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Wednesday, 18 January 2017



By Ekwenye Samuel Chukwunweike

For Family Writers.

The long awaited time is finally here Biafrans, we all know that Nnamdi Kanu is the messiah God used to open our eyes to see that we have been dwelling in total darkness with Nigeria in the name of illegal unity called one Nigeria, likewise the world entirely had remained in total darkness for the past years.
What a coincidence?  God sent Kanu Nnamdi for Biafra and Donald J Trump for the world, definitely, the long awaited light has come and darkness disappeared. We must all recall that few weeks and months back during Trump's presidential campaign that he showed his love to Biafrans and was highly disappointed on the world leaders including the tyrant president Muhammadu Buhari about the way Biafrans are being treated like titans. He made a promise to us that if we eventually support him in his presidential campaign, that he will help us make Biafra a place worthy of living and help liberate Biafrans from the contraption called Nigeria. We supported him and he won convincenly and our task now is to let Trump know the stuff Biafrans are made of  because its not yet over.

January 20th 2016 is the inauguration day of the president elect- of the United State of America Donald J Trump and while it will be happening live at the United States of America's White House in Washington DC,  it will also be happening live at United States of Biafra in Biafra Land.

We must all go out in our numbers on that day to Igweocha(portharcourt), all Biafrans from all works of life, from all the states that makeup Biafra and from other parts of the contraption called Nigeria  to rally around in solidarity with Donald J Trump on his assumption into office. We must all go out this time to let Trump know that we still believe and trust in him. We must all go out to fulfil and get our own part of the Trump presidency completed. It's only when he sees that we are still with him that he will beat his chest and say "truly, Biafrans are still very much with me and i will never let them down".

Our freedom is by the corner my fellow Biafrans, lets push harder until Nigeria is crushed to dust for their evil deeds, and Biafra shall resurrect. Never you give up nor surrender so as not to let your efforts in the past years go in vain at this last minutes. Disregard any information that is brought or will be brought to you never to rally. Any person telling you privately or publicly not to invovlve yourself in the rally is an enemy of Biafra and an agent of Buhari. You as a hard-core  Biafran who wants Biafra to come at all cost must deal with such person(s) seriously. Biafra remains our dearly country, Nnamdi Kanu remains our leader and Donald J Trump remains the true leader of the United State of American.

God Bless Biafra
God Bless Israel
God Bless United State of American
Biafrexit is Now.

Edited by Ebere Okolie

For Family Writers

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