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Saturday 31 December 2016



By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
For Family Writers

Moses Agbo

It is no longer news that the Press in Nigeria has no freedom and are suffering heinous humiliation in the hands of Nigerian government and their security henchmen.
President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered clampdown on journalists, most especially Biafra journalists, who are his perceived enemies.

Buhari being a dictator and a hard-core confirmed terrorist have resorted into kidnapping and maiming of journalists through his murderous and blood-thirsty henchmen known as the DSS (Department of State Services).

Inarguably, Biafrans have always been the victims of the evils associated with Nigeria, as it could be recalled that the ongoing genocide that is being perpetrated against Biafrans, which has claimed over 5000 men and women under Buhari`s administration has taken another dimension.
I would like to make this known to Buhari and his cohorts that secret arrest, clampdown on Biafra journalists and wanton execution of Biafrans won't resolve or scare us away from our quest to restore Biafra.

Notwithstanding, Buhari have vowed to destroy every trace of Biafra in the so called Nigeria, which is the main reason why he has ordered that the eminent leader of IPOB, prophet Nnamdi Kanu be jailed and also launched secret arrest and wanton execution of Biafra activists in the country.

To buttress the above, a Biafran journalist working for Family Writers, by name Moses Agbo, was secretly kidnapped by the Buhari hired killers in disguise of DSS, on 25th December 2016.
Moses being a hard-core and a dedicated hardworking Biafran, embarked on a journey to visit the prisoner of conscience, prophet Nnamdi Kanu at kuje prison where he's illegally detained with no charges, and has been nowhere to be found till date.

It is quite understandable that the fearless Biafran( Moses Agbo) is in the custody of the murderous DSS owing to the fact that he is in possession of some items which included, a book about Nigeria and Biafra, inner wears, cream and chin chin which are gift items he's supposed to deliver to prophet Nnamdi Kanu.

From the information gathered by Family Writers, it's perceived that the murderous DSS has been monitoring Moses due to his fervent visit to the eminent leader of IPOB, prophet Nnamdi Kanu, and being fully aware of his love and passion for his leader and Biafra, resolved into arresting the courageous Biafran in order to torture and humiliate him on Buhari`s orders.

All we want is for the murderous DSS to release and free Moses now, since charging him to court will yield an effortless result as there's no justice for the common man in Nigerian judicial system, most especially under the watch of dictator Buhari.

IPOB is hereby putting the world on notice that another Nnamdi Kanu has been kidnapped as usual on Buhari`s orders.

All other human rights organizations across the globe are hereby notified that the injustices perpetrated against Biafrans by Nigerian government are multiplying in its numbers on daily basis, which the present retired major General Muhammadu Buhari led administration has been ruthlessly aiding.

Also, we are letting the world know that Buhari have devised another measure in which Biafrans are being decimated, as all innocent Biafrans in illegal detention across the so called Nigerian state are being executed in the midnight and their bodies buried in the military Baracks, to avoid suspicion and notice of the members of the public.

Moreso, IPOB can't afford to lose that young and vibrant agitator. Therefore, the Nigerian government must do the needful and ensure the immediate and safe release Moses Agbo, because if anything happens to him, Nigeria will have themselves to blame, as IPOB fed up with this high level of injustice.

A word is enough for the wise.


Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.

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