuja, affirming the use of masqueraded witnesses in the trial of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu.

  Justice Binta Nyako, had on December 13, 2016, while presiding over the application filed by the Nigerian government, seeking for a secret trial of Nnamdi Kanu and three other Biafra activists over alleged treasonable felony, ruled that her court would allow for the masking of witnesses, and for a special private route to be created for their arrival and departure from the court.

  Binta Nyako's ruling immediately sparked outrage among a cross-section of well-meaning Nigerians including those of Yoruba and Hausa ethnic nationalities.

The most notable reaction coming from the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu whose anger was uncontrollably inflamed by the court ruling.
    "He wants to try me in the secret? They are killing my people, after killing my people you tell me you want to try me in secret?

    “They are mad. Why must I be tried in secrecy by a government that does not obey court orders?
 "...There is a contempt of court proceedings here, contempt of court, they don't obey court order, and you're telling me secret trial. Is the person mad? Rubbish! It is not possible," the IPOB leader thundered in court.

  Millions of people within and outside Nigeria immediately took to their social media handles in support of Nnamdi Kanu and protested the "unprecedented" court ruling, expressing fears that a military dictatorship orchestrated by the Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari during his earlier regime as a Military Head of State in the mid '80s, is being reignited in this modern era of democratic dispensation.

   A particular social media activist from the Northern part of Nigeria, Usman Zekeri lambasted the presidency:
  "My people are in serious trouble. I don't think the present government is ready to keep the country as one," he said.

  Another user, Emmanuel Uche opined that Buhari has dragged his dignity and that of the presidency to the mud;

  "Buhari, you have lost your respect as president. Why do you think that in a more civilised democratic nation such as Nigeria in this jet age, that you want to treat people as fools?"
Meanwhile, a law student in Nigeria is rather disappointed and ashamed on the irredeemable level of decay in the Nigeria judiciary, while others took swipe on Biafran politicians for their hypocrisy and coward disposition towards the plight of their people;

  "In fact my presence in court today as a student of Law has shown me the kind of system I am coming to inherent, where things are done upside-down...," Chidi White wrote on his facebook page.
Below is a full collection of the reaction of Nigerians on various social media outlets, courtsy of Mazi Emeka Gift, the founder of Family Writers:

Wakawa Hyelladzira Wrote:

I am not a legal practioner but conscious, ethics and principles of justice, fairness and equity will tell us that in this matter the federal government has no case. You can't accuse someone publicly and seek to try him secretly. This simply means that the federal government is hiding something or is having a different agenda for keeping the young and dynamic KANU continually and not what he was accused of. After all KANU has done nothing wrong, otherwise he must have been convicted since. Please let KANU go free and become free. Determination for self actualization is simply a catylist for development and economic growth which is a plus to humanity and not a crime. Let the Biafrans have their independent state bloodlessly and that will foster relationship between the two nations.

Friday O. Festus Wrote:

I don't care what your ethnicity is, we all have to call a spade a spade. Just in case you don't know what corruption is, let me help you. Corruption is the perversion of due process. And that's the only way we can define this Buhari's administration. How can Buhari be fighting corruption with corruption? When one arm of governement tries to influence the other, then that is the highest level of corruption. I don't know Kanu personally, but you can't accuse him publicly and try him secretly.

Njoku Ebere Wrote:

Nigerian judiciary is drifting to precipice and Buhari is surrounded by sycophants. He has refused to listen to voice of reason from the very few people who are there to tell him the truth. What kind of inducement or intimidation will make Justice Nyako Binta go outside the existing Nigerian law to import laws that are incompactible with natural justice, equity and good concience. This is the beinginning of the final collapse of Nigerian legal system. The question is, was Muhammadu Buhari the person who saw Justice Nyako through her educational expenses to drag to the mud?
Does Justice Nyako Binta know the magnitude of damage she has done to Nigerian Judicial system? Is she aware that this case is being monitored locally and internationally? Does she still want to remain relevant after this case? Justice Binta Nyako has dased a devastating blow to Nigerian judiciary and this will live to hunt her and her entire generation.

Vita Lis Wrote

The cross-examination of witnesses in court holds steam if confronted eyeball to eyeball. Making contacts with the eyes have been proven variously by scholars as the most portal way of discerning and determining the truth. When the face of a witness is covered, it defies logic and prevents the cross-examiner from reading the faces and this will obstruct the course of fair judgment. I hereby appeal to Justice Binta Nyako to rescind her decision and order all witnesses to show their faces. Anything to the contrary is injustice.

Emmanuel Uche wrote

Buhari, you have Lost your respect as president. Why do you think in a more civilized  democratic Nation such as Nigeria in this jet age that you want to treat people as fools? Is this the main reason why you have tried hard to come back to politics to kill, intimidate through racism and hatred because your set of fulani or Hausa reject education and hard work? Don't forget international observers are recording every event and how you respond to matters concerning the Igbo people of Nigeria. Buhari, you should be prosecuted in the international Criminal Court for allowing Nigerian soldiers shoot Innocent unarmed civilians of Biafra protesting, which is their civil rights. Your lame response speaks of itself. You should be in prison.

Eyakndue Ibritam Wrote:

Military regime in disguise, is back in Nigeria, who can save our democracy form collapsing as in 1983? The same head man at the central is still same today, the same power, constitution and human right abuses, the same hardship (economic recession).....the same change of power may occur?

Mbonu Osakwe Pastor Wrote:

Thank God who is a God of equity and justice, who will execute His righteousness and justice for all that is oppressed. I would rather say that all the Igbo men and may be women in the National Assembly are quiet because of the money that belongs to their people they share. They have refused to unanimously condemn Buhari actions again Nnamdi Kanu and his violation of constitution, but I would not mind because Genesis 8: 22 concluded by telling us that there is seed time and harvest time so let it be known today that judgement is coming and every one will reap for every work whether it is evil or good. Thank you.

William Wrote:

Pls. My fellow Nigerians why should someone advocate for secret trial or to call on ghosts testifier in a case that attracts global attention. Let buhari and his so call leadership stop insulting Nigeria. That country is too big for someone without administrative idea. Uprightness demands that it's better to discharge the guilty than to convict the innocent man.

Chinedu Peter Wrote:

I felt so bad when watching the court proceeding today. How can a man who is accused openly will be tried in secret? all the south east are brilliantly quiet, God forbid, is it fear or what ? what is going on ? is it that we are insensitive to understand what Kanu is going through or that the IGBOS can not rescue their brother from the hands of these herdsmen? am ashamed of our Governors, rep members and senators. you all are not representing us but yourselfs fools.

Usman Zekeri Wrote:

 My people this country is in serious trouble, I don't think the present government is ready to keep this country as one, putting this man behind the bar will not stop the agitation, pls Buhari should restructure the country, He should call all leaders , all interest group from all geopolitical zone to discus the way forward. I don't know why they are running away from this.

Nnamdi Odinakachukwu Okoro • Wrote:

This government is a blatant abuser of human right she is a signatory to. Nonsense and corrupt judge that committed a lot of examination malpractices, both in the university and law school. She doesn't know how to deliver a verdict. Shameless people. Recently the DG of Nigerian Law School lamented series of malpractices exhibited by the so called barristers who are the future judges like this woman with distorted cerebropontine cistern. A morally and academically decayed society, full of zero baked professionals and graduates. " secret trial my foot" in a democracy. The blind leading the blind.

Dele Osipitan Wrote:

Looking at Kanu statement, i really don't think he will be tried in secret but the witness is what they are talking about. The witness will be behind close door and not in court as the defendants. Which means, people will only hear his/her voice but won't see any face.


RichFlo Olabi Responded:

It would be most appropriate if all court processes that began in the open continue in the open and give no room for secret masked witnesses . It is Kanu from IBO that is on trial Today, it might be another person from YORUBA origin tomorrow. If Kanu's trial witnesses are allowed in secret that will mean a court precedence. Mr Dele Osipitan, please think and think except your statement is based on your political inclination rather than patriotism as a Nigerian.

Ibrahim Gbolahan Omotolani Wrote:

Any Yoruba condemning Nnamdi Kanu dey craze, how can someone get arrested bcos of radio biafra? When there is BBC hausa radio is that not cheating, we Yoruba should also launch oduduwa radio, what is bad in that? I don't support rubbish. #istandwithnnamdikanu.

Ella Moetuk wrote:

If someone is testifying against another and is afraid to be seen by the person, then it means he's lying against that individual. Why should the witnesses be protected from the press? If what they are saying is the truth, they should fear nothing.

Halima Ibrahim wrote:

 This is what you call a MAN!
WHY should he be tried in a secret court? I thought we were living in a DEMOCRATIC NATION???

Idajo Wrote:

Nnamdi Kanu, a man after God's heart. A fight for freedom is priceless. Soon or later, United nation will do something about Biafra. Keep the struggle alive bro. You've embarked on the journey to freedom, therefore don't give up. I'm not an igbo man but when I see a freedom fighter, I throw my salute. It's a fight for a good course. May God help and guide you in the hands of your Egyptians.

Chidinma Ukonu Wrote:

He talked with his mouth and he is being crucified for it just because he is IGBO, while the fulani herdsmen killing, maiming and raping our women are getting paid, with buhari turning a blind eye, seriously all those supporting Kanu's castration by Buhari are monsters and evil will never leave your house holds from generation to generation....

Leonardsonyekwere Wrote:

Justice Nyako is a desperate person at this time. She is being blackmailed by the federal government because of her husband's(former Governor Murtala Nyako) corruption case. So, Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafra defendants in this case are to be convicted as a trade-off for the dropping of Murtala Nyako's corruption case. Secondly, to keep EFCC and etc out of her own professional life, she has to do what she need to do(conflict of interest).

Alex Spyro Olabode Wrote:

Am a core Yoruba, been following this trial of a thing, is like a daily menu recipes...How long will we all understand that Buhari is an enemy of peace, progress and human right..All what Kanu just said here live about secret trial is pure truth n a sensible chief justice of d federation should know that..This is a dictatorship democratic system of Government..This man hasn't stolen or embezzle our fund ooo, he no damage pipeline ooooo, but kept in detention all this while...Sometimes i just wonder where we the western part of ninja belong to, whether we are the western yoruba or we are western southern yoruba

Observerandseer Wrote:

What the Judge is saying is that one can be judged by hear-say.... Because a man in the max means a ghost. She is also saying that One can be judged by another mans dreams of the night. Because again, a man in the max in this case is like the man in ones dreams. You wake up and its just a dream. One advice to all of you.... No body lives forever, destiny cannot be denied... but I have observed that in the desparation to deny one his destiny, one is eventually pushed into it at last. I have also noticed that he who holds another on the ground stays also on the ground.....both can never make any progress...little wonder this country is fading away in every way you look at it. You are neither going forward no are just stagnant(you know the result of stagnant water) in everything. By the time you are tired of staying on the ground, you will realise the spectators have all disparsed...then you become a begger nation...strugling to catch up with an advanced world. Well, as a Christian, I know that the prophesies of the last days are being fulfilled. Pls I just expressed my opinion, I hope I wount be charged for treason both on this forum and by the govt.

Ayodeji Adegbite Wrote:

All these acts Buhari is fueling by trying to arm twist the natural order of law will simply bring down his govt the more and finally crash him. How can you trash such a sensitive case that you've refused to obey orders of same courts in secret trial? What on earth have we done to warrant these ills?

Innocent Chukwuka Wrote:

It takes the secret cults to operate in secrecy. Men who have nothing to fear have nothing to hide. With 37 charges both father and son were tried openly. What stops people with a mere 11 charges as amended from getting the same open trial.
An effluvium of injustice is pervading the entire atmosphere of Justice Dinta, sorry Binta Nyako's self acclaimed court. Yes! Dinta may own a court that belongs to the public, because Buhari may have sold it to her. But does she also own the right of CNK and Co? The answer no.
To this end, Bunts should resign from this case on the grounds of gross incompetence. Twisting of law is equals to or greater than lootocracy. It is the mother of all corruption to twist the law for oppressive and subjugative interests. Dinta has shown a proclivity to corruption. She should hands off this case and that with immediate effect.

Femi fani kayode wrote:

Consider the case of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB.

He shared his dream and vision of Biafra with the world and the response of the Nigerian state is not only to lock him up in prison for over one year, even after a number of courts granted him bail, but also to constantly and consistently gun down and maim his young supporters in the streets.
Worst of all they have insisted on subjecting him to a secret trial. This is as shortsighted and callous as it is dangerous.
If the government believes that it has a strong case why does the trial have to be conducted in secret?
Such wanton and brazen persecution and such a shameful and barbaric display of what can only be described as the typical African "power show" is not only unwise and downright foolish but it will also have consequences.

My prayer is that nothing untoward happens to Kanu whilst he is detention and that the state does not jail or hang him because if they do the whole of eastern Nigeria and possibly the Niger delta will go up in flames. Whether anyone likes it or not that is the reality.
The principle is simple and clear: where justice is not done or not seen to be done there can never be peace.
And in our country today there is no justice for either the courageous soul who dares to speak his mind about the atrocities that are being committed by the government every day or for the numerous ethnic nationalites that make up our crumbling multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious nation-state.

1 comment

  1. Nigeria is currently under military regime- in fact worse than the 70’s and 80’s. Buhari has never changed and will never change. Nigerians made great mistake to elect a former military dictator, tyrant and jihadist – president in 21st century- a man without minimum qualification to be elected in any public office. It’s so sad that governors and political leaders from Biafra land – former Eastern region are not speaking out like Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Ayodele Fayose and Mr. Femi Fani-Koyode. Mr. Fayose has described the described President Buhari flying to Gambia to persuade defeated incumbent President Yahya Jammeh to concede defeat as “an aberration,” saying; “A man like Buhari under whose free, fair and credible elections no longer exist lacks moral rights to preach obedience to democratic principles to anyone.” “The governor said great Africans like former President Goodluck Jonathan, President John Mahama of Ghana and others who have lost elections and conceded defeat were in the best position to intervene in Gambia and not someone like Buhari, who lost election three times and never conceded defeat.”
    Click link to read more:


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