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Thursday 15 December 2016



By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
For Family Writers.

Having known that the truth can't be hidden forever, it is of a decisive cognizance to let loose the truth as that has been the hallmark of someone that is placed on the verge of justice.
The very fact that truth is absolute and always there for everyone to behold is irrefutable.
Always standing on the truth has been the true identity of any conscientious being.

However, justice when needed most is always there to be apprehended, although perversion of justice has been the hallmark of Nigerian judicial system, which is the cojent reason why there's no justice for the common man in Nigeria.

Nigeria is the only place on earth where someone can do anything he or she likes and get away with it, without being questioned by the law, if you can afford to buy justice.

Moreso, every sane mind must agree with me and should know that justice can't be gotten in Nigeria, especially under the watch of the dictator, hardcore jihadist and certificateless Nigeria president, Muhammadu Buhari.

To further buttress the above assertion, Binta Murtala-Nyako, the Buhari's puppet, on the 1st of December, 2016, denied Prophet Nnamdi Kanu bail, owing to the fact that she has been paid huge amount of money and also to cover up the corruption charges levelled on her family.
As if that is not enough, Binta Nyako again on the 13th of December, 2016 ruled that, there will be a secret trial for the prisoner of conscience, Prophet Nnamdi Kanu.
 It is however, imperative to make it clear to Binta that; trying to please Buhari by jailing Prophet Nnamdi Kanu, is like jumping from frying pan into the fire that will completely burn her into ashes.

I am asking, how can a legal practitioner of Binta's grade in her right senses as a judge, rule that an innocent person kidnapped and arraigned out of hatred and envy  in a broad day light, be tried secretly? This has never happened in any civilized and democratic society.

Nigeria being an empire of lies and deceit, whose foundation is built on fraud, is a threat to justice and world peace at large. Justice Binta Murtala-Nyako during the court sitting on the 13th of December, 2016, boasted that the court belongs to her, and that she will use it (the court) the way she wants.

This is a proof that the Nigerian judiciary is not independent and hence is compromised as the corrupt politicians and the judges does anything that pleases them with impunity at the detriment of the lives of the common man in Nigeria. Of course laws in Nigeria is meant to favour the corrupt politicians and those who can afford to buy the truth. In fact, those at the helm of affairs in the expired contraption called Nigeria have transformed themselves into the law.

Notwithstanding, prophet Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB have lost hope in getting justice in any Nigerian court as justice is only meant to favour the corrupt and blood sucking politicians and those piloting the affairs of the expired Nigeria.  One must understand that justice is for sale in the contraption called Nigeria.

Honourable Justice Binta Nyako is the only one left to restore sanity to Nigerian judicial system, but sadly, she is just far from so doing, as exemplified in her recent ruling against Nnamdi Kanu, as a result of the fact that she is under Dictator Buhari's pressure to pervert justice and hence jail Prophet Nnamdi Kanu.
The worst thing Binta will do is to jail Prophet Nnamdi Kanu as that will be the end of Nigeria. Yes, I am making it clear that, Nigeria will burn into ashes, everything in Nigeria will be completely destroyed, we will destroy even to the grasses on the land of the enemies.

It's quite understandable that Pedophile Buhari the treasonable felon merchant has been secretly threatening Binta Nyako because he have paid her to cover the truth and hence convict through secret and masquerade testifiers to jail Prophet Nnamdi Kanu.

We must recall that the EFCC initially on 7th of August, 2015, arraigned Nyako and his son Abdul Aziz on 37 counts charge of money laundering. The EFCC also alleged that between September 26th, 2011 and May 31 2012, the accused persons also converted the total sum of #1.845billion which allegedly was alleged to be proceeds of theft of funds belonging to the Adamawa State government. The case is still pending while injustice Binta Nyako wants to please Buhari so as to forget the case of her husband and son by trying to jail Nnamdi Kanu.

However, Binta Nyako must not forget that oath she took; as to always stand and uphold justice even at the point of death, which she solemnly swore to abide by.
Justice Binta, must not make herself a willing tool that will be used against the truth, as it will be the most costly and greatest mistake she will ever make in her life. For any attempt to go against Biafra will ruin her life forever, even to the generation yet unborn.

Yes, having denied Prophet Nnamdi Kanu bail; will spell a doom for Binta Nyako as none who worked against Biafra that has never paid bitterly for it. Binta should learn her lesson, to avoid the impending danger that will consume her and her entire generation yet unborn.

Also, Binta should understand that the eyes of the international community are on her and therefore, should make an excellent reputation of herself and the legal profession that she's representing.

Prophet Nnamdi Kanu, have made it clear to Buhari the ignoramus and his puppet Binta Nyako that they're completely MAD and are not educated enough to jail him. Every sane mind should understand what that means, for Nnamdi Kanu is a confirmed prophet of the most High God, which almost everything he prophesied about Nigeria has all come to accomplishment.

It is time Africa and the world stop paying deaf ears to the injustices perpetrated on the people of Biafra. The world should act fast in averting the havoc and the impending dangers the silence over Biafra and the ongoing genocide in Biafra land poses a serious threat to Africa and the world at large.

Free Nnamdi Kanu,
Free Biafra.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.

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