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Friday, 27 January 2017



By Nwachukwu Victor Samuel
For Family Writers.

Obiada Chekwube Bright, populaly known as Ikuku Dike Nwammuo Onwuatuegwu who got injured on his right shoulder and legs on 20th January 2017 narrated his ordeal to a Family Writers correspondent who visited him for an interveiw. He fractured his right shoulder and sustained various degrees of injuries on his legs. After the interveiw, he pleaded for help from people of goodwill who can help him complete his treatment as he lacks the financial requirements to fund his treatment as a result of his inability to go to work since the tragedy of 20th January.

After the rally, a total of not less than 22 people were murdered in cold blood by the Nigeria combined forces, and about 200 people abducted and taken to unknown destinations by the military.

Press: Sir what is your name?

Ikuku: My full name is Odiada Chekwube Bright.

Press: We can see you got injuries on your legs and also dislocated your right shoulder, so how did it transpire at the Donald Trump solidarity rally held at Igweocha Biafra land?

Ikuku: Well on 19th eve we were told to come down to Igweocha ahead of 20th. We landed safely. Some of my fellow commrades and I camped somewhere at Eleme, and in the morning at about 5am we left for our main camp for those of us that came from Aba and from our main camp we took off to Rumola road where the bus stopped us.

Now at about 7am, hilux vans full of police men came to where we are and arrested some of us from Aba including our leader. Therefore, we had to dispatch and regroup at Rumola junction again to prepare for the rally and at about 8:30am the DSS and Army came there and started shooting sporadically at us, shooting direct to us at a close range. Some people have to scamper for safety. The DSS and Army took our flags and banners away. Their intention was to stop us but lo and behold we continued.

Around 10am, we were asked to come over to presidential so we have to go there, already the rally have started so we matched down to water lines, we were in millions chanting joyful songs and singing in solidarity with America president elect Donald Trump.

Then along Water lines bus stop, there is a bridge and a rail way was under the bridge. I was at the middle with my men and the people at the front started running we didn't know what was happening in the front because we were at the middle and people were so much so when we got information it was the military they have no batch, they came with about 300 battalions in their truck and the truck have no River State government attached to it which means they may have came from a far distance, and the military boys were the Islamic Hausa Fulani soldiers. They were shooting us with silent gun that was what made us in the middle not to know that they were shooting.

Many people were shot at the leg, some at their arm, many died instantly so we started scampering for safety, and on the process, I was pushed down from a hill there, I landed on the ground, people were matching on me while trying to get up as many people were stamping on me I fractured my right shoulder, I nearly gave up but I managed to get up. After the whole thing I saw some women that were beaten up by the military and their bodies were severely bruised. It was terrible I must tell you.

PRESS; Sir after the whole incident, has it in any way discouraged you from the struggle?

IKUKU; Well, how can I quit? I have seen a lot of my people fall. Many of my friends from here in Aba have fallen. The likes of Awara jnr, Jamica, Nzubechukwu and many others, so for me to go back now is impossible. Biafra or Death is not just a slogan, its from the down of my heart. 9th of February last year 2016, they attacked us at National High school, I continued, 30th May the same year they also attacked us at Nkpor, I continued, so why will I quit now?

PRESS; Sir what do you have to tell your fellow commrades and the general public at large who are seeing this inhuman atrocities being committed by Nigeria government on Innocent Biafrans?

IKUKU: I have only three words which our leader normally says "WE MUST CONTINUE" Thank you.

Interview conducted by Family Writers.

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  1. Because they made use of silent guns on us, Chukwu okike abiama must surely visit them with silent atrocities


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