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Wednesday, 18 January 2017



Paul Emerenini
For Family Writers

Dear Trump, it pleased me to pen down few words of my observations towards your emergence and inauguration as the president of United States of America.

You know what?
I so much love you
You know why?
You fearlessly spoke the "RADICAL TRUTH"

I carefully monitored and observed all your campaign rallies. I watched with kin interest and noted all your campaign manifolds (speeches). Bro. Trump you indeed spoke the RADICAL TRUTH which the evil world leaders don’t want to hear.

The nature of your radical truth made millions of people not only in America but universally to believe that you will not make it in winning the USA presidential bid.
That is to remind you the scripture that says "YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND ONLY THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE". You escaped the hatred of the enemy with the power of Radical Truth.

Having acknowledged God by seeking for intercessory prayers of the ministers of the gospel of Yahweh of Israel, your bid for USA presidential aspiring was made DIVINE.
I obliged you to retain what you have and continue to keep faith and hope in God of Israel for He is the first Governor General of all governors He has been ruling for many centuries so therefore, with your hope, Faith and Trust in Him, He will show you the way to lead.

Already I can feel the presence of God in your system of governance
When you are yet to be officially inaugurated as the USA president.
Your liberal open heart to all is already drawing down the glories of God of Israel upon you and your environs therefore, you need not to worry about how you will do other things.
From thousands of miles away, estimated number of about 21 million Biafran people who share the same mission and vision with you have dedicated 20th of January 2017 a day of your inauguration as a day of committing you into the hands of Yahweh of Israel to protect and watch over you.

These groups of people have been on the edge of extinction by the Islamic caliphates for two decades now. They are the most persecuted people in Africa because they acknowledged Yahweh of Israel as their God. They are killed in any of their prayer gatherings by the Nigerian Islamic fundamentalist in military uniforms.

Their voices are silenced and they are placed on media blackout. Their men are arrested, imprisoned and get killed If they dare to challenge the authorities of the radical Islamic caliphates. Their daughters are raped and forced into marriage as their women are killed in their farm lands. The streets of their lands are littered with dead bodies. There are enforced disappearances of their family members and loved ones on daily bases.

The only young man called Nnamdi Kanu who managed to challenged the evil atrocities has been in the detention of the evil federal government of Nigeria for 14 months now without any conviction in spite that various courts of competent jurisdiction has given a verdicts of unconditional release of the young man in different court proceedings. Federal government of Nigeria led by Muhammadu Buhari is yet to comply with court orders.

Upon your inauguration, I hope and pray that your liberal open heart will accommodate this group of God fearing people who considered themselves as African Israelites.
They are hopeful that in you there is a light.
In you justice shall re-echoed.
In you there shall be freedom and liberation
In you they shall restore their God given nation.
YES I SAID IN YOU because in every heavenly divine mandate, God prepares a living soul for the mission and it is you whom heaven has prepared to do it.

 I cannot just conclude my writing without mentioning my colleague, my field media warrior, an investigative journalist and a writer by name Moses Agbo who is languishing in the custody of Department of State Security Service otherwise known as DSS.
Moses Agbo was kidnapped on 25th December 2016 as he pays visit to Mr. Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB and director of Radio Biafra. The man who rises to challenge the authority of radical Islamic caliphates I equally plead that you will use your divine mandate power, order for his immediate release.

Finally, as we the people of Biafra embarked on a rally for your victorious emergence and inauguration as the 45th president of the United States of America on the 20th January 2017, I implore you to mount your site light on Nigerian military as there is a possibility that they may try to silent us as usual.
As you take over the mantle of leadership on that faithful day, the people of Biafra pray that by the divine power of our intercessory prayers, the power of divine wisdom of Solomon shall befall on you.
Your reign shall bring peace to humanity and your history from generation to generation. Amen.

Long live President D J Trump
Long live Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
Long live people of American
Long live people of Biafra

1 comment

  1. In God we trust He shall never let us be defeated by the Egyptians we must conquer God Bless Biafra


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