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Saturday, 31 December 2016



By Maxwell Chuks and Dimkpa Ikenna

For Family Writers


Welcome to a wonderful edition of Spotlight of the week from Family Writers.
It has been a very busy and restless week for everyone mostly Christians who have been very busy throughout this festive period. If you missed any news and update during the week, you don't have to be worried because we're here to give you references on what happened during the week.

On spotlight of the week;

While the Christians were busy celebrating their Festive period and others were celebrating the end of the yea,the federal government of Nigeria led by Muhammadu Buhari and his APC government in collaboration with the Nigeria military have claimed that they've conquered and flush the Islamic terrorist group called Boko haram out of Sambisa forest but base on these claims, many reactions and questions have been roaming around everywhere.
While others are calling it a scam, others are asking them to present the leader of the group and the remaining chibok girls to show that such existed and that they've been conquered. But guess what?
Muhammadu Buhari, APC and the military are yet to give answers to those questions or present what the people required from them.
Gradually, we were driven by Spotlight of the Week to Kaduna state where 5 L.G.As, 52 villages, 16 churches were destroyed, 57 injured and 808 were killed after Fulani Islamic terrorist group attacked Goska in Jema L.G.A of Kaduna state. But NTA, CNN and BBC didn't report the incident because those affected are mostly Christians.
Recall, Gov. El-rufai said he paid these Fulani men to stop killing.
The question now is-
Does it mean he is sponsoring the group or does it mean they used the money he paid them to acquire more weapons used for that attack?
Well, future will tell.
While the Nigeria economy is hitting hard on the masses in the name of recession;

President Muhammadu Buhari gave Christmas/end of the year gifts through the police and military to Christians and other road users in BiafraLand who are celebrating their festive period. The gifts include Extortion, Harassments, Extra-judiciary killings and illegal arrests. Meanwhile, these gifts seem to be the worst gift ever because many out there are crying out loud because of it.
A victim interviewed by Family Writers' journalist cried out and explain bitterly how it is affecting everyone mostly those who are going home to celebrate the festive period and new year.
During the week, attention was drawn to the uncovered plan in Nigeria by Family Writers.
It's quite unfortunate that the Federal Government of Nigeria led by Muhammadu Buhari and his cohorts planned to use the military to forcefully setup grazing fields in BiafraLand and this, after many failed attempts is another jihadist attempt to systematically Islamize Biafrans but Biafrans wildly opened their eyes, said NO and also vowed to fight against such and any other attempt related to it.
The air also took us to Abia state in BiafraLand where history was recorded on the 27th of December 2016. Guess what happened...
Biafrans boycotted the local government election polls.
We know you'll ask 'WHY' but reasons are not farfetched..
They said they are Biafrans and won't participate anymore in anything that has to do with Nigeria talkless of election.
In fact, over there in the polling units, there were empty ballot boxes as nobody turned up to cast vote.
As the end of the years' breeze blows hot; the Nigerian banks also looks hot as customers were crying bitterly over the inability of Banks to pay customers.
Right there in the banks, there were huge crowds and long queues waiting to withdraw money but no money was there to withdraw.
Do we also call this recession, change or the end of Nigeria?
Anyway, the masses, banks and the future know better.
Muhammadu Buhari has done it again..
What he did this time will surprise some people, though to us, it wasn't a surprise
The man in Aso Rock have passed 2017 budget and one of the thing in the budget that get people talking is budget for road project where S-South, South East got #52.8bn while Lagos state alone got #54.2bn.
Hmmmmm. Many people have reacted to this and they are still asking questions which he Muhammadu Buhari is yet to give answers to.
Back to Sambisa forest where the Nigeria military said they cleared and conquered Boko haram.
Abubakar Shekau(the Islamic group leader called Boko haram) resurfaced in a new video and said the group is safe, intact and not crushed. This came few days after the Nigeria military claimed they've flushed and conquered them out of the forest.
Recall, this same Shekau has been allegedly killed several times by the Military but on different occasions, he resurfaces on new video and say "Am Alive" just like James Bone.
And people are asking-
Does it mean Shekau and boko haram are now ghosts that resurfaces each time the Nigeria military say they've conquered them or is this a game of politics?
Oohooh! Buhari, APC and the Nigeria military have that to answer.
Outside African, SpotLight zoomed it's focus to Washington DC where Ambassador Campbell(Ex US ambassador to Nigeria) said "Nigeria is a noble experiment" and this didn't attract doubts from Nigerians because the Ambassador knows Nigeria more than most Nigerians and this simply means that if you are a Nigerian, you're just a product of experiments.
Donald Trumph(the president elect of America) has hit the nail on its head again to the whole world. He said "International body (UN United Nations) is just a club where people get together, talk and have fun. So sad!". This came after United Nations adopted a

resolution calling on Israel to halt Jewish settlement activities on Palestine's territory.
He even added- "As for UN, things will be different after January 20th".
Huh! It seems the UN is under fire from every angle but till then, let's waits, watch and see.
Back, we come again to Africa where the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) have during the week, blast Yoruba for supporting secret trial for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The heavy blow and blast came few days after some Yorubas said there is nothing wrong for Nigeria to secretly try IPOB leader. But IPOB and others asked them if Obafemi Awolowo's treason trial (mind you, not treasonable felony) was conducted in secret or public?
But upon this heavy blow, they are still silent till now.
Hausa/Fulani terrorist who are in disguise of sellers and menial workers are at it again.
This time, it happened in Enugu state where an Hausa terrorist in disguise of a seller stabbed a Biafran to death over #100.
Recall that these people have been carrying out attacks and killings in BiafraLand mostly in Enugu state but this time, they've resorted to doing it in systematic ways where those who know not will just call it a mere clash.
The question now is- Will Enugu lions (Youths) allow them to continue carrying out these attacks?
Well, let's watch and see.
On the trial of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu(The leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra); Human Rights Organizations, International medias and Foreign Observers said they'll hit Abuja on the 10th of January 2017 to monitor the court case proceedings.
In regards to this development, Biafrans are urged to storm Abuja on 10th of January 2017 to show their solidarity, stand with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and their firm stand on Biafra.
Again; Family Writers and Biafrans have raised serious alarm and outcry over the kidnap of a Family Writers' reporter Moses Agbo by the Nigeria

DSS. He was abducted after president Muhammadu Buhari ordered the clampdown on Journalists and secretly murder hardcore Biafrans.
Family Writers, Biafra Journalists/reporters and Biafrans are seriously calling on Human Right Organizations, United Nation and the world at large to tell the DSS of Nigeria controlled by President Muhammadu Buhari to release this young journalist who was kidnapped by the DSS on the 25th of December 2016 with immediate effect else they take drastic actions against these evil and inhumane treatments perpetuated on Biafra Journalists and Biafrans by the Nigeria government.

Fellow Biafrans, friends of Biafra, Lovers of Truth and freedom and the guilty enemies of Biafra;
With these, we say Goodbye to you for the week on SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK. Stay tuned as Family Writers will bring to you all the hot news and updates on Spotlight of the week next week.


  1. We are ever ready to expose Nigeria to the public because they have treated us as animals. Living in Nigeria is just like living in hell, Nigeria is never a country worthy of adding value to human lives. We reject one Nigeria citizenship.

  2. I want to sincerely commend the collective effort of family writers on their resoluteness amidst clampdown by Nigeria DSS who are working hard to intimidate and blackmail their honourable efforts. i want to say keep up to your good work. Asi ekele onye Akidi ogwota ozo. Kudos to you All.


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