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Friday 27 January 2017


Moses Agbo


By Ekwenye Samuel Chukwunweike
For Family Writers.

Ever since the abduction and incarceration of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB,  Moses Agbo a Biafran activist and  Family Writers' correspondent has been covering the case in each of the court hearings. Not only him, many other Biafran journalists were also on the same mission with him to report and tell the world at large what happened and how it happened inside and outside the court room, because no Nigeria media outlet is ready to cover the event and report it as it happened due to the order they got from president Buhari in order to eliminate Nnamdi Kanu secretly and terminate the restoration of  Biafra.

Now his plans are no longer going as he planned, he has decided to go into war with our journalists, which has been the reason why he commanded the DSS to arrest Moses Agbo who happens to be a core Biafran and a duplicate of Nnamdi Kanu.

Moses Agbo was abducted on Saturday 24th December 2016 when he visited the Kuje prison to deliver some items such as chin-chin, under wears and a book.
It was gathered that those items never got to Nnamdi Kanu whom it was sent to, and they got Moses Agbo arrested and detained him till today.

The revelations and information we have gotten so far reveals that Moses Agbo is being beaten seriously every hour of each day, tortured with all military equipments only to frustrate him and get vital information about our Biafra struggle through him.

As I am writing this article now, I can tell you authoritatively that Moses Agbo's life is highly at risk and warrants every effort needed to save his innocent life, because the aim of Buhari's men the DSS is to have Moses Agbo killed whether they got information from him or not.

I asked before and I still ask again : is journalism a crime?  Visiting a prisoner of conscience is it a crime?
Moses Agbo is a young journalist who works hard and reports issues as they appear.
I just want to let the reasonable ones in the world to know that the evil unleashed on Biafran journalists by Nigeria government under president Buhari is about exceeding the elbow joint. Something needs to be done and so urgently to save this young innocent Biafran journalist.

Moses Agbo is the only journalist ever I can remember that is arrested for nothing sake. We need efforts from every angle of life to save Moses, because he is about to be murdered cold bloodedly by the DSS who are thinking that their plans are not known. We knows everything going on in Nigeria, every ups and downs in Nigeria we knew all.

Moreover, I will like Buhari to know that arresting Biafran journalist, Moses Agbo at this juncture will never impact or contribute any improvement to his government. Therefore, let nothing of any kind happen to Moses. He should be released safe and Sound as he was when he was arrested.

Why should Biafrans always be arrested, harassed, detained and then get killed on daily basis in Nigeria while Boko Haram terrorists have been shaking the country since 2007 yet, they are very much safe and sound in the Sambisa forest some are even in government lodge dinning with government officials.
The restoration of Biafra is our sole aim, and nothing shall stop us from making it a reality.

We demand the immediate and safe release of Moses Agbo and every other Biafrans abducted by Nigeria security agents. Journalism and self determination is not and can never be a crime.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.

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